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for Tweekie in a Bottle

1/7/2018 c1 Anomilous
That was great! Craigs last name is Tucker by the way.
1/6/2018 c1 CreekFanGirl
... where's the rest? You trolled me didn't you? There should have been a smut! You got my hopes up
2/17/2017 c1 3heathos
That song was great! :D
4/16/2015 c1 anon420
That was very entertaining. Creative lyrics.
8/3/2014 c1 Tweekers
I was singing that song out loud XD
my brother was yelling at me to shut up It was like
"SHUT UP, I can't take it anymore!"
"No, your like mhhhhhhhhhh meeeeeee Tweeki bottle, rahhhhh"
"I know isn't it good"

This was a hilarious story to me, I was in tears laughing when I sung the song the first time, the second time I did it to annoy my little brother X3 I'm so nice
5/17/2014 c1 serendipityrain711
LMAO...I LOVE IT! Absolutely hilarious! Song was so funny! I know you haven't been here for like years but just had to leave a review how AWESOME this one shot was!
10/29/2013 c1 Pip IS MINE
Okay I'm definally going 2 south park and buying Starbucks 4 Tweek . Wink , Wink
1/5/2013 c1 AsianIdiot16
Omg that was hilarious! I was literally lol-ing.! I loved those lyrics! They were so funny!
5/13/2012 c1 Teamug
Oh that was really great! That song made me laugh so long I thought I would die.
3/25/2010 c1 DeadNoMore
XD The singing made me laugh so hard! This was really great! I'm gonna have those stuck in my head now..
2/1/2010 c1 44NightingaleLost
DUDE! LOLZ! XD That was amazing! oh my god, im laughing so hard I can't breathe! When I saw the lyrics, I was like "...i am so singing that!" SO I went on youtube and got the video and spent the next two-three minutes singing your lyrics. And it was awesome! Craig definitely needs to go to Starbucks more often! You are a genius!
1/8/2010 c1 trulybliss08
lol aww that was great, I even turn the song on to listen to the music with your lyricas and they match really well, gold star for you!
11/12/2009 c1 Fanficitonlover4allfiction
that was awesome! super good story! :D :3 3
2/6/2009 c1 9CinderDreams
1/7/2009 c1 3CowCowCachoo
Was that hopeyou liek it you wrote at the end? There aren't words for how much I loved it. It was beyound funny I actually had genie in a bottle playing in the background as I read it lol Almost as funny as butters 'What, what? In the butt' and I had to visualise this.
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