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6/14/2021 c3 Sarek Fan
Good day, sir. I have just begun your mammoth Saga. It is well presented. I appreciate the depth of detail and emotion evident. I am completely new to Gundum so am not entirely certain what a Coordinator is. I am guessing perhaps a genetically-altered Human?

I commend both your dedication to the project (fellow writer here, I know well a project taking years to complete) and your willingness to deal with the consequences of war.

I have spotted a few typos, would you like me to post suggested corrections in future reviews?

Being a fellow lover of words you vividness and vocabulary make me smile.

How many chapters remain until completion?
11/17/2019 c36 Rakaan
...Nah, I don't buy that Kira's parents, or any of the parents of those who defected during the last war, would be retarded enough to actually answer the conscription when they know it's being run by the fanatics trying to kill their kids.
5/14/2019 c72 M1stymix
I have to say the march kinda reminds me of the people power revolution did you get your inspiration from there?
2/4/2019 c106 2Jakeros
holy. Fucking. shit.

This has to the first, no scratch that, second story I've read with over a million words in it. Holy crap. And it was all structured neatly save for a few points here and there, which cleared up nicely towards the end. Typos aren't worth talking about either.

Now the story - whew! What a trip. And it's not over yet, that's the crazy part. But we're not talking about that we're talking about this story. And man, I never imagined it would be this in-depth, or detailed. Goddamn man, you created a spin-off season of one of my favorite Gundam series!

Everyone was in character, mostly. The only slip ups you had were maybe - MAYBE - with Ysak. But I did start reading this because I was looking for a story that was long and had a lot of pairings in it. My god, I was actually jealous of his scarred-looking ass in the first half of the story...and then felt sad that he went through what he did. He did end up happy though (well, about as happy one can get with someone like Katie lmao) and that's all good on my end.
Dearka and Miriallia. Ah yes, my favorite ship in SEED next to the power couple of Kiracus of course. These two...really loved their screen time. Their relationship developed beautifully, and that was even more expressed when they got to fight together! Hooray my ship isn't just a support ship anymore!
Athrun and Cagalli... These two are just cute. Cagalli because even though she's a volatile little princess, she still will fight tooth and nail, kicking and screaming before she lets anyone hurts those she cares for. And god help you if you fuck with Athrun... Same deal with Athrun on the protectiveness. And even though he's got an entire world that wants his head on a spike, he still told them to fuck off and stayed with the girl he loves. You go brother! Tell them like it is!
And lastly, the knight and the songtress, SEED's power couple. These two, just like in the show and the movies are utterly devoted to each other - to frightening extents. I mean, Kira is no surprise but Lacus...holy shit, she's fucking scary when she's pissed. I actually froze up a bit reading that one bit from that one chapter. Still, that doesn't mean they didn't have their share of struggles too, which I liked. Makes them not so god-like in terms of ships, anyway.
Sai and I really didn't like that spoiled princess, but I can't deny that she really did love Sai. That much I can give her. But everything else...Blue Cosmos brat.
Murrue, Waltfeld and Kisaka... What can I say about these three, or rather two? The latter got screwed even before they had a shot at the good captain. Can't help but pity them. I ship MurruexMu hardcore too. Which is exactly why I nearly broke my tablet when I read that one chapter. Sadistic little shit. I really wanted to tear that little brat apart. Still do.
Now for the OC couples... Or rather, one in particular: Alkire and Raine. They didn't get much time to show their bond, but they were devoted to each other, no doubt about it. I really gotta love these two. Despite being hyper-elite former commandos, they still acted like kids during that one chapter. I will say this though...never want to face these two in Paintball O_O
Jean and Ashino. Definitely not what I was expecting, but I figured something had to happen for the little BCPU to develop emotions further after Lacus planted the seeds, pun intended. But they were cute too.
Now I can't end this review without addressing some of the story though, namely the bad guys and why they did what they did. First off, Djbril's stand in.
Cervantes Zunnichi... I never hated one character more up until that little devious shit was introduced good and proper, but he was a complete genocidal fucker from beginning to end. I'll admit, there was briefly, some sympathy for the guy which I can't recall when given the shit he did to the world during the story, but it was there. It disappeared after what happened in Orb though. That complete asshole deserved what he got, and more.
Asmodeus Sark. Well, what can I say about this guy except first and foremost, he was a lapdog until near the end of the story. Still, he was a damned good bad guy, albeit another asshole I wanted dead after what he did to Ysak but still. Eye for an eye my lily white ass. He went out though in a good fashion.
I won't add the Lieutenant or the Isolationist guys in here because, even though they were the technical bad guys later on, they were only following their desires for peace. Can't fault them for that...although the unwarranted hostility towards the main heroes was annoying. I respect these guys though, and look forward to seeing more of them.
The Doc can burn in the fires of hell for all eternity for what he did. I don't even want to think about that twisted bastard.
But there are two guys on this list that rank higher than all of the other asshats in this story, one being slightly above the other simply because of how warped his mind is. Which is saying a lot, since they both have warped minds.
Zacharis Quentin Frost. That name is going to give me chills for the foreseeable future. I've read about some really twisted OCs before, but this guy takes the bakery. Relentless, ruthless, and completely and utterly psy-fucking-chotic, it was no wonder this guy alone brought entire armies to their knees. Granted the other BCPUs did that, but still it was seriously nuts what he was capable of. Fury was one thing, but I about shat myself when he got hold of the endgame. Good thing Kira and Lacus were around to save the day! ...for now anyways.
Noah. I've only got one thing to say: God complex much? I can't wait to see this demented little shit's so-called "Eden Plan" come down in flames around him. But I already got he feeling he's going to cause some seriously fucked up shit in the next story. But so help me if he kills off my pairing again... Right now I hate him more than Frost, and Frost - no, scratch that. Cray I hate more than anything. Frost was just a psychopath. Cray knew what he was doing was bad, and still did it. The shit he did at Carpentaria still turns my stomach...

