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6/16/2008 c1 totallycrazed-animeotaku
eh..not to be rude or anything because this story rox but ah...when's chapter 98?
5/27/2008 c92 2Commedia
i never thought that lacus could scare me like that. holy shit.
5/1/2008 c6 16CSS Stravag
Finally finished reading this chappie. Nice to see that there is still hope for a bloodbath somewhere, above and beyond the typical BC posturing and the spec ops work.

The school day antics are one of those things that I have long tried to forget, but in this case seeing the SEED cast in a school setting is cool. Especially when used as a cover for their actual status and not as something else. Yzak got busted already? Lolz, like anyone who writes of the hothead with frequency did not see that freight train coming. And then there was the conduct with the two ladies, that was hilarious, not to mention the reaction from Athrun, Kira, and Dearka.

This Frost guy, cold, cold. I hate to think what he is going to be worth when the matter really comes down to the battle. That is, when the next battle starts up. From here, it looks like you plan some silence before the storm once again.

I think it is onward to the next chapter...
4/12/2008 c97 Archangel2385
This review has been a long time coming, and it's sad to say, but the main reason that I didn't review sooner was because I don't really care too much about Athrun or Cagalli. They are by no means bad characters (quite the opposite actually, particularly in the context of Chaotic Cosmos), but I simply do not follow their actions with anywhere near the enthusiasm that I do for say Lacus, Yzak, Alkire, Kira, or Raine; they simply aren't as interesting to me.

Despite those feelings, this was a really good chapter because of how "normal" / "everyday" it felt. Not since the first arc where the gang was in school have we had a chance to observe characters in normal settings that you'd find teenagers in; we've largely only known them as soldiers/leaders, so this change was quite welcome.

You did an excellent job with the club see, perfectly capturing the allure of chaos that is a rave hall. I especially liked how still stayed in character on Athrun's part with his analytical self; that was really a nice touch.

Perhaps the best part of the chapter though was "Hazy." Oh make no mistake, I definitely didn't like him, but his inclusion brought several interesting issues to the table, most obviously being identity-theft and how genetic manipulation and what not can make it so easy for one to "steal" another's identity . . . do I see foreshadow for Meer's eventual entrance . . . I'd like to think so ^_^ and the best part of all is that Meer may in fact have been alluded in Hazy's stories of "Lacus impersonators."

Beyond the look at identity-theft, you also offered some social commentary in the form of criticism directed toward Cagalli because she wasn't "perfected" or "designed" to look a certain way . . . good job here, as the animated series often seemed to portray the PLANTS citizens as being so nice & perfect, with no flaws and what not, but you showed how supposedly looking so "perfect" and what not can bred a sense of elitism in the PLANTS . . . and if the PLANTS citizens already possess elitism over looks, what else do they think they are SO much better at than Naturals . . . everything, perhaps? And thus we can see one of the potential, underling causes of the war in the first place . . . again, nice stuff here.

Most of all though, that encounter with Hazy broke the serenity of Athrun & Cagalli's vacation for just long enough to remind them that they have a greater responsiblity awaiting them. Getting out to act wild & free is all well & good, but there is still a war to be fought and ideals that need to be made a reality, so at the very least, I guess I can thank Hazy's character for giving them focus, particularly Athrun.

Finally, the ending. Some fans might be turned off by the whole "scared of mice" thing, but I'm not; it is truly amazing how ridiculous (to others that is) some people's fears are of rodents, insects, etc., so seeing it from Athrun of all people was really funny (if it were Yzak, I'd die laughing), as was his teddy bear collection. And that entire robot mouse scene was freakin' BRILLIANT, easily THE funniest moment yet in Chaotic Cosmos IMHO . . .

Wow, for a chapter that didn't have any characters I was very attached to, I sure had a lot to say, huh . . . says a lot about a writer when he can provoke such a (positive) reaction from an otherwise indifferent fan of the couple ^_^ . Keep up the great work, and I hope ya update soon (can't wait for Alkire/Raine and the group to meet up again).
4/8/2008 c97 5Asmus
I know this isn't one of my usual express reviews, but a review is a review.

Well, I enjoyed the chapter, even though I'm not too much of a Athrun/Cagalli fan. The last part was especially funny.

Finding out about Athrun's relatives was unexpected. And I'm surprised how members of one family can be so different.

Ok, as usual here are some questions.

1. Is the operation Overload going to be similar to Break the World incident from GSD, or something even nastier, since all Coordinators are gone from Earth?

