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10/8/2011 c57 16Rhapsidiast
The favourite of the chapters I've covered today, and I'm sure you know why.

To begin with, the emotion behind Yzak and Katie (Yzak especially) was truly powerful. I think the scenes you did for them really contained a lot of power behind them, and it's amazing just how fast my heart was racing when I felt the emotions speaking through the words. Incredible writing. I want you to know, I like the way you've balanced the abilities and powers between Naturals and Coordinators. I'm a firm believer that Coordinators, just because of enhanced genes, does not in any way make them more powerful or more talented than Naturals. Their immune systems are great, they can hear and probably see a lot more clearly than Naturals, they should be somewhat more advanced, physically, but I think that's it. I don't believe that Coordinators excel more except through hard work and training, and I've seen you portray this a lot in your characters and your OCs, which interestingly are Naturals for the most part. It just puts into perspective how the Coordinators and Naturals aren't that different from one another, and I like that - just as how I like the way you don't have any characters/groups that are impossible to defeat.

The character interaction, as mentioned before, has been handled in such a way that it does the whole tension scene justice. I like how you write the characters, how you know the way to postpone all the stuff we want them to discuss about just because it's not the time. It's realistic, and it's great, especially that small part between Athrun and Cagalli.

Ashino took the spotlight again for me in this chapter, I have to say. I just find him to be so interesting! He's one of those characters I seem to want to hug and probably talk to for hours just to know what he's like. It's easy to forget just how lethal he really is, behind that curious personality of his. I wonder, is he developing some serious emotions for Lacus now? It'll probably be one of the first times he ever feels emotions at all, and I'd say he'd be well confused after this, not to mention irritated. Despite what he said about the whole efficiency thing, I have doubts that he's not interested in learning the truth behind his actions and thoughts. It's just so well that he conversed with Lacus! Lacus, the queen of one who can just look into people's hearts and plant the seed of doubt in getting people to face their true selves - and now she's released her powers onto Ashino, I really want to know what he's going to do next. Will Doc interfere and stop him from feeling? Will he continue to try and understand himself? The search for emotions behind his enemies has changed for sure - I think he'll be more interested in himself after this, not just in his enemies.

An overall intense chapter, and I'd be glad when the intensity cools down a little so I can have a breather. Until next time, Maderfole!
10/8/2011 c56 Rhapsidiast
She died... and I actually saw it coming. T.T Don't ask me how, I could well see since the 20th chapter or so that one of the twins will undoubtedly die, and it was as tragic as I knew it would be. The depths of the emotion, the sacrifice, the hatred behind Asmodeus, the pain Yzak needs to endure... LIKE OH JEEZ, THAT WAS DEEP. Despite what he had done, I can't bring myself to hate Asmodeus for wanting revenge for his son's death. And at the same time, I can see why he chose to have his revenge this way (though he did mistook Yzak as the killer, and in the irony of the situation, had killed the real killer). I really wonder if we get to see Chanel again, perhaps in the form of a Carbon Human. She seemed to have so much to contribute to the whole Newtype aspect of the story! Her talents, what she might know, what she might be able to learn... Or maybe she'll continue living in Yzak's mind, always there, never truly dead, as she continues to guide him and Katie. It's always possible.

I wonder what Yzak will be from here onwards. An Active Newtype? Something different? He definitely seemed capable of listening to Katie's thoughts in the next chapter, which is quite intriguing. But of course, they just have no time to discuss the matter yet, do they? It's sad that they won't be able to retrieve Chanel's body (or will they?). It kinda makes me mentally scream for the TEMPEST to arrive and save them already, or perhaps to have someone inside help - or just anything! Just get them the hell out of there, for goodness sake! Character deaths are awful, and I wonder what else they could go through - Yzak sure have snapped. It's probably just a matter of time before the others do as well.
10/8/2011 c55 Rhapsidiast
Though I'm eager to start blabbing about the Newtypes, I have to tell you first that the character interaction between Kira and Athrun were both amusing and enjoyable at the same time, despite the situation they're both in. I like how you portrayed them. The small squabble they had with each other made me chuckle, which was great. I also like how tough they are. Sure, we all know that Kira and Athrun would probably die biting their tongues from saying anything, but to have them acting as how you've written them is just amusing, and well within what I'd expect from both of them.

