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9/18/2015 c24 SpookedSpook
I'm getting a really uneasy feeling about my earlier review on the twins, especially in light of what you very carefully didn't say.

I think our conversation may have heightened that part of the chapter for me since my paranoia was already in overdrive.

I should not be seeing conspiracies in a relaxation chapter. : P
9/18/2015 c23 SpookedSpook
This was a lot less exciting then I was hoping for, but I can't blame you for letting something go smoothly once in a while. Maybe the non-pilots will take the sub out? though probably not. Alkire isn't going to fly to the island to get a sub when he has a perfectly good plane already.
9/18/2015 c22 SpookedSpook
Damn, looks like I was wrong about the sub. Pity. If this is what the jet is like I couldn't wait to see what else they had in stock.

I also have to say how amused I am that the only reason the Clyne-Attha's are in position to do much of anything is because the most tenuous member of the group happened to catch the eye of the only high school girls on the planet who have the connections to pull this off.

Other than that not a lot to say about this chapter. Aside from wondering how long it is before Cervantes just tosses the President out and takes over. If orb joins the fold through his action Cervantes may just have the public image to pull it off.
9/18/2015 c21 SpookedSpook
Finally! A hint at mobile suit goodness to come. :)

Though it will definitely be more than a couple Astrays. If Kisaka didn't dump a good fraction of the defense budget into having new gundams ready and waiting I'll eat my shoe.

I am curious how they plan to sneak into orb though. The plane isn't exactly inconspicuous, and easily half their group should be recognized on sight.

Come to think of it, Alkire mentioned a sub a while back, and it wouldn't be out of the question for there to be more secret docks like the one they slipped the archangel into in Seed.

Assuming Morganroete stayed loyal, and given that their head lives to build gundams and the Clyne-Atha group has the best pilots for gundams around I think they just might, this may be a lot easier than expected.
9/18/2015 c20 SpookedSpook
Poor Kora. Poor trusting naive kira. :/

Why do I get the feeling we're going to see a lot more WMD use before this story ends?

And it looks like you're throwing some extra character in around Sai. Hopefully they get more development, if only to act as a foil to our plucky Commandos.

It's probably a good thing they're planning to leave before aid workers arrive. Even, perhaps especially, after the "ZAFT attack" their party includes... four people wanted by most of the world.

i'm starting to wonder if Katie and Channel were slated to become BCPUs. Tempest picked them up on a mission, and only hits Blue Cosmos targets, and it would explain some of their fascination with weapons and defense training.

Obviously they weren't at the Andes facility, but maybe some smaller secondary production site?
9/18/2015 c19 SpookedSpook

That... is just.. wow...

This chapter had the punch of a freight train, and was just.. I don't even wan tto see the aftermath.
9/18/2015 c18 SpookedSpook
*startles awake*

I wasn't sleeping! I was resting my eyes. but on a totally unrelated note, this is probably the last review of the night.

Finally someone in story comments on how insane Sai's behavior has been.

and we also get a lot of touchy feely moments with the couple too. :)

One of the twins is go to die. aren't they? I just don't see you maintaining the triad forever, and that seems like the only way either twin is ever going to leave the picture.

I hope i'm wrong. :/
9/18/2015 c17 SpookedSpook
I really dislike Sai. This was a great chapter, but he kind through a dark cloud over it for me.

Alkire's gadgets are as always shiny and attention grabbing. and we got some much desired character development for other couples (including Raine and Alkire coming out of left field) but as a whole I wasn't fond of this chapter.
9/18/2015 c16 SpookedSpook
This chapter was a beautiful piece of work.

Once again the action to a bit to get here but exceeded expectations in very way. The amazing bit is that for a moment I thought you were going to have a jet take on five MS and honestly, I'd have put my money on the Jet.

And somehow despite that Alkire and co don't come across as god mode sues at all. That's the impressive bit.
9/18/2015 c15 SpookedSpook
Aww. :)

*waves MirixDearka flag*

Okay, Cagalli and Athrun had their moment, now focus on my couple. : P

And it looks like we've officially left the school behind, which has me back to supporting the direction of the story 100%.

I'm also officially shipping WaldfieldxRamius. If you aren't bringing Mu back they're to cute a couple to let go. :)
9/18/2015 c14 SpookedSpook
*is mopey*

Bad Maderfole. Write happy things. no slipping depressing stuff into the peaceful moments.

Was the coordinator thing in cannon? I think I remember is vaguely, but if so it never got much attention from me.

Though the drama it generates is definitely worth creating or expanding on it. Especially if the same couples are still in play a few million words down the line.
9/17/2015 c13 SpookedSpook
Not a whole lot to say about this one. it's notable more for it's lack of jawdroppers than anything, but I guess that was the point.

And some means of timespanner was needed if anything interesting were going to happen with the pilots on their feet.

I still don't like the direction Sai has gone. Even assuming lust and sex muddled him enough to explain last chapter it's been weeks with no attempt on his part to contact his friends. This is beginning to feel like an OC wearing his cool glasses instead of Sai himself.
9/17/2015 c12 SpookedSpook
I.. wasn't all that happy with this chapter. the writing was a treat, as always, as were most of the Clyne-Attha scenes, but while I wasn't happy with the whole Sai and Kira burry the hatchet and everything's fine bit from the show, this seems to be swinging the other direction.

Bitter and betrayed or not I have a hard time seeing Sai turn traitor this easily. Flipping on Yzak sure, maybe even ratting out Kira, but I don't think he'd give addresses out, if nothing else Miri, who he still has no reason to have anything less than friendship for is staying there and in a relationship with an coordinator, and he's sending someone who's already demonstrated obvious anti coordinator bias there.

It just seems out of character to me.
9/17/2015 c11 SpookedSpook
*raises Yzak up on a pedestal*

All hail Yzak, slayer of Terminators and former of Harems, hero to all anime geeks everywhere!

How much can frost actually take? I was expecting a kill there and instead he comes out alive, if only just, against the commando team and more seed mode users than some small nations have.
9/17/2015 c10 SpookedSpook
Dear lord... i'm not sure whether to break into dance over Ray's death or freak out over how close the rest of the Clyne-Atha group is to joining him.

wow... this was impressively terrifying.
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