Well, that's really all I have to say about this story. I know i'm leaving out a bunch of points but it's getting late, so I'm cutting it short. The only other thing I will say is that when you said war, you fucking meant war. An inter-planetary war for the ages. I applaud you and demand an encore.

Oh wait, there is one. Why am I still here then?

Till then,

1/31/2019 c94 Jakeros
YOU LITTLE FUCKING SHIT! What the fuck do you want with him anways?!
1/31/2019 c92 Jakeros
I intend on reviewing this in full once I'm finished with it, but FUCKING. A. Lacus is terrifying.
But on that note, I can salute the man known as Cyprus Finch for having the will to withstand that. I salute you sir...even if you are working for a twisted little bastard like Sai.
Though even he's not as twisted as Noah.
1/22/2019 c17 stainedxcherryblossom
"May your are just plain...ugly?" Hahahah!
1/22/2019 c16 stainedxcherryblossom
1/18/2019 c7 stainedxcherryblossom
Those twins are super disturbing. I'm sorry I can't stand either of them. They are not normal. I feel sorry for Yzak. :(
1/18/2019 c5 stainedxcherryblossom
Poor Yzak. I don't really like the Twins, though. They are too aggressive. I will be annoyed with them if I'm a guy too. That is not normal lmao! Also, the fandom always pair Yzak with Shiho Hahnenfuss. I think she is the most/better candidate for him. Yzak is also Shiho's love interest in canonverse.
1/17/2019 c4 stainedxcherryblossom
- Yzak is a huge Lacus fan. He respected her.
- Untypical for Lacus to yell at Commander Waltfeld no matter what the circumstances since he is her trusted comrade. But you said in your introduction that some may not act the way they are so I'll pass it through.
-Poor Athrun getting pummeled by Cagalli and Milly haha!
-Ohh and of course Yzak bumping and interrupting (or purposely ruining) those "moments" are the most funniest thing ever! Get yourself a girl, booooooy! HAHAHAH! I'm literally enjoying this!
-Overall, this is amazing! I'm still at Chapter 4 but I'm now completely engrossed with the story. There's still a hundred chapters to go and I'm willing to sit, relax and enjoy this series of yours. *heart heart*
4/15/2016 c107 johnterrencekelly
Woah. I just finished the story, and it sure was one hell of a ride. This is a pretty good alternative sequel to Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, with some fluff that reminds me of Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu. It has enough fan service scenes and Gundam action to keep fans satisfied. Boy, did you make the Clyne Faction work for their triumph... Solid OC's also keep the story going, too. Speaking of OC's, Ashino and Jean remind me of Kaname Chidori and Sosuke Sagara, while Frost reminds me of Gauron, but more sinister. I'm pretty curious as to the designs of the new mobile suits you mentioned, and I do hope I could see a design sketch. All in all, it's a good story, and I hope the sequels are up to it.
4/11/2016 c17 Jakeros
OK! I officially hate Sai now.
Hope those crazy kids will be ok... Blue Cosmos will pay for this.
4/10/2016 c15 Jakeros
OK, that was smooth; Athrun sure is a ladies man. XD
3/23/2016 c16 Axcel
This chapter didn't make much sense. Orb is neutral so no one (especially in Orb) would give a crap that she's banging a coordinator. The Alliance probably wouldn't care because said. Coordinator destroyed GENESIS. The Orb and Cagalli thing also make no sense. A country is a country with or without a ruler. Besides, Uzumi had no biological heirs so the throne would pass to his adopted child. There is historical precedence for this in many countries. Sometimes rulers have even adopted for this specific reason (like Uzumi did).

I'm not against throwing the world into chaos for the plot, just against it being done in a non-sensical way.
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