When you mentioned Newtypes, I never thought that you'd be exploring possibilities up to this degree. It astounded me, it shocked me, and best of all, I just NEVER saw it coming. It just opens up that whole new universe in Gundam that you can explore, and I wonder how big a role this whole Newtype thing will be in TGA. It wasn't that big a shock that made it ridiculous though - you've given the right amount of hints up until now, only it's just now that we're finally beginning to learn the truth about the twins. I wonder how the rest will react when they find out, and just what plot you've cooked up with the Newtypes. I didn't think you would have turned Lacus into an Active Newtype. Kira seemed like the more obvious choice, but of course, Maderfole is not Maderfole without the surprises and plot twists.

So Kira is just a Latent Newtype, huh? I wonder if you'll eventually be including Cagalli in the whole Newtype thing, considering that she is a very remarkable Natural. Though Athrun, for me, never strikes me as the type who is 'special'. He's an elite soldier, determined, brave, a fighter, but I don't think he has the gifts that marks Kira so far and beyond him. But Lacus..! Lacus was unexpected, and I salute you for that. In a way, I'm rather glad. Lacus has always been this character who has been rather overlooked. She has no combat abilities, she cannot pilot a mobile suit, she cannot kill... The most she ever does in the series is to call for peace and act as a mediator, which is by no means a small role, but it often puts her in the shadows when compared to characters like Kira, Athrun and Cagalli. But Lacus is an important character, and I truly hope that by turning her into an Active Newtype, it means you have something rather big planned for her and give her a spotlight of her own. Miriallia seemed to have hers already, with the new Buster that she shares with Dearka, and Yzak was never in the shadows to begin with - he just never received enough cameo.

A truly interesting twist to the story, and one that I find really drives me on to continue reading. You've captured me completely.
10/8/2011 c54 Rhapsidiast
An absolutely MAJOR development for Ashino's character, and I have to say, I wasn't disappointed in the least. If anything, this chapter only made me admire him even more, and he's definitely topped the list of favourite OCs that I've been introduced to so far. He's just so... brilliant. A tragic character, brilliant, mysterious, and just overall interesting. I have to say, I truly loved his character in this chapter. He's so cool, and at the same time, quite polite in his own ways in order to get what he wants, which is a major change of mood if compared to Cray and Frost. I'm really intrigued now, and I wonder what will happen to him throughout the series. I love Lacus's role in this chapter and how she seems to have that small faith in Ashino that he's definitely human - at the same time, I love Ashino for wanting to know more about human emotions.

I wonder where you'll go on from here. Sure, BCPUs are modified to a degree that makes them inhuman, but will there be that possibility that he is STILL human? That's the golden question here - with Ashino, it can go both ways even though it might be a little more debatable when we talk about Cray and especially Frost. It's nice to see you playing with possibilities in this chapter. After all, when and where do you draw the line and finally say that a person is no longer human?
10/5/2011 c53 Rhapsidiast
Damn it, Maderfole, did you have to end this chapter on such a cliffhanger? It's so cruel, especially when I need to stop reading for the day. Frustrating, purely frustrating.

I'm shocked TEMPEST allowed themselves (and Kira and the rest) to be captured by Cervantes and Asmodeus. I know they're a small bunch, completely capable, but small nonetheless, but I had a lot more faith in them (especially in Vlad and Alkire) that they wouldn't have allowed themselves to be captured like that. They fought, sure, but they were captured, and I was surprised it could have happened. Why hadn't they taken more precautions? Why walk into a lion's den without back-up or at least by putting someone somewhere to do something if something were to turn wrong? Why allow the whole team to be so exposed like that? It didn't seem like something Alkire would do, and I'm really frustrated that they're captured.

In any case, the whole torture and interrogation acts were very well-written. Nothing has happened yet, but I really liked the way you managed to set the scene. And jeez, to see the overlaps between these three chapters and Renegade was truly surprising. The whole idea between Renegade and Sai's proposal was awfully familiar at the beginning, but to suddenly have this brilliant scientist wanting to experiment on Coordinators kinda made me chuckle. Then again, why shouldn't you want to experiment on Coordinators? A lot can be learned, and I wished the original GS/D had released their own sort of Extended Coordinators or something instead of just making it look like Blue Cosmos and the Earth Alliance are the bad ones.

Darn it, door flinging open, the image of surprise, the girls helpless. You really did it this time, Maderfole. I'll have to fight to clear more time to continue reading, especially now that Ashino has appeared on the scene!
10/5/2011 c51 Rhapsidiast
Right, finally, internet access! :D Let's get right down to business!

For a chapter of pure character development and interaction, I found that this chapter was both overwhelming and incredibly frustrating at the same time.

