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7/8/2009 c2 8Strata-Assassin
*Sigh* Madder, this sucks. Brute honestly, I'm sorry, but at least do complete sentences. High hopes, yes, such high hopes, but alas, dashed in the second chapter. I let it slide in the first one, but this was downright humiliating. I might-curse me for having to say this-be forced to cut off all ties from here on out. I'm so sorry, but my twisted, cold block of a heart cannot handle this abuse.

...Anyway, I'm sure the next chapter will be awesome!

7/8/2009 c3 5Death-Scimitar
Ah, so much emotional turmoil just in the first chapter. I do believe this may quickly become a favorite. But I will flat-out tell you; I hate Kira. I hate Cagalli. It may be the fact that they're twins so in the end I'll hate both of them.

It's strange that I hate Cags though, I'm usually all for the strong-willed females. There's just something about her that irks the hell out of me and I would rather see her shot in the most gruesome of ways. I respect her in some aspects, but that's about it.

As for why I hate Kira... well, he's invincible. Ultimate Coordinator, my ass, there'll always be someone stronger- like Shinn. Kira should've died in that battle against him, but no, he managed to turn-off the nuclear core or whatever it is. I can't remember all the technical stuff.

At least you managed to get Athrun down to a T in the first chapter- socially awkward guy that he is. I was almost expecting him to say, "Ah, okay!" I admit that you had me worried that Athrun and Cags were going to 'get it on' right away in the first chapter. So glad you didn't take that route.

I suppose I'm going to have to get use to the way you spell Yzak...

Rather remarkable how he can stumble across so many couples on one ship. Leaves one kinda lonely, eh. You still have Dearka, Yzak! Hang in there- nevermind...

Dearka + Miriallia = love. Their banter is wonderfully done. Shoot, there I go, stroking your ego. Oh well, its worth it.

I know there were a few nitpicky things that I wanted to point out... now I have to find them again...

I'm sure when you put "Legit Ship" you probably meant "Legged Ship". There were a few run-on sentences that were quite possibly bogged down with too many words and other sentences that just didn't flow right. They still made sense, but they interrupted the 'internal flow'; if you want to call it that. My poetic side is trying to peek through here. But really, it's mostly insubstantial things.

Umm... Okay, I think that's all I comment on for this chapter. Still don't know if I'm going to leave a review for every chapter or not. We'll just have to see.

Shinn's going to play a big role, right? Here's hoping.

One last thing, will the Extendeds be making an appearance? I'm sorta disappointed that this story takes place after the final battle, if only because the druggies; Orga, Shani, and Clotho, are already dead. *sigh* I loved those guys. Then again, I could say the same for Auel, Sting, and Stella.

I suppose I'll just have to keep reading and see.

Okay, now I'm done.

7/8/2009 c1 Death-Scimitar
So, here I am, reviewing. At least on the first chapter; though not much of a chapter. Take this as assurance that I will end up reading this monster of a fic and review. Oh god, what am I setting myself up for.

Blood, violence, swearing, sex; what else can a person ask for? Well, there is chocolate but I think that might be personal preference. I'm looking forward to actually start reading this.

I feel like I should blame you for distracting me from my own stories... Oh well, I've been caught by the not-so-good puppy-dog eyes.

6/1/2009 c3 Fenix of Fenrir
Congratulations is a Great Beggining, is even better than the original Gundam Seed, I think the Mirialia and Dearka pair is Perfect!

4/20/2009 c56 Ser Dinadan
What a surprising revelation, definitely didn't expect that. I figured that they just had some run-of-the-mill twin mind-link ability, but the truth is even better. Sad chapter, my eyes were misty at the end :(
4/14/2009 c39 Ser Dinadan
I like your inclusion of the parents in the story. Interesting to see how the war has affected them.
4/14/2009 c38 Ser Dinadan
hmm does that mean that Kira is obsolete and Noah is the Ultimate Coordinator...
4/10/2009 c29 Ser Dinadan
Hmm... well that can't be right. So Frost was hanging on from the back of the vehicle, "The distance to Frost was less than six feet. He opened up with both guns, each spewing out lead at a rate of sixty shots per second."

Yet none of the shots hit him in the head? I'd imagine not even Frost could live without the brain lol.
4/5/2009 c104 8turayza
Reading the last couple chapters, I had to wonder…

Is it really possible to survive after being almost-halved? If Sai lives, he’s got some serious earthworm skills.

And, I was trying to figure out how a face could be peeled off with rusty spoons…but failed. I guess that’ll take Frost’s mind to understand x_X

(By the way, that's really dark. ._.)

Poor Noah. That’s what happens to geniuses…they end up with midget EQs, and end up being targets of insane, once-human robots. I liked how you showed the way he’s really just a kid (:
4/5/2009 c106 turayza
No! The story ended! *dies*

At least there's a sequel. (: I can't wait to start reading that.

Wow, 3 years...devoted much? XD

Ooh...Sai's children never found? Because obviously they're not going to pop up out of nowhere in the next story...*cough*
4/3/2009 c88 turayza
I can't believe I haven't finished reading this yet, after 4 days...


But it's amazingly addicting! XD I think you manage to develop the characters very well, especially because there are so many of them. Even with all the battle scenes, it doesn't get repetative at all-great writing. (:
4/2/2009 c67 turayza
Ashino's situation is so depressing...:l

And to meet his family .

(Sorry about this commenting-every-couple-chapters thing, if I'm spamming your inbox or something ._.)
4/2/2009 c65 turayza

Peopleball .

That's really disturbing.
4/1/2009 c38 turayza
Sounds like the 'nano'machine is going to get bigger and bigger...and eat the world o_O;

4/1/2009 c33 turayza
Amazing story! I don't think I've ever seen such a long fanfic XD

I can't believe I'm less than a third of the way through Chaotic Cosmos o_O; I can't wait to finish, though. (:
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