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2/16/2011 c79 7number1animefreak
O_O Cyprus can go into SEED mode too? well damn. Then again this could a very good thing. Frost has gotten his butt pretty well kicked whenever the others went into SEED even if they didn't come out unscathed themsleves. I hope other Hellhounds have SEED mode too... or maybe not if there's the possibility that they'll have to fight Kira and the gang. I really wish I didn't have school tomorrow so I could read the second half of this fight. It's all I'm going to be able to think about tomorrow.

Thank you for the review by the way. It was the longest and most thurough I've ever gotten and I really appreaciate. I'll give a proper reply to it within the next couple of days depending on my homework load.
1/14/2011 c2 1Enigma infinite
1/13/2011 c1 Enigma infinite
12/27/2010 c75 7number1animefreak
Oh thank goodness Yzak isn't dead. He's already had a close call. But darn it all, though I am not one to usually wish ill of others I really hope Cray dies by the end of this battle... I hope Frost dies too while I'm at. I know they're both fictional characters but I can't read more than one chapater at time because they give me the creeps.
8/29/2010 c106 10Just a Crazy-Man
Above excellent job.

Not bad.

Above excellent job.

What's next now?
7/11/2010 c31 Cyspark01
The Duelist has a photon cloak for taking energy shots, the chainsaw shield is great for defensive manuevers.

The Grand Buster sounds like Gundam Virtue from 00 just with a few more weapons and the color scheme of the Buster but also allowed to be used as a communication depot in attacking mobile suits.

You should try and get some illustrations as to what these new models look like. The pic that you use for your profile could actually pass as the new Liberty just with a different color scheme
7/11/2010 c26 Cyspark01
Scary thing , having Kira and Lacus attend Cervantes speech as he basically told the people of Orb to take out their leaders. Cervantes pretty much told the Orb public that that it was Athrun's fault that the country went out like that by blaming the whole incident on a plan by Athrun's father to destabilize Orb so ZAFT can take it over, pure genius.

Kisaka is just flat out screwed facing Frost. I f the kids could barely take him out in a forest , he stands no chance of even holding him off in a jail cell especially if he can't move away.
7/11/2010 c23 Cyspark01
Don't underestimate the intelligence of Asmodeous thats to say. If Vlad didn't take out that radio operator with a garrote, but by instead leave a different calling card, he might have gotten away. By just looking for Vlad he found out about the other 4 members of Tempest and the relationship between Colonel Kisaka. I'm slightly worried that there are Blue Cosmos sympathizers in the orb government letting Asmodeous get access to Orb's defense files. I hope theres nothing on the Archangel and its new gundams.

Alkaire's plan to smuggle Athrun and Cagalli into Orb was beautiful. Giing them sedatives to knock them out and dyeing hair and contacts they would be all set. but the performance of acting like the concerned realtives almost got the Orb inspectors suspicious especially since they were in metal coffins.
7/11/2010 c18 Cyspark01
How right that Athrun is in suspecting that Sai gave Blue Cosmos that information. I can't believe that he considered Captain Ramius but I suppose he never really talked to much with her and the captain would be the last person to tell blue Cosmos anything that could be used against them, she might as well given them the building plans for the Archangel and mobile suits.
7/11/2010 c17 Cyspark01
It was very nice to know that Sai has been working so far on bettering his own life and getting Vanai pregnant is one way towards looking towards the future. I find it weird how after all this time he hasn't tried to call his friends and tell them what was going on, with him. Or at least go back home and grab his things in Switzerland. I can understand being in love and getting a girl pregnant and then purposing to them. But he must be stupid if he knew that his parents were alive and didn't try to tell them where he was or at least try to go visit them, since he has all this time and letting them met their daughter- in-law with the added the resources of Mr. Zunnichi at his beck and call.

Since Sai was willingly serving as the Archangel's EWS during the war. I bet in between duty time and rest time he was keeping a keen journal or some types of notes with the information he saw during the war, which in turn served him well with working for Cervantes' company. In a way, with his potentially father-in-law being the 3rd richest man in the world it wasn't hard for him to drug/ motivate Sai.

I'm suprised that for all of Sai's genius that he couldn't figure out that in his anger during their 1st meeting with Mr. Zunnichi that he blurted out alot of things that could be used against his friends in the political scene considering that they are the children of some pretty fierce people against Naturals.

