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12/1/2013 c13 AbAnNdDoNnEd AcCcoUnT
I was very unimpressed with the rampant sex in the story thus far, but I could let it slide mostly because they all saved the world.

Vanai and Sai though is getting to me most harshly. Just what does he see in her? Everything so far indicates Sai would despise her and even his constant thoughts back to the Flay shenanigans helps disgredit this plot change. Sai should have had more buildup to the moment he stars betraying his friends with Cervantes, which was actually quite a well done scene, paradoxically. I think it's how he refuses to contact them afterward that truly strangles the effect you were going for.
12/1/2013 c9 AbAnNdDoNnEd AcCcoUnT
I don't know why I did this now, ah well. All at once then. *Good karma-wait, I shouldn't write this in a review* Ahem, you know, you sometimes make me want to find your brain and extract it-maybe I shouldn't write that either...but really. That brain of yours is too brilliant to be left in the hands of someone else besides me. Frost as the grim reaper, oh the chuckles that one brought. Oh the chuckles. And cackles, but those are for my therapist, not reviews.

I must admit I hate Vanai and am a bit sad how Sai is going to end up simply because of her, but more on that later...
12/1/2013 c6 AbAnNdDoNnEd AcCcoUnT
This chapter felt better than the previous ones, for many reasons. Did you edit this chapter for later, since you have said you intended Frost as a mere grunt in the beginning. However that chilling moment when he says he wants to be a king in this chapter was simply so telling. Certainly the singlemost worthwhile moment in CC so far. I wonder if anyone suspected in the many, many reviews before reading RR how telling that quote would ultimately be.
11/6/2013 c5 Smlee
At first i found katie and chanel interesting now they are just...too aggressive...i pity yzak

How come you did not change their names if they are going incognito? Isn't joule a recognizable name too? Of course zala and clyne? I just confused.
11/6/2013 c4 Smlee
You should write romantic fics, you're good at it! Hahaha!

I like how you portrayed everyone here. You can actually see this in a series (except for athrun and cagalli being too in love) haha

I'm gotten really curious about the squad(?) Tempest. Unto the next chapter!
9/22/2013 c106 Prophetx05
I loved this tory and I can't wait to see how the rest of the trilogy goes! you are one of the best writers I've ever read and I thoroughly enjoy your work and I'm glad you write these stories. Thank You, and good luck.
9/20/2013 c100 Prophetx05
I must say, I wanted to give Ash a very conservative high-five for his payback. your OCs are absolutely amazing as is this story.
9/17/2013 c96 Prophetx05
since I only saw it by chance, I like the possible star wars reference
9/16/2013 c93 Prophetx05
well, my favorite OC is Ashino, I love his character and his awkwardness with Jean, arguably, and it somewhat pains me to say this, it's cute.
My least favorite had to be Asmodeus, he was so depressing, and so snotty to me
My favorite mobile suit is the Pulsar, or the Liberty, the Pulsar is an outstanding technical marvel, and the Liberty, well, with the Reigning prince of Beam Spam piloting it, it's juts good to see Kira using his skill
I think your best represented Canon character is Kira because you capture his aggressive pacifism and love of life perfectly, and lats but not leats, the character you don't do well at, I can't say I think you keep all the SEED cast in perfect character, you even got Cagalli's random mood swings down-pat
9/16/2013 c91 Prophetx05
I'm still loving this story, the characters, and how you keep the SEED characters, well in character.
9/6/2013 c70 Prophetx05
I'm really loving your suspenseful chapters. and especially your characterization of the BCPUs I wish I had found this story earlier so I would've known what I was missing.
7/13/2013 c1 CMJ
I'm so happy to find this! Currently save-paging now so I can read this even offline. I scanned through the chapters and I'm very sure that this is going to be great. Thanks for this! )
2/3/2013 c106 RandomReview
I read/skimmed the entirety of your story and I must say I'm impressed. Not by the overall word count, but by the brilliance of the interactions between the SEED cast and your respective OC's. The verbal tennis exchanged by the cast has to be some of the most entertaining I've read in awhile. Other than that...well the story felt a bit tedious at times. The expository parts were rather boring in my opinion, but a necessary evil to explain all the background info necessary for the story.

Anyway I'm looking forward to reading part 2 of the trilogy. Expecting more of the witty banter and hopefully improved exposition!
12/28/2012 c107 1Ninja Stars
While waiting for the newest "Reclamation War" update I decided to re-read "Chaotic Cosmos" and boy was I glad I did! I'd forgotten just how much I loved this story! The development was beautiful, your OC's were believable and everything was just wonderful. It was also neat to see how your writing style evolved to become what we see in the latest story. Keep writing! I love your stuff!
10/21/2012 c58 NA
A horrific thought has occurred to me: Considering how much of an Cyber-Newtype Expy BCPUs are already, what would ACTUAL Blue Cosmos Cyber-Newtypes be like?
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