I loved the whole interaction going on between Sai and Kira. One thing I really like about villains is if I can somehow understand their way of thinking, understand the motive behind their actions (no matter how terrible they might be) which really makes them seem more human than just being a villain for the sake of needing a villain. So I'm glad with how the whole interaction turned out, because I don't think I can label Sai as a complete villain in this chapter - at least, not from where the events at the start of the story happened, up until now. He has a logical defence. Why COULDN'T he be on the right side, and that it was Kira who has been manipulated? Their situations pretty much reflect each other, and it's just not fair to point out that someone is wrong, no matter how right you are, Kira. You're just driving yourself up against a wall, and talking seems to do you no more good.

I was surprised when Sai actually got that punch in, but under the circumstances and the emotions Kira was under, it hadn't exactly been impossible. Quite truthfully, back in Gundam SEED, I actually WANTED Sai to land that punch on Kira. Heck, the guy needed a real punch at the time and I was discouraged when Kira overpowered Sai with his Coordinator strength and reflexes. I quite liked the idea of Kira being defeated by a Natural, at least for once, to get that small hint of reality in him. Most especially because Sai was his friend. I think it's just something Kira needed in order to develop as a person.
10/3/2011 c50 Rhapsidiast
I forgot to thank you for the DocX documents that you sent - especially the Chaotic Cosmos one, which I will probably be referring to constantly until I finish reading this fic, because I really like to know what is being used and what is moving whenever I read your battle scenes. And with all the new technology, it does seem to be rather overwhelming at times.

Anyway, this chapter is another one of my favourites, for the simple reason that you're looking way past and beyond simple battles between mobile suits, mobile armours, ships, nuclear weapons and gigantic gamma ray emmisors - and the whole lot that GS/D has provided us with their anime. You've taken the battle into something that's past 'war'. It's total annihilation through and through, and I'm glad TEMPEST are getting ready for that. The idea of spreading viruses and bacteria is, as they've said, just out of the "Rules When In Wars" but it is entirely possible for it to happen when there are groups like Blue Cosmos who wishes to 'cleanse' the world of anything that isn't 'pure' and 'natural'.

When the TEMPEST members talked about the whole thing to do with poisons and such, it really puts into perspective just how little mobile suits can do under those circumstances. And the immediate thought that went into my head was, wouldn't it just be groundbreaking if the Naturals or Coordinators use something like nanotechnology (heck, maybe even femtotechnology or something smaller in the Cosmic Era) to do their dirty work? Perhaps have this strange virus spread out, and then issue the cure, only that the cure is not a cure after all, but a chemical containing these small atoms that ticks in bodies like a time bomb. Insert something like cyanide in the nucleus of the 'bomb', then have the membrane made out of some sort of compound that can dissolve in the bloodstream when exposed to say... a specific frequency wave, and BOOM. Deaths everywhere. I can just imagine Blue Cosmos threatening Coordinators (or vice versa) to follow their demands, or else they promise sudden deaths everywhere, triggered with just that one frequency wave that will dissolve the membrane, and when it truly happens... Well, you'd have a hard time dealing with THAT. But those small particles will leave the bloodstream after a few days/weeks, so the threat won't be forever.. Oh jeez, what am I talking about here? Moving on, moving on.

You know, Ashino is turning into my favourite BCPU at the moment, maybe because he has thoughts and personality unlike Frost. I like Frost purely because of his love to kill for the sake of killing, making him the ultimate villain to defeat for our heros, but Ashino is a thinker and I like that. Will I see him again after CC, I wonder? I really do hope so.

Chapter 49 is informative, but I find that it does not really do much apart from move the story along, which is fine. I find that narratives sometimes work better than writing the scenes out, especially when some scenes can turn repetitive. I really do love how you're moving Dearka and Miriallia's relationship along, and I love how they find each other in the Buster sometimes infuriating instead of all-happy-and-lovely all the time. As I said before, I love them, they're more realistic than the rest, and it's enjoyable to read the scenes that you write about them (though I do believe your Athrun/Cagalli scenes are the best out of all the four).

So we're finally going to see Sai! And the confrontation I've been waiting for for so long already! I wonder how it'll turn out. Sai never really does have it in his heart to hurt his friends, at least not as intentionally as he could have been, and I wonder how he'll react if he finds out the truth behind all that he has already done. And I wonder how Kira would act. And Athrun. And especially Cagalli. The next chapter will be the leapoff chapter! Maybe this is the part where CC turns to TGA.
10/3/2011 c46 Rhapsidiast
I just have to write a separate review for this battle scene first - it's impossible for me to lob this together with the other chapters that I've read so far.

