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8/17/2012 c33 justafan
its been going good mate. i know im reading this years after you published it here but im tired of watching gs and gsd over and over so i needed something more exciting. wether this ties into the original gsd is of little importants just as long you have shiho as one of your characters and have her say a few dialouges in your fiction. but i can only read on and hope.
7/5/2012 c58 Guest
My favorite new character has to be Frost. He makes Rau le Cruseat look like a paragon of sanity! Not to mention there are few people out there who can man-handle Kira and Athrun like he does. Truly a great villan.
6/19/2012 c46 Hao
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5/7/2012 c106 1Shaman Tonberry
Just finished;] Now's the time for a a few words:

1)I barely remember details from the very beginnings of Chaotic Cosmos, but the overall impression is more than good. I'm not usually a fan of non-canon characters, in my opinion you've put them to good advantage. They had personalities and drives of their own, but the didn't overshadow the cast and, in fact, forged lasting and influential relationships with the main cast. You've basically made Ysak/Katie my almost favourite couple, closely tied with Kira/Lacus and Ysak himself one of the most hilarious and likeable characters. That's no small feat;] I could indulge myself on describing my attitude towards every character, but since you're way into the third part it seems pointless. By the end of the story all the characters seem plausible though.

2)A lot of things happened, plot-wise, since my last review, but I'll limit myself to a few observations. A lot of questions were left unanswered, but I'm looking forwards to things being sorted out in the next part. Some surprising plot-twists occurred and it's nice to stare into the screen in disbelief once in a while.

I intended to make this one much longer, but it really feels redundant with a finished piece of work. I'll make it up to you when I catch up with your current work, that's a promise;]
5/5/2012 c37 7ZaMaShi
I've read up through here~

you've really got a lot of good ideas. The idea of conscripting practically all citizens caught my interest. So many people who want nothing to do with the fighting are going to get killed fighting for Blue Cosmos.

I can see your skill with characters gradually getting better, but I still like your battles and action a lot better than the character interaction. I liked the part where Asmodeus and Kira talk in the steam bath. I wanted Kira to stand up for himself, though. You really make me feel like all of the main characters from SEED are so so so weak compared to your OCs. That doesn't sit too well with me. The OCs are hard to relate to, too strong. Too evil.

When you brought up Cagalli's mobile suit and described it as red, I was going *oh goodness no, he's having her pilot that wretched pink thing again*. I'm hoping it's actually supposed to be red this time. I didn't think it was necessary to rename the Freedom and the Justice, but you seem to like making all of your own mobile suits.

I'm disappointed that Frost's machine is *already* getting an upgrade to be immune to the Liberty's weapon. Too fast for me. They already have the technology to compensate for that? I was hoping to see him get beaten by Kira one more time.
5/3/2012 c26 ZaMaShi
"You're determined to have me assert myself, aren't you?" - I think Lacus is pretty assertive, if you look at her role in the series.

don't think that Kira and Lacus would be bothering the people around them with PDA, though that is something that I know couples do, whether you would expect that of them or not. I can't argue against it.

The speech scene is chill-inducing.
5/3/2012 c24 ZaMaShi
Cervantes really reminds me of Le Crueset, except now he's with blue cosmos. I'm looking forward to a big fight with the Earth Alliance occupation forces coming up~ two Freedom Gundams?

Did Kira and them get new machines built? Because I know at the end of SEED, everyone's machines looked beaten up beyond repair. Missing limbs, etc. I got the impression that the Freedom had been rebuilt in Destiny. could be wrong though.

The part about Chanel and Katie being psychic is way too obvious if it's supposed to be foreshadowing. If you're giving us this hint and then it's going to be something completely different, then I'm looking forward to it. Of course, none of the characters will think they're telepathic...
5/3/2012 c23 ZaMaShi
you have a talent for coming up with a lot of ideas and characters.
5/3/2012 c21 ZaMaShi
hello~ nice to see you're still alive. I noticed you updated part 3.

the mood of that chapter was way too happy for there just being a nuclear attack. There's nothing I can say about characterization that you haven't already heard.

I'm assuming Katie and Chanel are actually telepathic. Interesting. That explains why they have the same personality. I'm betting that you're gunna kill one of them off. onto the next chapter.
5/3/2012 c79 1Shaman Tonberry
Oh, something I forgot to include yesterday - the Newtypes. Not really fond of the idea, a huge distortion of the original setting, but minuscule in numbers and so far played quite well.. The concept is quite interesting though. I'm withholding my judgement until further development.

Noah gives me the creeps. He's clearly set to be the next arch-villain, but with his network and abilities.. so far seems a bit of an overkill and I can't think of any plausible way our protagonists could outmanoeuvre him. And why does the meanest guy always have to have a thing for Lacus? Cut the poor girl some slack;]

I'm reserved about Pulsar.. It's current abilities rip apart every Gundam the protagonists have in a matter of minutes. It just seems total overkill. Unless you have some other fate in store for this particular MS. And the echoes of Mobile Dolls from Gundam Wing are clearly visible, giving me some hints about Eden, just so you mind;]
5/2/2012 c77 Shaman Tonberry
Finished the next arc;] You've asked for log reviews, which I find kind of awkward in a finished work, but..

