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10/6/2008 c103 5Asmus
It's been a long time since you updated and I am getting worried. Is everything okay?
9/20/2008 c103 kelsyk
In my opinion Kira needs a new GUNDAM if he wants to win. Here is my logic:

even assuming advances in g-suit technology a fighter pilot might be able to handle 12 G in a combat manouver

coordinators can obviously handle more, maybe 15 G

simmons probably atleast recognized Kira superiority (especially in seed mode) likely being able to handle 20+ G

assuming she built in extra power just in case the maximum output of the liberty is probably only 35 G

The pulsar has undergone 70 G accel

the pilot wasn't in seed mode and could probably have pushed the pulsar more

The conclusion: the liberty simply doesn't have the engine power necesary to keep up with or fight the pulsar.
9/19/2008 c102 Vale
Wow, Kira singlehandedly destroyed cyprus In SEED mode as well, and Glory in under what, 10 seconds? Without breaking a sweat. Seeing what he can do when going all out with his new SEED, that's gonna be one hell of a sight! Keep it coming!
9/18/2008 c1 LordRevanMandaloreofZutara
Is everything okay? It's Friday and there has been no updates. Not that I am complaining. Whenever you update is your choice and I will be here when you do. But I was just asking. I hope everything is alright. See you next time.
9/14/2008 c103 A FAN
ok, it is well into the weekend. WHERE IS THE HIGHLY ANTICIPATED NEXT CHAPTER?
9/13/2008 c103 2Royal Union
I would very much like to see Sai, that aragent , finally give up on his stupid isolation plan and agree to somesort of peace agreement with the PLANTS. Not that that I'm getting my hopes up though, thats just what I'd LIKE to see happen.

Signed, Royal Union
9/12/2008 c103 33Air-Quiet-Reader
Well, this is goind to be quite the ending it would seem.

Great work on the last batch of chapters, as usual. 102 probably had one of my favourite momemnts in this entire story.

As for I would like to see..well, that's a pretty difficult question. Although I am not a Shinn supporter, for some reason I can't shake the image of him and Kira teaming up to take down Frost. Then again, a 1 on 1 with Kira vs Forst would be very interesting.

I guess more romance, and when Kira next see's Lacus when there isn't a insane monster wielding an extremely powerful weapon destroying things uncomfortably close.
9/11/2008 c103 Grand Zephyrus
I think it would be cool if in someway Nicol was still and in some way he had a upgraded Blitz. It would be lik after the Aegis blew up the Strike . You dont know who found Kira you just know that he ended up in Lacus's house. Plus I just want to see what you can do with the Blith because all the gundams you have come up with are some of the best I have seen.
9/11/2008 c99 5Rihaku
Oh, almost forgot. Random suggestions:

-Dearka's next Gundam should be a stolen DESTROY prototype. That'd be funny. A cross between a Destroy's firepower + shield pods and the Verde Buster, possibly?

-It'd be interesting if Kira's next gundam were black. The Pulsar is silver, so it's an interesting contrast and raises fun implications on both sides. Strike Noir scheme + Dreadnought H shoulder-mounted cannon-swords + DRAGOON pods with Strike Freedom-esque Wings of Light would cut a striking visual reference. I hope that wasn't too incoherent.

-An Angry Sky warhead (assuming they see use) should take out part of the Atlantic Federation's North American assets, so that Sai is forced to move to Asia or something. I'd like to see more eastern metropoli in the fic.

-Athrun's Gundam should have two arms that can each split into two for a total of four arms. Not sure how the control mechanism would work, but it'd make him a beast in close combat.

-An energy rifle that doubles as an Anti-ship sword. It provides the mass, you merely need add the edge.

-Just for kicks, a Gundam that resembles Evangelion Unit 01.

-If Alkire is really that good of a pilot, he should pilot a mobile suit. I know it'd be niche intrusion, but it'd be hilarious, especially if Raine targeted his shoulder-mounted Massive Sniper Cannon (stolen FRALA with custom powerpack?)

