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12/6/2012 c5 4YaleAceBella12
Please write more...
1/17/2012 c4 JJsMommy27
you should so finish this story you are doing an amazing job on it would love to see how it ends
6/23/2010 c5 JJsMommy27
You so need to update this story. so please do it soon because you were doing a good job at writing this story
11/25/2009 c5 kelsey112
ok tristan was RUDE i thought he was like inlove with rory but why is he being so horrible and i hope they get together ...plz finish this soon
9/12/2009 c1 2Agent Twinkle Toes
Wondering if this story is abandoned...? Sure hope not!
11/15/2008 c5 13music-is-love10
I just played catch up on this story, and its really good!

PLEASE PLEASE update soon!
4/18/2008 c5 pcirish
I like it Update soon
10/17/2007 c5 Fayeizzzz awesome
poor tristan! i'd slap his dad if he ever took my son's bear away! shiet. what a jerk. i hope he slaps rory so then tristan can beat the mortal shit outta him. like seriously. or jess does. and then tristan kicks his ass. hahaahaha. =] well, GREAT STORY. FIND YOUR MUSE! =] i'm amusing, i do stupid stuff all the time. i'll be your muse! you can see me fall face first, then write. see, i got it down. =] lol. UPDATE LIKE...UHH...NOW! =]
10/14/2007 c1 Nobody
It's good, i'm not usually into trory's, and to be honest i'm a lit fan, but your story is wonderful.Jess is ooc and the farthest from rich but you did say that in your authors note.I really enjoy your story, please continue.
10/13/2007 c5 ggirls45678
Great Job!
10/12/2007 c5 summersgirl2526
10/9/2007 c5 1kisstommyq
post more asap!
10/9/2007 c5 1LoVe23
Crazy! I loved this...can't wait to read more!
10/9/2007 c5 D
jess is a jerk =P!
10/9/2007 c5 HopelessRomantic44
awesome chapter... poor tristan! =(
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