1)The idiot ball before the wedding. Surely, you would've expected the all too cautious Majesty to do a better background search on who Sai's bride might have been. Besides, I find it unbelievable for a guy with his tactical wit to go to the wedding in full squad. Kira and Lacus, Miralia and Dearka I would've understood. But why everyone else, not even remotely attached to Sai? It made no sense for me and felt like OOC, just to keep the plot moving.

2)The whole JIHAD experience was painstaking to read. Not that it was badly written, to the contrary. But if you make the reader attach himself emotionally to certain characters - please, spare them a bit of the stress;] Although it did quite much to pump up my loathing for certain guys. I give you credit for that

3)There's still much ahead of me, but I begin to see a pattern here. Whenever you don't explicitly state a character died he is almost sure to pop out again sometimes later. You had me with Aireg at first, but the BCPU, especially Ashino, then Ysak and recently - Cray.. It's becoming predictable, although in the last to cases you made the reveal on the same chapter, so it doesn't count that much. Still, I would take that routine into consideration

4)I'm a bit sad you ditched Vlad - I was really beginning to like him. You can't have them all I guess.

5)Cudos on depicting the brutality of war. It's sometimes painful, like when your favourite good guys die, but that's the reality of it and you won't hear me complaining. So this one is kind of words of praise;]

6)I suppose a lot of fans of your work out there felt inspired to patch up a few drawings, especially of your Gundams. If any of those were sent to you and you deem them worthy, a link would very appreciated;]

All in all: you make me pull late nights when I was supposed to catch up on my sleep during holiday;] Something a book (I dare to say your fic is most like one) hasn't made me do in a long time. Brace yourself for more reviewing after the next arc;]
4/29/2012 c33 Shaman Tonberry
I've just read the first arc. Much as I am happy with the plot, the plausibility of the original characters (except Murrue, but it's already been stated by other people) and the OC ones, i have two misgivings:

1)Sai's adoption of Blue Cosmos ideals. Too fast for my taste, unless you were aiming for the 'Kira-Flay' type conversion. I still have problem buying that, though

2)It's generally a simple matter of taste and preference, but I really miss the DRAGOON system on the new Freedom. That and manoeuvrability were what gave it its cutting edge, imho

Apart form that it's almost certain I'll indulge myself in the whole trilogy if the quality remains on this level;]
4/17/2012 c107 2Miri28
The only problem I've had with this story is that I didn't read it 3-4 years ago. While lengthy, I love the amount of effort that you put into the plot, the development of characters, their relationships, the science behind the mobile suits, BCPU's, SEED, Newtype powers etc. It's absolutely outstanding.

I loved the little quirks you put into the relationships and the fact that while I initially started reading this for the Dearka/Miriallia bits, I found myself hooked to every chapter and unable to skip past anything.

You've done a really good job and I could go on and on about the things I loved- the chapter that dealt with Dearka's family was so endearing, yet bittersweet and completely fantastic- but I'm sure other reviewers have covered that at some point. Thank you so much for writing such a fabulous story- I truly look forward to reading the rest of your works.
4/16/2012 c106 alamgundam
So, I actually finished reading the story about 2-3 weeks ago and am just now getting around to publishing my thoughts (I'm now reading your second story: Eden Disaster). I thoroughly enjoyed it! The story was excellent! I applaud you for having the time and creativity to craft such a long, engaging, and coherent narrative. That isn't to say your narrative is perfect, but it is nevertheless excellent! One question I have is this: Do you plan on explaining how Mu survived the events of SEED? Because one thing that annoyed me about Destiny was how they brought him back when there was no conceivable way for him to have survived the final battle of SEED. Once again, let me just express how much I truly enjoyed your story. I look forward to reading the rest of your trilogy :)
4/3/2012 c93 alamgundam
So, I've been reading this story and I must say, I love it so far! Now, to answer the questions:

1. It's so hard to choose just one, so I'll list a couple:

Ashino: I like how he goes from being an all obedient merciless BCPU to becoming more like a human being.

Cyprus Finch: The guy has got mad skills, that's all I'll say.

Alkire: I like how he's the good guy with a realistic view of the world as opposed to the somewhat naive worldview that Lacus and Kira have. For example, the scene where he saved everyone's lives in the desert.

2. Hmmm, least favorite OC. I'd probably have to go with Noah. The little kid is too smart and devious for anyone's good.

3. My favorite mobile suit is definitely the Pulsar. Very original in my opinion (although, the liquid gel must have been inspired by Evangelion, right?) and nigh unstoppable. I especially like the fact that it's powered by fusion. Finally, the fact that it's a "learning" machine has me intrigued.

4. I'd say the canon character you represent best would probably be Kira Yamato. He is just as skilled as he was in the original series and his character is in line with what he was like in Gundam SEED. I also love the attention and character development you've given to Sai because he was totally ignored in SEED Destiny.

5. For canon character you don't do so well at, I'd probably have to say Murrue. I don't think Murrue was such a weak woman that she would have been in a complete helpless daze like at the beginning of the story. Also, the way she snapped out of it was a bit sudden. But besides that, I think she's been handled pretty well as has been the rest of the cast.

6. I honestly can't think of anything. I guess I'll just finish the story and save my final thoughts for the last chapter!
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