-The Astray Gundams (Blue and Gold especially) have soon cool designs. I think Yzak might benefit from a Gundam with design schematics similar to Astray Blue crossed with the Blu Duel.
9/11/2008 c103 Rihaku
Ooh, very interesting. Archangel's Pulsar - Kira theory below is also pretty cool. I almost found myself subscribing to it, but then I realized that 1) You're all for physical rigor and the laws of physics make accidental information transfer like that impossible, especially with the scale of shock, and 2) It doesn't account for Kira's increased metabolism, libido, or, really, reflexes, since he would he acting like he had beam shields on his arms and an anti-ship sword if he did - he wouldn't have dodged the explosion, he'd have tried to tank it with the "shields" on his forearms. Combined with the growing SEED, I'm pretty sure Kira's brain and body have reached a state of "better beasthood" - superior in almost every way to a physical human, but requiring larger amounts of social condition to suborn instincts such as the fight-or-flight response or constant sexual desire.

I liked Alkire's piloting shenanigans. His reaction to Kira standing up was hilarious, and the social consequences of Kira's "evolution" surprised me, though not as much as the Lieutenant's vitriol towards him. It certainly makes sense for the character, though Kira actually hasn't had any time to exercise his potential, as he was driven by the force of plot for the entirety of Gundam SEED and then had very little free time in Chaotic Cosmos. By defeating Seed!Lieutenant so effortlessly, though, Kira has established himself as the deadliest combatant in the Earth Sphere (since even Frost had difficulty with that), at least in melee combat. I wonder if it'll be enough to compensate for Frost's superior Gundam.

Looking over this chapter and your first chapters, I must say your writing has improved tremendously, though sadly very few people will notice, since you were already at such a high level when you began. You're much better about parsing your paragraphs too. I'm kind of disappointed that we're not getting any new Gundams this time around (unless the Liberty was modified?), but it's good not to let the cat out of the bag too soon. One thing I do want to address is that, for the majority of Chaotic Cosmos, the protagonists exclusively used one set of Gundams. New hardware is, IMO, one of the easiest ways to recapture reader interest - in my plans for Inferno, Kira would have hijacked, used, or piloted over seven Gundams, ending with a custom version of the Providence/Akatsuki. Of course, the onus on me was not nearly as heavy, seeing as how I only had one main pilot who killed off almost all competition.

I do like the idea of Frost developing a sort of relationship with the Pulsar's emerging consciousness, perhaps enough of one that the two decide to elope from the crushing parental grip of Mr. Machine. At the same time, it seems to me that Frost's personality has become awfully stable - despite his insanity, he really hasn't changed much since finding out about his destiny. I think it'd be interesting if he got bored of it all and tried his hand at something new. Picture, for example, the Pulsar and Frost running around the world like some sort of perverse Superman, saving children from car accidents and performing random acts of vigilante violence (gangs vaporized, petty theives cut int half, etc.). The great thing about Frost is that you can assign him to basically any action and then come up with the twisted rationalization later. It doesn't seem to me that a character like Frost could pursue one goal so relentlessly without getting a little bored, especially since the Pulsar enforces efficiency and not creativity in destruction. With a dearth of creative means, Frost must resort to creative ends - and he has not, to my knowledge, actually killed a mugger before.

Anyway, those are just some random musings sent your way. I'll have a more substantiative review once everything's wrapped up.
9/11/2008 c103 Pictish
No, its by far the best GS fanfic on the site, and in fact anywhere, i understand that everything has to come to an end, but it'll still be sad when its over. Thanks for reinstilling my faith in gundam seed fanfics, been following your story since it came out, i don't often review, but i think this warrants one. Well done, I hope you can find it in you to maybe create a totally new story, even if its not an epic, just one that as well written and thought out as this one. A brilliant story-line, nail biting tension, BELIEVABLE RELATIONSHIPS!, and of course some good ol' action to keep the blood pumping. Well done sir, I salute you.
9/10/2008 c102 Archangel2385
Revelation chapters are the best . . .

