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for The Golden Age: Chaotic Cosmos

9/19/2015 c39 SpookedSpook
You cruel cruel author. Teasing us poor readers with that final line. I love it. :)

And I love the Grendals. :) Walking walls of firepower are always nice.
9/19/2015 c38 SpookedSpook
this is going to change everything...

Once the pulsar technology goes viral what's viable as a mobile unit will change completely! the limit on number of functions will be gone along with buttons in cockpits.

dear... just wow...
9/19/2015 c37 SpookedSpook
Looks like a conclusion to the sad tale of Judas Argyle will be forthcoming soon. Tempest and the Clyne-Attha's have got to see the wedding given how public it's going to be. and his loyalty can definitely be ascertained by him marrying into Blue Cosmos royalty.
9/19/2015 c36 SpookedSpook
I think I'm developing an interest in the BCPUs not in the spotlight. They're a rather unique culture in all of this. Any chance we'll get to see a more in depth look at their world sometime soon?

And one if those fun literary coincidences cropped up getting all the named conscripts on the same ship. *gasp* What a surprise. : P
9/19/2015 c35 SpookedSpook
I absolutely hated this chapter. You set us up for an amazing battle, and then we barely got a glimpse. A hundred MS torn to shreds in five minutes worth of reading. :/
9/19/2015 c34 SpookedSpook
I hope Cervantes only means frost when he says "the bcpus". Pearl Harbor footage has to be everywhere if they're pushing the propaganda as hard as they should. And Cray and Ashino were both there.

Surely someone is going to recognize the Bane or the Merciless, especially since they're going to be surrounded by EA pilots, the peoplw with the most reason to have paid close attention to the details of the aggressor MS.

Beyond that, not a whole lat happened in this chapter, it mostly just got ready to lead into next chapter.
9/19/2015 c33 SpookedSpook
Okay, bed after this one.

The fight was far less conclusive than i'd hoped for. but it did showcase each of the three pilots well. and score one for morganroete. The EMP has already proven it's worth.
9/19/2015 c32 SpookedSpook
I think I may be in love. The Grand Buster is a Monster. and a thing if beauty. easily my favorite of the machines. Though it's almost scary how even the fury is with the orb gundams. should he interesting to see Frost vs. the pilots now that he's on their home turf.

and now. bed.
9/19/2015 c31 SpookedSpook

I am in awe...

I can not WAIT to see these things in actions. And obviously at some point the duelist is going to end up with a stylish tandem cockpit for Katie. Which let's Chanel be.. I don't know back up CIC taking Mir's spot on the archangel or something.

And it looks like Dearka has an excuse to try out the Earthshaker. no way he misses this chance. : P
9/19/2015 c30 SpookedSpook
Oh you tease! The gundams are yea close and I don't get to see a single spec for them yet! urg! *tears out hair in frustration*
9/19/2015 c29 SpookedSpook
And I thought Amy was hard to kill.
Frost is an absolute nightmare. There are building that wouldn't survive what you put him through!

I loved this chapter, even if it may keep me from sleeping... well ever. : P
9/19/2015 c28 SpookedSpook
Finally, next chapter it is. Tempest is ready to move, and Frost is on his way in. i'm on pins and needles. :)
9/19/2015 c27 SpookedSpook
Damn it! you set up for the big raid, And then you throw a fluff chapter at us. and don't even have the decency to make it a crappy fluff chapter so we can hate it, no you have to make it run gamut from sugary sweet to tense suspense in the space of five minutes.

it's enough to turn a guys hair gray early. : P
9/19/2015 c26 SpookedSpook
Damn.. Cervantes is a genocidal maniac but by Jove he's got style about it.

If the measure of a story is how compelling the villains are yours is tops. And Asmodeus and frost are in the prison. So the only question is how long before the rescue attempt has a possibly fatal encounter with frost
9/18/2015 c25 SpookedSpook
*rubs hands together gleefully*

Oh this is going to be good. :)

Frost and Devil are going to be in the prison haveing a nice calm incredibly bloody talk with a certain important prisoner when The Clyne-Attha's and the commandos arrive. and the devastation is going to be beautiful. i'm guessing not one guard leaves alive. And either frost is put out of commission for a while or one of the Tempest crew dies as a distraction.
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