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for Luke's First Love

3/28/2013 c16 TheMotorcycleBoyReigns
This was such a amazing story,[ took me a couple days to read it though]. You did a wonderful job and Luke and Dixie should diffidently be together. ]
8/20/2012 c16 bonanza4life
I love your stories!

I was worried when I came to the last chapter and Luke was STILL in jail with 19 and a half years left in his sentencing!

I like that you write with Jeb, Coy, and Vance. Not many writers do. If possible could you write a story where they're more involved. Maybe you can write about Jeb and Luke's relationship since they're really brothers and the others are only cousins. I'd always thought it would be different for them living at the farm whenthey were younger because often are Brothers not cousins.
5/19/2011 c8 18JadedPhoenixBurning
I could not IMAGINE keeping that many "kids" over night and not having a bit of 'shine of my own to help me keep my sanity.
5/18/2011 c7 JadedPhoenixBurning
Good Chapter. Looks like "Kiddo" will be in for a surprise in the am. I am surprised that Luther has not reminded Luke of his little girl's age yet. ;)
5/18/2011 c6 Guest
Luke missed out on a career as a parking attendent!LOL!
5/17/2011 c5 JadedPhoenixBurning
Nice to see Rosco before he was beaten down too badly. A smart Rosco can be a dangerous thing, for a Duke.
5/14/2011 c4 JadedPhoenixBurning
If Robin had been so serious on Luke, How would she have gotten to know Ralph well enough to be willing to marry him and vice versa unless she was stepping out on him? If she REALLY wanted to marry Luke, why date Ralph at all?
5/13/2011 c3 JadedPhoenixBurning
Humm. The both going 2 same place not knowing it. FIREWORKS!
5/13/2011 c2 JadedPhoenixBurning
Where to start? TOO much to think back on. Like Robin's mom. COol scene with ATF. Mark and his dad are really understanding.
5/13/2011 c1 JadedPhoenixBurning
Now you know that there are a few things that a buddy shouldn't do. Mess with a bud's sister in at the top of that list. LOL! Luke had better remember the old pal's creed. Some how I doubt it though. Thick headed and all.
1/23/2007 c16 2WonderSkeet
it was slow at the beginning but when dixie showed up it got interesting i thought she was good. i thought luke got in so much trouble, and in the car i had a feeling something was going to happen. if it was not for that new trooper wanting to make a name for him self the other thought they were jest makein out and he was not gonna bother.and when they got ided and luke was acting like it happen all the time i jest had to laught.then the yong trooper pulling the gun on luke i was shocked as they were,then to find out she was 16 i thought oh no more trouble. then the called luther to pick up dixie and told himwhat happend i was yelling at the screen saing ya can make it better or worse,and found he was gonna make it worse all i thought was do ya care what this is doing to your little girl.then when they got home her dad said she can't call her mom or talk to the dukes and stay in her room and what he called her ,told her oh my what dad dose that.then the trial staterd i feelt bad for lake but poor dixie could her dad not see what he was doing to her. then when the judge said dixie could go in the room with luke i was jest wateing for luther to say something so he could be thown in jail.and luke was sentenced to 20 years with out letters calls or vist's from dixie i could not belive it.then the robbery with mark i know he did not do itthe 1 person i thought of was his girlfriend but then thought why.i was glad the judge got luke and make sent to the work farm together and not jail.and when dixie went to sing up for cheerleading and they would not let her i thought like she was the 1 girl to do it,and then she left hazzard and i was talking to the screen saing ya can't go and let them win.then luke and mark were brought back to the judge and he hadthe papers for there freedom and i was so happy but poor luke could not see dixie if she was still in hazzard.-great story
9/6/2006 c12 69Sparkle731
this is my favorite story of yours
7/13/2006 c16 9Italian Rose
Please post the continuation! This story had me hooked! I really, really, really want to know if Dixie and Luke get together!

This story was amazing!

One note 'quiet' means 'shh.' or 'not loud'. 'quite' is like 'that is quite enough'. Just that you should know!

Brilliant story! You did a fantastic job and I hope to see the continuation soon!

-Italian Rose
6/14/2006 c16 musicisfreedom7theaterislife
I love this story! I just couldn't stop reading it. It's my favorite Dukes fanfic as of now. Please, please, please continue with it. I so want to know what happens with Luke and Dixie. P.S. this story made me totally fall in love with Luke.
5/6/2006 c1 69Sparkle731
read this story and really liked it. like the way it covers a longer period of time
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