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9/16 c14 1laci1949
You are a mean and sadistic person for this ending or is there a sequel? Must have more of this mesmerizing story no matter the time lapse. You’re a good fiction author. Please..,,,
9/16 c13 laci1949
Yep, that’s quite a zinger. No wonder Elias and Mitchum were so adamant about no divorce. Good play!
9/16 c12 laci1949
“Wide-eyed, Colin and Finn scooted closer. ‘Do tell already!’” Still laughing as the visual of these two listening to Logan tell about his adventures in Stars Hollow. Like two little boys hunched over a campfire listening to a fable being told by an elderly grandfather. Wonderful descriptive.
9/16 c11 laci1949
Marvelous writing such a scary and overwhelming event for Rory. What would she have done without Logan! Love how easily she slipped into being Mrs Huntzberger and then calling Logan “my husband”. This is some heavy emotional excellent writing.
9/16 c10 laci1949
What a cliffhanger! So impressed….
9/16 c9 laci1949
Another revealing exchange between the wannabe lovers. You do such a great job revealing their true feelings without going extreme. So much foreshadowing when Rory gives her hand to Logan as she exits the limo and you just know that Logan feels it too. Excellent dialogue.
9/16 c8 laci1949
Wow! You must be exhausted after this chapter. Not only emotion packed but Rory and Logan dealing with all the crazy from this eclectic group of nut jobs. Great job with Logan taking the lead on the totally insane conversation with his fam. Elias got his butt kicked by Lorelai, too. I like that she is at least giving Logan kudos when he earns them. Love, love, love this chapter.
9/16 c7 laci1949
Awesome chapter especially the reveal by both Rory and Logan while testifying that they still are deeply in love. Excited to read how their “married” life is going to work out. Your story is so unique and imaginative. Thanks for the trip into “what if” land.
9/13 c1 laci1949
Please, please finish this! I only just found this so I know there are many more who will discover it also. After just this first chapter I am totally hooked especially after the horrid disastrous nightmare of AYITL. This storyline could and will be epic. GG fan base deserves satisfaction of your awesome genius writing. COMPLETE THIS PLEASE. Never too late for a great one and only love romance.
2/12 c14 NotAsCuteAsPushkin
This is an absolutely beautiful fic. If you are still around please try come back and finish it. I know it has been 12 years but such amazing work deserves an ending. Thank you for writing this far.
2/11 c7 NotAsCuteAsPushkin
I am Loving this fic, please come back and write some more to this story. Such beautiful writing. Thank you
1/10 c14 Mrs-Blue-Sky05
There is nothing worse than read the date of the last update, this was amazing
8/13/2021 c14 reesa0817
OMG! What a cliffhanger! I really hope you come back someday and update/finish. This was a great story.
8/9/2021 c14 js
Did I miss something ? How did Lorelai get trapped upstairs during the fire ? Was she spending the night at the Gilmore residence ?

Another question….. Why isn’t Lorelai the Gilmore heir before Rory ?
5/29/2021 c14 Xtine410
Oh no! Hope Rory is okay. What a curveball for sure! Love the story so far, hope you come back to it and finish.
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