Now my uneasiness with the late intelligence reports almost makes sense. Noah clearly set a trap for Sai, and possibly even the Clyne Faction as well. And with Sai and the higher-ups of the Isolationists gone, there would be no conceivable way that "Angry Sky" could fail. In addition, unless Frost returned to space, it would take him & the Pulsar out of the game as well. Genius . . . IF he didn't constantly underestimate Frost.

Then again, is he really? I mean granted, Frost probably has gotten under Noah's skin at some point, but still, I guess I'm expecting some kind of reverse psychology here, with Noah acting like Frost has him on the ropes, is infuriating him, and is completely uncontrollable, when in fact, it may all be an act to lure Frost into a false sense of security. If so, Noah will definitely move up several points in my book of awesome villains.

Still, he has NOTHING on Frost, whom is steadily climbing the ranks as my all-time favorite character. I can't help BUT like the guy; he's just so . . . TWISTED, yet cool. At this rate, he might actually beat out Lacus to become my favorite character. I guess I say all that to say that you really have created something special here with Frost . . . he's like Godzilla meets the Joker . . . an uncontrollable, dang near impossible-to-kill/defeat, TWISTED, force of nature.

That said, what really blew me away was Kira. All this time, I've been wanting and paying attention to how Frost's actions have shaped him, expecting some man vs. monster battle inside Kira to take place, when actually, it isn't man vs. monster, but man vs. MACHINE.

I realize how what Kira reminds me of . . . the Pulsar, and more specifically its action memory. Kira responds to threats almost EXACTLY like the Pulsar does, and he does so automatically & involunatarily. What's more, like when he was piloting the Pulsar, he apparently will ignore the safety of even those he loves to save him and/or fight. He's literally BECOMING the Pulsar in more ways than one; all Frost's blood seems to have done is possibly increased his perpection & aggression, and created a bond of sorts with Frost; everything else appears to be the Pulsar's doing, but the question now is how? If I had to guess, I'd say that when the Pulsar was electrocuting Kira that it somehow managed to "rewrite" or "reconfigure" some of Kira's neural processes; it essentially may have "reprogrammed" him. VERY interesting stuff, and right or wrong, I can't wait to see how this plays out.

DEFINITELY look forward to the update.
9/10/2008 c101 Archangel2385
All I can say is I knew it, I freakin' KNEW IT!

First thing's first . . . this chapter had some of THE best dialogue yet. Granted, not a single line compared to the immortal "He's a Joule; pure energy those men are" line, but holistically, the dialogue was REALLY good to me for some reason, particularly when Alkire & Andrew were explaining their "War on Robotic Terror."

I also really liked all the banter between the guys, especially the whole Alkire/Andrew team-up. It's good to see Alkire just "hanging out" with the guys more often. Still, I was somewhat surprised by the lack of Kisaka, and more specifically Murrue & Raine. The latter individuals barely appeared at all, and I guess I was hoping that they'd spend some "female bonding" time or something . . . then again, Raine isn't exactly the most sociable to begin with, so I guess that explains it . . . in spite of that, I do hope that Alkire & Raine interact more & more with the GS cast in the future.

Kira's actions sure did raise some eyebrows, not just for the cast, but me as well. It's almost as if his actions were . . . automated. But that doesn't make sense, as BCPU's actions (or even REACTIONS) are clearly not automated, so this doesn't appear to the Frost's doing. I wonder what the heck is going on . . .

I was estatic to hear of DaCosta and see that SOMEONE from the Clyne Faction has been keeping up on matters pertaining to intelligence. Still, something is troulbing about the whole matter . . . as DaCosta said, how the heck is something this big kept quiet till this late in the game? Granted, secrecy IS paramount, but still, something feels amiss here, and I can't quite say what.