Quite seriously, the battle was brilliant. Starting with the whole thing involving Lacus, I found her decision to be extremely surprising, considering how she had been labelled a traitor to ZAFT and PLANTs towards the end of Gundam SEED. Sure, she's selfless, kind, peace-loving and trusting, but I didn't really think she would really do it, really face those ZAFT soldiers with the name of Lacus Clyne. She didn't call for peace when Junius Seven was on its course to Earth in Destiny, and also never spoke against the ZAFT soldiers in Destiny overall (heck, Durandal had to find Meer for the job) - but then again, this isn't Destiny, this is CC, and I have to say, I prefer Lacus's actions here far more than I do when she was in Destiny. Despite everything, Lacus is a person who would step up and speak in trying to get people to listen to her, and I'm truly glad she was trying there even though it meant added pain for Kira in the Liberty.

Cray couldn't have picked a worst (or better, in his situation) time to actually launch that attack. Confusion he needs, and heck, confusion he caused. For a split second, even I was confused, trying to grapple on what exactly had happened. For a split second, I thought Kira had adopted Alkire's views somewhat and saw Randolf's attempts as some sort of lure to get an easy attack or something which led him to attack, but this is Kira we're talking about and it's not possible. It was a very sad death for Randolf, especially with him feeling so betrayed, and it must've hit Lacus very hard to have something like that happening right in front of her eyes.

Then there's Ashino and Yzak. Now THAT fight between them really made me hold my breath, mentally urging Yzak on to just bring the Bane down or do SOMETHING, even with his condition like that. Ashino is less bold and more strategic, which I really liked, especially when he's fighting a temperamental character like Yzak. The clash in fighting styles was really interesting to see, and for a moment, I thought the Duelist would really be doomed there. Funny how you had Yzak tweaking his cameras to something close to absolute perfection the few chapters before, only to give him something like forty percent visibility in the battle - not something he would have enjoyed, to say the least. And then Dearka issued the warning and the Duelist was saved, and I had to lean back and breathe for a moment before I continue reading, it was so intense.

Of course, if I thought the event with the Duelist was intense, I was completely wrong. The Liberty... and Kira... darn it, Kira, I'd prefer if he ran and shot down the missiles or something, but he's on Earth and not in space, and the effects of the missiles exploding would probably have been devastating. But actually FLYING there as a target for the nukes? Damn it Kira, you may be selfless, but you're important, too, you know. I wish Cagalli had punched him or something afterwards, even though he had been doing what he had to. And it just so happened that Lacus was in the cockpit with him, all ironically relying on Frost to do the trick... that was overwhelming. I wondered why Kira hadn't pulled that stunt off. Surely, he was capable? I mean, what if Frost hadn't been able to slice the warheads off? What then? But he had, and they were saved, and I thought a part of me died inside by the end of that. Simply amazing.
10/1/2011 c43 Rhapsidiast
Ah, Miriallia and Dearka. One of my favourite pairings in GS/D, actually, and I was kinda upset when they didn't seem at all related to each other in Destiny (glad you turned it around with this fic, of course). I thought, from the very start of the fic, you actually stayed true to their complexities as a couple, until now. I can very well imagine Miriallia finding it difficult to accept Dearka at first, what with his absolutely stupid comment about Tolle during the first war, but it was evident that she did have feelings for him. The fact that she was difficult about it at first, then finally admitting to her feelings after that interrogation by Cagalli and Lacus was believable under the circumstances - it's like you said, you seem to manage to portray the characters acting in accordance to the situation they're presented with.

In any case, I'm glad Mr. and Mrs. Haw doesn't seem to particularly mind having a Coordinator in the family. I wonder how Dearka will act when he finally meets them. He can be a dork, of course, but he's a rather good guy overall, I'll admit.

On a final note, I've NEVER seen anyone design a Gundam that has two pilots in it (never thought it truly possible myself), and having both Miriallia and Dearka in the same cockpit is just... brilliant. I wonder how they'll be like in an epic battle. She's one of the really talented members among Kira's friends from Heliopolis, staying true to the Archangel until Destiny, and this really highlights that fact. Very interesting.
10/1/2011 c42 Rhapsidiast
Wow... this chapter was powerful. I could kinda sense some sort of real change between Kira & Co. and Alkire & TEMPEST from this chapter - a sort of real development between their relationship, where ideals and beliefs clashed and Kira is forced a different view of reality for once. Kira's been shown a lot of stuff to do with reality, but I do agree that he does still retains a lot of the child-like innocence that makes him both weak and infinitely powerful at the same time. It's actually quite a good thing that Alkire lectured him in this chapter, in my opinion. I love Kira's ideals, and I respect anyone who can hold it, but sometimes life just isn't like that and it takes one with great resolve and faith to be able to be like Kira - then again, he has the power to hold on to his beliefs, so yeah. XD

