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6/8/2010 c105 2Jman12394
Two as one. one as two.

best description of what just happened. frigging awsome. KICK FORSTS ASS
6/8/2010 c104 Jman12394
question why didn't lacus use her power to stop frost moving while kira or athrun or anyone else frigging killed the indestructible frost?
6/8/2010 c96 Jman12394


the fact that frost helped kirs however indavertanly is very funny. is kira now going to be able to stand up to the Pulsar in his liberty?
6/8/2010 c94 Jman12394
Agreed noah is not a nice kid.
6/8/2010 c93 Jman12394
that was a very very funny chapter. can't wait to see what noah's reaction is going to be when he meet lacus face to face, should be funny.
6/8/2010 c92 Jman12394
Lacus is scary! in a bad mood eep.
6/8/2010 c82 Jman12394
Well isent forst just sane. judgment is really scary. personally id like to use foxhound from brothers in arms on it.
6/8/2010 c81 Jman12394
Well Noah is a twisted little freak. so manipulitive and he only 10. this is going to get messy! i feel bad for melanie cuz noah messed with her mind so much.
6/7/2010 c70 Jman12394
PLOT ARMOR... HOW? did he survive?
6/7/2010 c67 Jman12394
HAHAHA talk about a day out with a socialy inept person.

lord that was funny
6/7/2010 c66 Jman12394
*wistle* all i can say. heartrending.
6/7/2010 c60 Jman12394
HOLY SHIT IS FROST INVINCUBLE! this is getting rediculus. will frost just die already?
6/6/2010 c33 Jman12394
Very nice new machines. Question why no DRAGOONS?
6/4/2010 c1 Jman12394
Heh let the fun begin
5/30/2010 c40 8Strata-Assassin
Chapter 37: Ah yes, we see the refreshing face of Yzak Joule, one of the only pilots in the SEED world willing to kill a human being. Unless he's turning up the “heat,” so to speak, to clearly see the weak spots in the mobile suits’ armor merely to damage the things. Hm, somehow—given his temperament—I can’t see him doing that.

And onto Athrun and Cags. He calls her “love” a lot. Hm, she doesn’t seem to mind the endearment, but I doubt any girl would enjoy being called Hallmark’s number one favorite emotion when she’s practically being told she’s not as good as the guys at fighting in mobile suits. At least she gets her own suit—I might’ve been angry if she was in a tag team with Athrun—but somehow I think she might be a bit more mechanical savvy than people give her credit for. After all, she probably spent more time around Morgenroute than she did her own house. O.o

Chapter 38: Hah! The Rockefellers! At first I thought I read the Romafellers and nearly fell out of my chair in laughter. Gotta love the random Gundam series references. Well, at least what was going through my mind.

Hm, George Bolander. Semi-close to George Glenn. Must’ve been a good name back then. :P

This just seemed like something you decided to add in at the last second. We already have a lot of people in the mix of things, but it’s almost as if you thought it’d be fun to write something about the later generation Coordinators and an inside look into the development of mobile suits. It was highly interesting, actually, but I’m not seeing how it connects to the rest of the story just yet. Hm, have to keep reading then.

Chapter 39: You seem to have a sudden fascination with the dreaded ellipses in the beginning of this chapter. O.o Oh, and I have to admit it took me a while to remember which side of the war the parents were on. For some reason, I was highly convinced throughout the first couple of paragraphs they were from ZAFT and couldn’t figure out—for the life of me—why they were versing themselves. It was an interesting trek in my mind, to say the least.

I don’t remember if I mentioned this before, but I really like how you brought the parents into the mess. It’s some different insights into the war and a veteran mind is always nice to dive into when the missiles are flying. I kind of want to see more into what they are thinking, actually. Have to keep reading I guess.

Chapter 40: The Archangel! Sorry, I’ve been waiting for it and no matter how much I wish you’d just introduce a new battleship, what is the SEED universe without that ship?

Wow, it was hard to read a whole chapter dedicated to Kira and his inner thoughts. I’m thinking it was because I really hate that guy, but there were some good insights. A lot of internal complaining by the youngster, but that was to be expected as well. I almost want to hear the inner workings of Yzak, but might be a bit scared. After all, his thought process—most likely—revolves around anger and that could just get rather loud. Anyway, we haven’t heard much from Miri and Dearka lately. I wonder if that will change in the next chapter.

Anyway, good chapters and I’ll keep reading!

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