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3/20/2014 c74 Amion
A very good chapter. I've been having trouble keeping interest with these events mostly because I just don't care for the MS combat, but the melee seemed to draw me in more this time. That's pretty unusual for me, but first time for everything.

I really liked the scenes with Frost, well-done horror. I can see why people are always scared of him in later chapters.
3/14/2014 c106 Talonis Wolf
"HOLY FUCKING SHIT", indeed. I've been struggling with the first chapter of a fanfic for a year and a half... and you manage to have a 106 chapter masterpiece in THREE.

You've earned my utter and complete respect.
3/14/2014 c92 Talonis Wolf
Wow... Chapter 92 was amazingly well played. I'm left utterly and completely shocked.

This is the best fanfic I've ever read to date! AndI'm not even done yet...
2/12/2014 c107 Guest

I just wanted to say that I think your story is absolutely amazing. I love how your writing style seems to evolve throughout the entire piece, and how you write the interactions with different characters so realistically and as close to cannon as possible. I love how you've written everything!
2/8/2014 c61 Amion
I enjoyed the last bit with Lacus, it was a good moment.

I didn't honestly enjoy most of the chapter, the fights with the BCPU went on for too long. another side effect I think of knowing how it all ends...it just can't be impactful I guess.
12/11/2013 c59 Amion
Frost's backstory is as I had previously gathered and was riveting as I hoped. However, HAHAHAHAHHAHAH. I swear it it's true now, the Seirans are responsible for all the evil in the SEED world. I wouldn't be surprised if they invented Coordinators. Heck, I bet it'll come to light they sprung from the same place the Black Ghosts did long ago somehow. Those poor, evil, evil people and they don't even know what horrors their stupidity caused.

Good thing killing Unato in Orb, he deserves that now, if only he'd known why.
12/11/2013 c58 Amion
A bit of a cliche chapter, but it's technically an anime, so it's expected. Frost seems decidedly unthreatening I must admit, though that will surely change, surely. You like like making Cagalli the brunt of the annoying illogical speeches, which is always welcome. Lacus is too nice a character to have them wasted on her.

But my, the Doc sure is a twisted man, his ravings are even worse than Cagalli's at the Death Camp. And he's been allowed to make discussions with Noa on the future of mankind? Gee, I can't imagine how that will affect the poor kid...he's got his parents, I'm so sure they'll put him on the right track. Or not.
12/11/2013 c57 Amion
Well that ended as expected, seeing what they did to keep Frost contained was funny, if perhaps in an understanding way. Ashino developing here as a character, very nice. And once again Lacus using her insta-charisma, though there wasn't much to it in this kind of situation.
12/1/2013 c52 AbAnNdDoNnEd AcCcoUnT
Aaaaand we are where I have left off. Good chapter, loving to hate Cervantes like all your other major villains. The parts with Sai in the previous chapters though...were very overwhelming and underwhelming. Firstly, it has come back to haunt you that Sai and Vanai did not get the development they deserved. Especially Sai. The miscommunications were the only thing that saved that chapter. That and Cervantes' banter. Gee he would be so good if he wasn't no good.

I felt the emotional weight between Sai and Kira only because I have seen the interactions between them in the far future. This..was...less impactful than those said encounters. Not good. The ball got dropped here and no mistaking it. However, you do have a way of picking it up, and for the first time since this chapter, I feel like I am reading you in full swing.

It almost felt like you were struggling to piece the story together up until this point, then everything suddenly collected itself in your head and started making serious tracks. I could swear you enjoyed this chapter more than previous ones. You are in full swing now, so it's time for me to go to sleep and prepare for the next days rigors, and possibly more Chaotic Cosmos.
12/1/2013 c38 AbAnNdDoNnEd AcCcoUnT
Oh this chapter was simply gold. Hah, and yet another pun, I'm full of them today. Simply golden, and it wasn't the hair. Ah, Noa. They really, really, REALLY should not leave that child alone with someone who doesn't know zip about what he's doing. If things went just a tad wrongly that would have been the end of the world right there. Maybe, the Boranders might have thought of something before it got too much of a problem.
12/1/2013 c35 AbAnNdDoNnEd AcCcoUnT
I want to laugh like Frost right about now, but to do so is pointless. Ashino is growing on me by every chapter. I mean, he was a good character and ranks near the top four or so, but still definitely growing on me.