Anyway, back to my first comment . . . yeah, I KNEW IT. At first, I thought they were destructive weapons, but that idea was quickly tossed out. That left only 2 means I could think of which could "harmlessly" defeat the Isolationists: EMP and/or nanotech. Nanotech didn't seem terribly plausible, because of Noah's already stated desire to not want to tip his hand for several years, so that left EMP, which I strongly considered, but was thrown off by the freakin' name and its atmospheric nature. I figured that IF EMP bombs were going to be used, they'd be detonated on the ground (like the Gungrirs), COMPLETELY forgetting that EMP bombs actually are most efficient/effective when detonated at altitude . . . (sigh) That's a dang shame on my part, especially given the research I'd undertaken in the past on the subject. Oh well . . .

Great job by the way with the parallels between ZAFT & the Isolationists. I called it a while back that after the realization of the Isolation Plan that ZAFT would strike back with a mighty vengenance, and sure enough, I was right. What gets me most of all is how ZAFT's method is also a form of "peaceable genocide," just on a much larger, for wider-reaching scale.

Anyway, LOVIN' this story and I hope to update soon.
9/10/2008 c100 Archangel2385
For a chapter featuring the "bad" guys, most of whom I don't particularly care for, this chapter delivered on all fronts . . .

It was cute seeing Ashino get progressively more adjusted to society. And I can sympathize with the hazing bit, as I've gone through a bit of it myself (minus the retaliatory attacks), and I gotta say that Thomas & Ramirez had it coming.

Sai is currently on my "crap" list, so I could have done without his part, but hey, if everyone else gets some screentime, I "guess" he deserves some as well. One "positive" thing we got from this chapter though is a little "reality check"; I'm reminded of Gundam Wing's Wufei and his declaration to Heero in Endless Waltz that "Although all enemies were defeated, EARTH DIDN'T CHANGE ONE BIT." It's the same here, and the fact that Sai apparently can't trust anyone speaks volumes in & of itself. I wonder if you'll have LOGOS appear, because I'd be VERY surprised if no one made a bid for power sooner or later.

Perhaps the best part of the chapter is Frost's interaction with Noah. It was WONDERFUL to see someone, ANYONE put Noah in his place, though I suspect the conversation would have gone VERY differently in space (where Noah's powers can clearly reach Frost). What I truly love about your characterization of Frost is that he's clearly insane, but at the same time can be remarkably analytical; he can easily pick up on little details no one would notice, and I was amazed beyond belief that he figured out Noah's identity SO easily. He's like the freakin' Joker of Chaotic Cosmos . . . God, I love his character.

What else can I say but "Great Job" (yet again) . . .

Oh yeah, and I have a minor suggestion, principally for future chapters . . . I think Frost should be "paired" with the Pulsar. Yes, it might sound crazy, but when you think about it, not really.

As implied by both Lacus & Katie, the Pulsar has some kind of "life" to it, and I suspect that such life "grows" as it absorbs more & more input from pilot. Combine this with the fact that, as hinted by Jeremiah, the more one pilot's the Pulsar, the more dependent they seem to become on it, and yeah, I could actually see Frost having a "relationship" with the Pulsar & coming to love his "partner" in omnicide.

Naturally, some major conflict here could be a difference in methods: the Pulsar still behaves "machine-like"; it doesn't try to toy with or prolong the death of its opponents. Instead, it always seems to go or push for the outright kill, which conceivably could interfere with Frost's own tendency to make his opponent(s) suffer. And as Kira found out, this can have some very harmful effects on Frost . . . or maybe not; I mean, he IS a BCPU 6 after all. Just a thought.
9/9/2008 c102 Chronostorm
Well shit man i was waiting for Kira to go kunfu on and kick everyones asses to hell and back favorite part of the story personally i was actually hopeing for new machines but oh well and Sai proves again he is a dumb ass i really hope he randomly dies and dang Cyprus what the hell do you know about waste i think living a good life even with such great potential is the best thing for any human and Noah oh the arrogance thinnking Kira can be disposed of thats a laugh just wait till he becomes an active new type and kiss your brain good bye lawl well anyways keep it up.
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