2. This Lacus impersonator Hazy mentioned, isn't she by any chance Meer Campbell?

3. If the second question was wrong, will Meer actually show up in your story? And finally how do you regard this character? I mean there are a whole lot of people who seriously dislike Meer.

I myself liked her, despite what everyone said about her. At some point she looked like Lacus who'd chosen singing over politics.
4/6/2008 c97 2God of Death and Disease
I've been reading this story for a while but I've never submitted a review I'm sorry to say, the only things I could ever think off to say were 'amazing' or 'incredible' but I noticed hte number of reviews you had en finally decided to write one of my onw, I think it's truly a shme not to tell someone when they are doing terrific and they don't tell them so.

so, you're doing a terrific job and I hope you update soon, this has to be one of the most well written stories on
4/2/2008 c80 LordRevanMandaloreofZutara
I know that it is a little late for this chapter, but i have just got to say this. The last part, when Frost comes into the comms room, is, I believe, the best single sequence in this story. I just love this part. Esspecially the last paragrah. Well, that's it. Can't wait for chapter 98. Dearka and Miriallia forever!
4/1/2008 c5 16CSS Stravag
For one of those 'maybe / maybe not' things between Dearka and Miriallia, they make one hilarious study in it. Kira's trepidation on the matter is also classic, and Athrun/Cagalli is killer hilarious. Then there is Yzak and his stalkers; I can but only feel sorry for the poor pilot, getting cornered like that, insanely hilarious. Amazingly enjoyable.

As to the issue between Kisaka and Vladimir, I would relish reading a little farther into that, if you did put up some extended detail. I figure Kisaka for one of those classic stalwarts, not really one to hold a hard grudge like he showed; something serious be there, I can sense.

And all I am left wondering is where is this thing with Yzak going? I daresay, onward to the next chapter at the next available. Keep it coming :P
3/29/2008 c97 5Rihaku
Quick observations:

6 of the 14 pages of reviews this story has have been generated this year. Of these, 4 pages were generated in this month alone. Considering that 42% of the feedback occured in this year, with a full 66% of that occuring this month, I do believe your fic has finally begun to attain the momentum it's earned. Of course, splitting your update rates has helped in that regard as well.

Athrun/Cagalli thing: Hm, to be honest, I never understood the hype about Athrun and Cagalli. Beyond fangirls spazzing over Athrun (something that even the GSDestiny writers picked up on), what is there to the relationship? To me, they're kind of boring, so I would never have attempted something like this. Of course, if Cagalli were as attractive as Flay or Lacus, that might have been different. I don't think I'm capable of maintaining interest in anime characters without the shallow hold of physical attractiveness. Call it a problem of overcompetition. Though I did welcome the disruption to their relationship in Destiny, even if it was contrived - at the very least, it was a departure from the fairy-tale idealism of the rest of the anime. But that's enough about irrelevant topics.

I did very much enjoy your introduction of Hazy and the social analysis you performed through him. It made this chapter relevant for me. In addition, your depiction of Coordinator society in detail is well thought-out and realistic.

*yawn* It's 4. More later, perhaps.
3/28/2008 c1 Any person who can read
I worship you..I can't wait for its entirety to be finished..and then sequeled..utter praise.

Please write more,

Firenze Han.
3/28/2008 c97 Chronostorm
Dood man you had him make a vibrator mouse dood that is so fucking awsomely funny and ya i think Kira would want him to make one then kill him and they are slightly aware of what the plants have planned and Athrun be the shit out of his relative and found out some disturbing stuff about what his and Lacus's images have brought about well keep it up.
3/28/2008 c97 LordRevanMandaloreofZutara
Haha! That is without a doubt the funiest chapter you have written. A vibrating mouse, I love it! I laughed so hard when I read that. Personally I think that you did a good job at the Cagalli/Athrun Romance chapter. Can’t wait for the Dearka and Miriallia chapter.
3/28/2008 c97 JointVW
The chapter wasn't as good as the others but at the end i just couldn't stop laughing
3/27/2008 c97 2Commedia
i wonder how katie and ysak will react to god-seed kira. it's going to be awesome.
3/27/2008 c97 3cipherknight
ROTFLMAO! this chapter was absolutely hilarious...though makin athrun's cousin a jerk was kind of a turn-off, but hey, perfection balances imperfection and vice versa...and the mouse...DO IT AGAIN! DO IT AGAIN! or better yet...give it a "malfunction" from time to time when it senses the hottest points on...other...females similar to cagalli...hehehehe...keep up the awesome job!
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