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for Like Breathing

2/11/2019 c12 8shezow fan
This is really great.
11/15/2014 c12 Vie
A happy ending, yes! A sequel to this, I hope so. It's been a long time so I hope someone does a sequel! Is it sad that I care less about the other people? I need to know if their child or children are safe plus how is Val coping after being brutally beaten and raped! Please please do a sequel!
11/15/2014 c11 Vie
Danny can't get a break! Valerie's dad is being dumb, yes he's concerned but he is not thinking. Didn't Val confess her love for Danny and everything was good? Boy these are some crazy people and why are they quick to blame Danny? Awesome story if I hadn't said it already!
11/15/2014 c10 Vie
So sad but damn if Valerie is in a dilemma! Well, Danny's gonna kill him! And they think Danny is the bad guy, shaking my head at it all!
11/15/2014 c9 Vie
Okay, Nathan is definitely fruit loopy and I think he's behind the Sam incident! I'm starting to see the redeemable light in Valerie! I couldn't bare it if I was going to hate her throughout this story! So, yay, my Dalerie's back!
11/15/2014 c8 Vie
Valerie now Tucker? Who else is going to hate Danny? I'm sorry but something Is wrong here, Danny would never hurt the people he loves, I smell a red headed rat!
11/15/2014 c7 Vie
Okay this Nathan is psycho! Valerie's is still unredeemable in eyes! Is it sad that I just want Danny to fight her for the baby and tell her to kick rocks?
11/15/2014 c6 Vie
I truly hate Valerie; she's being stupid and bitchy! How the hell can she justify saying that Danny Fenton physically abuses her? It's sad that once she realizes that she's making a huge mistake that it may be too late! Even though DF and DP are same; she knows DF would never hurt her intentionally! I'm in awe of Valerie right now and not in a good way! Danby doesn't deserve nearly half the madness that she is putting him through. She's my favorite character and I'm sad because I think she is un-redeemable! Now I'm sad!
11/15/2014 c1 Vie
Love the story but not liking Valerie! I want to call her out her name cuz I'm pissed but I will refer to her as "chick" until she realizes her stupidity! At this point, I just want Danny to take the baby and seriously hurt this "chick"! How is it possible that I can loathe someone I really like just be reading the first chapter? You're good!
3/1/2014 c12 1RAMI MALEKS TYPE
Aw I swear this story had me on the edge if my seat at the end this has got to be one of the best Danny/Valerie stories I've read ever so far you did a great job man and thanks for the intense read!
10/27/2013 c12 22Vitaliciouscreations
Oh MY GOD! That was sooo sweet. When I learned about the cut break thing, I knew it was Nathan. However, I thought it was because he wanted Danny to be in prison because of his and Valerie's relationship before. Normally I don't ship SxT, but you made it really sweet!
3/29/2013 c1 2Fangthehedgewolf
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6/30/2012 c12 10ShelleyB
I loved this story and I kept waiting for the scenes with Tucker and Sam. You should totally make one. Hope you do and can't wait to read it. :)
1/22/2011 c12 12UnknownPen
An enjoyable read. Fantastic. Definitely a favourite!
1/21/2011 c4 UnknownPen
That is exactly like Sam to be the one proposing but hey, more power to her!
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