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for The Golden Age: Chaotic Cosmos

8/15/2015 c72 Guest
You are doing a great making me hate blue cosmow. These special forces dude need to get their butt kicked so they learn a lesson. Hopefully soon next chapter?
8/15/2015 c70 Guest
This is a getting crazy nlw. How the heck do tbese bcpu keep living. They are like the terminator. I wish they would just die already.

Sai as a character just do t resonate with me. I really wish he would just disappear too. Be is a self rigbteous guy but no creds. You no all talk but no experience and has not suffered at all this whole series. Do t lime this chara ter here. I got more symphathy for frost.
8/15/2015 c69 Guest
Well i wanted one of those bcpu to die but did not expect it to be ashino. Wished irt was cray...

This is really good. Thanks for sharing your story... this is a trilogy? Cant wait.
8/15/2015 c66 Guest
Kira loved flay? You sure about that?

I dont think even if she lived ... i have the impression from the anime that kira would still have ended up with lacus.
8/14/2015 c61 1eknight07
wow... love the story so far. glad they are out of the Jihad Lab hell... truly epic proportions building up. and a badass antagonist in the building with frost...

Can't wait for Sai Argyle to get his...

Oh yeah my fav character? Has to be Lacus Clyne - smart, kind, gentle beautiful, balls of steel, a leader, mother, nurturer, lover, and oh so sweet... can't wait to see what her new type power fully manifested look like... I thought she should have gotten more screen time from the series but got robbed. I would like to have learn more about her. :)
8/14/2015 c33 eknight07
wow... I like you sequel lots... it definitely is building to epic proportions...

great job. Thank you for sharing your story.
1/31/2015 c96 TheRX-0
so is he like an innovator or something now? als l'arcenciel is a great band "daybreak's bell" is one of my fave anime OPs.
1/30/2015 c76 gundam kyrios
Rip in peace, cray. you were one tough bastard.
12/27/2014 c62 5AtrumUnas
Yo. Saw that you posted a new chapter in RW, and realized I wasn't really versed enough to appreciate it. Somehow that turned into me rereading the series from the beginning. So that's a thing.

Looking back at it all now, knowing what happens later... I feel it worth noting that you nuked half of Australia to hell. Like, damn. Blue Monday sucks way worse, but still. I'm still a little bit in awe of the story, even years back. This is good shit.

See you up to date in like a month or something. Tootles,

10/28/2014 c8 Talonis Wolf
is it sad that i new Yzak would do that. your uniform!? at least it is in charater. -kat
man am i injoying this fanfictoin:)
5/10/2014 c4 jwillie206
I have to say this is really good!-galactic comics to kiradikes
5/8/2014 c1 Tan TC
I'm such a latecomer here! What da hell have i been missing? Let me just say sir, find yourself a publisher and go mainstream already! You have talent on par with Dale Brown and Tom Clancy. Much respect! ;-)
3/26/2014 c100 Amion
And so this chapter ends. It's interesting that Frost's conversation with Noah basically displays his entire psychological case and point of growth in ED. Fascinating.
3/25/2014 c99 Amion
Kira does romantic and relatively quaint dinners. Athrun and Cagalli go to a Swiss lodge. But Cyprus? He arranges skydiving in a METEOR SHOWER to a private yacht. I feel sad for any man trying to compete with him. They will fail horridly.
3/25/2014 c96 Amion
A very good chapter. And now I see where Noa manages to insert Melanie now. The PLANTS are awfully dangerous places. Crossbow wielding geniuses, diabolical and genocidal prone politicians, Ysaks, wayword Zalas, Victor, Cyprus. Frost. All stalking the night in a neighborhoods. It must be chilling. Especially with them BCPUs who come visit now and again with their walking superweapons.

I love Pat-a-Pan, so great choice there! Definitely my favorite Christmas song. I admit I think you do romance very well. Granted that from me, who can't do anything with it, that is not saying much.

Oh, and the change in Kira is awesome. I strangely don't remember him being this cool in ED or even RW. Very odd. I will have to look in on that.

So yeah, Lacus even right now in SEED mode is pretty GRAND, shall we say. I think I should have known all along...
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