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3/14/2002 c9 mizzkitty9886
Mizzkitty sees the *irresistable kawaii eyes of chibiness* and blinks. twice. Mizzkitty finshed her chibibar of chocolate and a poof of smoke and a flash of light occurs. when it dissapers chibimizzkitty is left.chibikitty looks at the *irresistable kawaii eyes of chibiness* and promply gomps anyone in *gomping distance* she gomps you and moves on to the G-boys until she gets to Wufei when she runs out of *chocolate power* and changes back Mizzkitty looks up at Wufei and mallets him for being a hentai (mizzkitty is still unaware of what happens when she eats chocolate) and teleports back home after restocking her pockets with chocolate she collected from one of Quatre's fridges. be continued on teh next episode of A Day in the Life of a Cat.(continued in the brain of me)
3/14/2002 c9 Taiyou Ryuu
lol could you elaberate on the Usagi/Rei ficlet?
9/15/2001 c8 1Firefly-chan
That was cute! I don't know why Pokemon can't say more then there name... And hoe are they able to understand eachother! That is what I've been wondering for the longest time... pathetic isn't it... Ja ne!
5/31/2001 c8 7MK-chan
*giggles* Hai, it was cute. *hugglies Menz-chan* I liked that, Hiiros and Duo's was soooooo sweet! *smiles* Well, I have to go, see you in chat!
5/12/2001 c8 FuuMegami
*falls over* lol now that was funny!
5/12/2001 c7 FuuMegami
*giggles* too short! lol but really this is good
5/12/2001 c6 FuuMegami
heh heh well um heh i know what they're doing... lol good job kinda short... but good!
5/12/2001 c5 FuuMegami
Good! but um... what's marshmellows?
5/12/2001 c4 FuuMegami
oooo kawaii! wish some one would fill my room with flowers... no. i don't. i'm allergic, kitten would eat them and throw them up... Duo and Heero make a good couple though *grin*
5/12/2001 c3 FuuMegaminot signed in
lol sounds like me and my brothers when we race ^^ never can decide who wins...
5/11/2001 c8 StAr-chan too lazy to sign in.again
*giggles* these are so coolio Menz-vhan *laughs* and especially the last one! *giggles*
5/10/2001 c8 32Pokahydee
*starts to laugh along with Duo* That's was funny Imouto-chan! *glomps Menz-chan* You GOTTA write more of these, it's a cool idea *giggles* Duo: *silently sneaks away as P-chan's writing a review* P-chan: Are you gonna write some more? *big puppydog eyes* *bottom lip begins to quiver* Duo-chan! *looks around, doesn't see him* Duo-chan? *stands up, eyes filled with tears* Come back Duo-chan! *runs after Duo, leaving computer alone...*
5/10/2001 c7 Pokahydee
*sweatdrop* Mamoru... and Motoki? *cries* Poor Motoki! *wraps arms around Duo and cries* Duo: *sweatdrop* *looks pleadingly at Menz-chan* *mouths, 'get her off of me'* P-chan: What's wrong Duo-chan? *sticks out bottom lip* Duo: *blushes* *sighs* Umm... why don't you go read the next one k? *sweatdrop* P-chan: All right! *smiles* *drags Duo along with her again* Duo: Umm... P-chan? P-chan: Hai? *dreamy look in eyes as she turns to Duo* Duo: You're cutting off the circulation to my arm... P-chan: *blushes* Gomen... *loosens but doesn't let go* *slowly walks to the next chapter, clinging onto Duo*
5/10/2001 c6 Pokahydee
*sniffle* Duo-chan, you're leaving me? *sniffle* Duo: *sweatdrop* Ummm... Menz-chan, you mind helpin me out here? *P-chan has a death grip on his arm* Duo: *sweatdrop* *sighs* *mumbles: I thought Heero was the only one that got stalkers* P-chan: C'mon! We're going to the next chapter *drags Duo off to the next ficlet*
5/10/2001 c5 Pokahydee
Definitely marshmellows... *giggles* Anyway, I'm off to the next one. *grabs Duo and makes a run for it* Gomen Usagi, he won't be making it to your date! *evil smirk* Duo: *sweatdrop* Why me... P-chan: *disappears with Duo*
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