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4/3/2012 c2 9Frost Merry Darkness Luver
Bonnie's name was Eugenia Victoria if i remember correctly so she also shares her sisters middle name although victoria was victoria's middle name
12/5/2011 c25 5iambbq
I discovered this story only yesterday and have been reading it into the night and even at work until I could finish it! I love this story and adore your gift of writing!

I'm ashamed to tell you that I have not read the book... it was only last weekend that I watched the movie for the first time, completely fell in love with Scarlett and Rhett, but heart broken by the ending. I sought after Gone With the Wind fanfiction immediately, because I know many talented writers must have felt the need to continue with the story, and help Rhett and Scarlett find each other. And I was right! Over the last week (during my own tail end of pneumonia and my daughter's starting it, I needed an escape) I had devoured many longer and completed stories, but I must say that 'The Lady' is my favourite of all! Your gifted imagination and writing had taken me on a fascinating journey, I love the character Bertie as much as how your portrayed Rhett and Scarlett, their eternal love for each other and their daughter. It's immensely satisfying to read that not only they had found each other again, but this time they unreservedly confessed their love for each other, and love each other with their hearts and souls! [sigh!] I love that these two strong characters have finally found peace and will truly live happily ever after, in spite of what life would throw at them, they would be by each other’s side.

I was apprehensive about reading the book, knowing that at the end of the novel Rhett and Scarlett were not together, it was just too difficult for my heart to bear. I never like romances where the hero and the heroine are not together at the end. But now, I know I must read ‘Gone With The Wind’! I love the movie, but I know it probably didn’t do half the justice to the novel, and I want to know Scarlett and Rhett better, I want to know their history, I want to know every detail that a 220 minutes movie could not show. As tempted as I am, I’m going to hold off on reading ‘Facing the Enemy’ until I finish the novel first, because I think that would help me appreciate and understand your story even better!

Thank you for your wonderful story, and thank you for being so generous to share your talent! :)
3/6/2011 c25 2LoverandaFighter
that was a good slut. ;)
3/3/2011 c2 1hummeldoll
This really is fiction. The real Prince Edward was a famous womanizer, his grandson was rumored as maybe gay, but there is no concrete evidence of this. Also, I am glad that you did not include the ridiculous storyline from Scarlett where she has a C section and cannot have any more kids. Also, the Halloween birth and all that. I really hated that.
2/5/2011 c25 TLR388
Loved this story so cute!
2/5/2011 c25 anon1223333
I just found this story and devoured it in an afternoon - thank you for creating such a richly layered story.
6/20/2010 c25 3Animagus-Steph
I thought this was highly entertaining, aaaaaand, about as plausible as Scarlett [though I didn't find Scarlett entertaining].

I did want to ask you, though - did you use an online translator for your French? Among other things, Notre Madame literally translates as Our My Lady ... and to anyone with a discerning eye and a basic knowledge of French would find errors with your translation. There are several 'faux pas' throughout, so I was wondering about your source.

All in all, I found it entertaining! I enjoyed the Bertie story, and thought that Victoria was a very intriguing character. I love how she gets wrapped into fiction and tv (namely Doctor Who, if you've ever watched it).

Thanks for posting such a story!
7/13/2009 c25 11Virgin in a brothel
Without shadow of a doubt, I do declare.. you are the most talented author on this site (that I have thus come across).

Your ingenious storyline enthralled to me to such an extent that I could hardly bare to read the final chapter knowing that it was the end. Well done, I commend you! X
6/3/2009 c25 Liz86000
It was a great fic! :)
5/30/2009 c25 4StarkRavinMMAD
Just this week I have read FTE, TYL, and now this. I am amazed at your ability to write... You can break my heart, take my breath away and make me laugh all in one chapter.

I simpley cannot believe anybody would ever compare your writings to Scarlett... Bitch, please. Ripley sucked big time and hated Scarlett. Obviously you are nothing like her (praise God).

Slut. (I think that's going to be my new way of concluding everything!) :D
4/21/2009 c25 2KellyRoxton
I really and truly loved this story. I just wish they had a tie end scene with Bertie and Scarlett's daughter all grown up and everyone happily settled and maybe that princess just went away. Hugs you tight. GREAT Job. Love Love Loved it. Hugs you.
1/4/2009 c25 2CCgwtw
Amazing! I am at a total loss for words. This has to be one of the most captivating pieces of fan fiction I've ever read. Well done! You are an incredibly gifted writer. I am in awe of our talent. This is definitely a must-read for any GWTW fan.
12/14/2008 c25 14SassyReaderGirl
Love it! So sweet!
12/14/2008 c24 SassyReaderGirl
Love it all! I'm just confused about Bess' age. Before you said she was only nine months old, and now she's 18 months old.
12/14/2008 c23 SassyReaderGirl
Aw! Love the part with the queen!
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