Poor Sai, in his anger and his boiling hate he was very subtlely pushed into joining Blue Cosmos and blamed most Coordinators for ruining his life so far. But dropping the hint that Cervantes will need as heir will get Sai on the bandwagon real soon
6/27/2010 c1 Guest
I have tried to read this story once before and failed there were a few reasons for this. Primarily was because it was not what I expected it to be and that threw me off the AxCxLu triangle also had an affect (Odd because I normally don't care that much about AxC) Finally the length. I have now come back to this story to try again better prepared to face it. So unless you break up Kira and Lacus permanently or kill one or both of them off I will finish this and the rest of the trilogy.

Although my original attempt to read this didn't get past 40 chapters. Your incredibly powerful Extended OC Frost inspired my own OC as a wishful counter for him at first and sort of went from there combining with old Ideas and a few new ones to leave Matthias Rynar. So I thank you for that.

Also as your story inspired him I am willing to give you some sneak peaks into his character and future MS as long as you keep it to yourself.
6/16/2010 c107 RyanB
At last I have finished Chaotic Cosmos, I note that I finished the story at 2.35am on Thursday 17th June 2010, almost a week after I started it. It's strange to think that I now find it easier to read in excess of 1 million words in 1 week on a Computer screen than in a book (not that there are many books out there in excess of 1 million words), the last book I properly read was about 500 pages and I read that in 4 days, as I was on holiday and had nothing better to do. I can't wait to get started on Eden Disaster, but I'm tired so I'll just leave that for the morning when I get up. I've found myself this past week reading until 4am on two occasions, then getting up at 8am, surely this can't be good for my health? I seem to remember reading an A/N asking us readers about our favourite OCs, it probably won't surprise you to find that I felt real sympathy for Ashino, and when you had him "Killed" at Panama, I couldn't quite believe it really, but then all was well and he returned, yay! Now the OC I despised the most is probably Noah, simply because he comes across as being extremely arrogant and a manipulative git to put it politely, I was tempted to put something far stronger in there but I decided against it. For the majority of the story I felt that Kira was lacking something, although one of the most skilled Coordinator MS Pilots, he wasn't an "Ultimate" Coordinator but then Frost had him drink his blood and that all changed, but I still think Kira occasionally lacks something, but that's more to do with how he is outside of a Mobile Suit. I particularly enjoyed your expansion of the Cosmic Era Newtype ideology. Now I have one question to ask you who is this Michael Genesis and what Connection does he have to Murrue? Something not quite right there, could he actually be Mu La Flaga? Nah! No chance, he was killed right, all his matter was annihilated by the wonder that is anti-matter.

Peace for now, buddy

6/13/2010 c76 RyanB
Dear god, man what have you done to me? You've got me hooked, so much so that the past 2 nights I've stayed up until 4am reading this story and then getting up at 8am, surely this cannot be good for my health, as I doubt that I'll finish this today, possibly not even tomorrow. Enough about that more about how EPIC this story is, Epic just isn't Epic enough to describe just how epic this is, perhaps I should just take a leaf out of Barney Stinson's book, so I feel that this story is LEGENDARY! Also as an aside, you wouldn't happen to have the list that you formerly had as chapter 2 of all the Gundams/Mobile Suits/Vehicles in your story, I hope you wouldn't mind me asking if I could possibly get a copy, if that's possible drop me a PM and if need be I can give you a few details as to where you can send it.
6/11/2010 c33 RyanB
You, dear sir, have done an excellent job so far, I have for some time been a fan of the Gundam Series, Gundam SEED's Cosmic Era is perhaps my favourite Era, and for many of the Gundam Era's there is a severe lack of lengthy stories, more one-shots and drabbles with the occasional short story thrown in too and on the rarest of occasions a novel of almost 100,000 words. This is an EPIC, in excess of a million words, 107 chapters and I'm only up to chapter 34, and add to that the story is the first part in a planned trilogy, it is almost as if I have died and gone to FanFic heaven. I have always felt let down by SEED Destiny in that the shift was dramatic from one series to the next, I enjoyed it, but only the final 10 or 11 phases. I doubt there is much that I can say that hasn't been said before, but this story you have written is to say the least incredible, I now find myself struggling to find a superlative great enough to use to describe this story. I know that you have the final story of the trilogy to complete and I sincerely hope that you do that and publish it on this site for us and despite not being a religious person (that is not to say that I am not open to the concept of religion, however) I hope and occasionally pray that do not abandon the final story of the series. As such I wish you all the best for your future writing so that we may all enjoy your skills, for you are a truly excellent author.

6/8/2010 c106 2Jman12394
I'm so willing to bet that noah or the extended project has Sai's kids.

kira and lacus together is even sacaryer than she is by herself.

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