I find myself torn between Alkire and Kira. On one hand, I love how Alkire is so realistic. Sure, he might play dirty, but sometimes, that's how you survive life as it is, especially if you're not some powerful Ultimate Coordinator who can pilot a mobile suit better than the best pilots. Both aren't wrong, but at the same time, both are in different situations, with different strengths and weaknesses to support what they think of the world.
10/1/2011 c41 Rhapsidiast
This review had me confused a slight bit, but I take it this Shinn is our hot-tempered Shinn Asuka in Destiny? I'd see no reason why you'd name an OC with the same name anyhow, which leads me to say, a very interesting and wholly unexpected introduction to his appearance, seriously. I thought I wouldn't see Shinn until Eden Disaster or something, though I was expecting perhaps a small glimpse of him in this book, just to kick things off. Never would have thought I'd see him under these conditions though, I have to say.

I love the Angel Halo - the name is clearly suited for Kira's mobile suit, which has really been designed for him, what with the power of the Gugnir cannon and everything. It was a very well-written battle (if you can call Kira overpowering "weak" ZAFT forces a battle) and I've always loved that part of Kira who can just somehow appear at the right place at the very right time with his sword.

It's quite nice seeing Kira getting the spotlight here. :D We haven't seen that often lately (or much at all yet, really) so I enjoyed this one.

Will there be a reunion between parents and children? I hope there will! I really don't like the idea of Caridad and the rest of the crew family members being used as soldiers like that. It's so unfair, makes me want to throw something out of sheer frustration that they've been picked out to fight a losing battle like that. Anyway, only one way to find out - onwards with the story!
10/1/2011 c38 Rhapsidiast
Despite being introduced to a whole lot more OCs, I have to say I absolutely loved this chapter, seriously. While it throws the whole Kira-is-the-one-and-only-Ultimate-Coordinator thing into this void of doubt and confusion on my part, it's one chapter that is really beginning to make this fic have the real 'realistic' feel to it. I've always loved writers who could play a hand in GS's history and change or add something to suit their own, and I liked how you did with this chapter. Seeing how much George Glen shone in the world, it'd be an amazing thing if those who made him decided to just stop there. It just doesn't make any sense. To have this whole family of existing multiple-generation Coordinators is all-too-possible, and it makes sense that they would hide themselves from public view, what with Blue Cosmos running around and clones believing that the world would want to be Ultimate Coordinators and stuff.

Anything that dabbles in the world of science, technicalities, technology, history and creativity is my definition of a perfect story, and this chapter pretty much covers all of those, so kudos! I wish I can have Noah and keep him in a toybox, just watching him or something. He's far too brilliant, and far too adorable as a child - I wonder what would happen with that Nanomachine, and whether it'd eventually engulf everyone and everything or something. Or wouldn't it just be awesome if one could manipulate that and turn it into a weapon, a sort of projected black hole that you can shoot out... only it turns mobile suits into mass instead of just disappears into gravity and nothingness, so that might not work...

Anyway, I'm wondering how big an impact this chapter will have on TGA as a whole, and due to my eagerness in finding out, I'll submit this review and continue reading. This weekend is mine, no work that I want to delve in, so I'll be covering as many chapters as I possibly can.

9/27/2011 c32 Rhapsidiast
JEEZ, that was some chapter! I originally planned to read this chapter, call it a night and get to sleep, but it's simply impossible to stop here with such a cruel cliffhanger! I must write this review, simply to tell you that the whole Athrun-protects-Cagalli act in the end of this chapter was just truly epic. I mean, you're facing an enemy who seems to be just absolutely impossible to kill, yet there's still that romance going on! I LOVED that, especially because it didn't turn out awkward in the middle. Major thumbs up for the Athrun/Cagalli moment.

A bit of rewind to the past thirty-two chapters. So much has happened in these chapters, it's hard to keep track of what has happened, but I'll try my best to deliver the review I should have written with my first one.