I don't believe it has anything to do with you, and I know it can't really. But somehow, I'm reading this as if I never met Ashino before. It's like learning who he is without knowing who he will become, like with Frost or Cray. Very interesting experience, I don't know quite why it is like this where Ashino is concerned.
12/1/2013 c34 AbAnNdDoNnEd AcCcoUnT
There is not much to say about this chapter, but since I'm doing them all at once while they're fresh I might as well just write a few words. Good chapter, very impactful. I'd probably dare them to shoot me or toss me into the worst prison on earth before I'd do anything of the sort but that's me, not Kuzzey. And it ends...kinda ok, I think.
12/1/2013 c33 AbAnNdDoNnEd AcCcoUnT
I...did and do not like the new Gundams. The Grand Buster is the only inspired one of the lot. the Rubicon Strike is...I will not post what I think of IT in a review out of respect for you at this point trying to keep things marginally in line with the story at the time without freaking people out when Noa throws everyone over the technological even horizon.

But really, I thought I would like the Liberty, yet it sounds like a typical Americanized Freedom, that is laden with so many guns it's just stupid. something like that can't possibly fight properly. Regardless, the Fury and the Bane make up for this in spades, and I know well, yes very well what is coming in later chapters...

Not to mention that the mediocrity of these machines make the glorious masterpieces that are the Lucifer, Phoenix King, Dawn Goddess, Warmaster, *Pants*, Brotherhood, Retributor, Balmung...ok I'll stop because I could list mostly all of them in that list of good designs I favor or desperately want drawn in explicit detail.
12/1/2013 c26 AbAnNdDoNnEd AcCcoUnT
...And following in from my previous review, that flare returns, and so does Maderfole, or is this the first inklings of his talent's rise?

The first chapters had me very disappointed. I read the first chapter way back before starting ED, and it didn't get me anywhere near reading further than the first few paragraphs, admittedly. Having gone back and tried again...I still failed for the most part. It didn't grab me then and it didn't grab me now in any significant way. The sex our heroes start to edge towards...oh, a pun...forgive me, is all well and good. I feel embarrassed to suggest the reading of this story to anyone I respect but still good, given all they did and god help them are in for. That scene with Yzak being attacked by Chanel and Katie had me cackling like a fool. However it was all still not worth while in the end and even now the story has yet to truly pick up from where I've currently left off.

However, this chapter was different. Last two chapters were okay, sort of like a nice lightshow of firecrackers. This chapter hit like a fireworks display right overhead. Suddenly the Maderfole I know from Eden Disaster and Reclamation War erupted out of his shell and swept me off my feet. An excellent display of charisma you gave Cervantes. Excellent. I'd say we need more politicians with his talents but that would probably end up with a Fourth Reich so thank goodness we don't have 'em.

This was the first great chapter that spurred me to keep reading no matter how much it hurt or dragged. From this chapter on, there was no looking back for me.
12/1/2013 c25 AbAnNdDoNnEd AcCcoUnT
Ah, good chapter. Nice that Cagalli and Athrun got back into the swing of things without a hitch. Good for them, they certainly get abused more than just about anyone else in the series. I would not want to be them for anything, Phoenix King and Cagalli's various personality traits better left to that part of my brain or no Phoenix King and Cagalli's various traits. They simply have it terrible so far and it's only going to get worse. I sure hope whoever ends up with Allister realizes this. The Divine of their world has it out for the Zala-Athas.

And I loved how you're slowly dropping the bombshell weight that is Chanel and Katie. Good show, good show. But not quite good enough yet for me to give Chaotic Cosmos a thumbs up, much less the other one too. It's missing...flare...
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