Regarding characters. You already know my opinion on the canon characters, plus Sai. So I'll start with the TEMPEST crew. I have to say, I loved them. All of them. Originally, right at the start, Chanel and Katie really put me off the fic with the whole twin-love thing going on with Yzak. Just imagining Yzak with a girl stretches your imagination, but to have two? What made it difficult for me to read up until now, really, was my general dislike to the twins, but amazingly, as the story progresses, I have now developed a sort of attachment to them. They're quite loveable in their own way, and certainly will put Yzak in his place where his temper is concerned. Should I assume that they have some sort of telepathy thing going on? I guess I'll find out. Raine and Alkire are impossible to hate, though I have slight doubts about Vlad. Can we still trust him? Will he really remain loyal this time? I can't help but have Snape-like suspicions towards him, which makes it all the more mysterious.

Cervantes and Asmodeus are beginning to become a rather evil pair, though I find that I quite like their way of thinking and acting. But the best villain would, without a doubt, have to be Frost. Even the name sends chills down your spine, and I wish there's a fanart of sorts than can give me a visual on what he might look like. Just the image of him moving towards you with that hood and the scythe, like the Grim Reaper, is very hard to imagine in the Cosmic Era, but I guess that's what might have given the impact. In this battle, despite how badly hurt he is, I'm glad you brought him out to fight Kira and the crew. Battle scenes are hardly heart-racing when you fight against unknown enemies, especially if you have lots of them. So I'm glad that the first battle with the new mobile suits turned out the way it did - I'd have been absolutely disappointed with you if they only fought against an anonymous army.

Can't wait to get back with the Archangel, really. I can see some sort of quest forming where they all will eventually work in retrieving the ships in three locations on Earth, at the same time having a horrifying shadow of death chasing them (or is this just my imaginative side kicking in?) but we'll see! I shall learn more as I progress, and I look forward to it.

Man, look at the time. Unfortunately for me, I have a busy week coming up, and I don't exactly fancy riding the motorbike to uni tomorrow with sleepy eyes. I'll have to sign off for now, but I shall hope that I'll make good progress during the weekend, when I have more time on my hands. Still angered about the cliffhangar! Maybe I can wake up early tomorrow and have a read before class. XD

9/26/2011 c31 Rhapsidiast
Greetings, Maderfole! I'm Zant, a new reader of TGA series and I have to say, I'm puffing and wheezing here trying to catch up to your latest book. Needless to say, this chapter is where I've read so far, but you've got me hooked in, and I thought I might as well drop a review to introduce myself before I continue reading this piece of pure epicness.

I'm sure you've already had about a million words from reviewers stating how brilliant your story is, but let me just say the same and say that it is truly wonderful. You developed the canon characters into your own, and I'm truly interested to see how the story progresses and if it'll eventually go into Destiny, which I somehow hope it will. I've been eying this piece for ages, wanting to read, and I've been reading one chapter after another over the course of a few days/weeks, but now I'm truly hooked.

I have to thank you as well. My time skimming through your stories, reading bits and pieces before really starting to read through this first book, actually inspired me to write my own Gundam story. I absolutely loved reading through the more technical details of mobile suits in a story, which really puts this chapter as my number one so far. But I have so much more to go through, and I'm just telling you that so far, I'm enjoying the ride, and I have little doubt that I'll continue to enjoy this epic saga you've written.

I'll keep on dropping random reviews for you from time to time, but amidst my studies, activities and writing my own stories, it'll probably be slow progress. But this story is still a priority, and I aim to get to the third book (and beyond if there will be any) eventually. :D

Keep writing! Thanks for providing me with new reading materials.

9/3/2011 c107 Ai Sakura
Hi I have been reading your story, but had not reviewed till I finished reading it, I must say, its magnificent, truly wonderful work you have done, from the minor details to the characters to the fantastic plot. I have never been one to stick to a good gundam story like this even though I love gundam series and gundam sead is my favorite one, but what you have done here has made me fall in love with your story, the plots and events are amazing, the story line is flawless and so well rounded and the characters are amazing, the story drags me in every time I read a new chapter and your original characters are simply amazing too. I am really looking forwards to reading the other stories. I couldn't help to wonder, your work is so good and you put so much in to it that makes me feel like you need more recognition and I was wondering if it would be alright to cross-post the story on another site to see how many other reviews you can get. I would be more than willing, with your permition of course, to cross post it to see just what kind of feed-back it gets from other gundam lovers. Keep up the good writing, I will keep reading the other stories and hope to get up to speed with the latest one before its over.

Best regards: Ai Sakura

PS: if you do agree to my suggested experiment, let me know on a reply to this review and I'll exchange e-mail acounts and such so we can further talk in more details about it.
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