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for Between a Rock and a Hard Place

3/23/2007 c5 2Irui

overall, nice story
11/23/2006 c5 3Dmitri Stormblood
well that was a cute au fic with alphia thrown in. lol i never expected mirage with fayt or cliff with nel(now that is creepy) anyways very good story although you should have gotten luther killed (*voice in the background yells "KILL THE BASTARD AND RIP HIM TO SHREDS ALBEL"*) well i await your next story
9/18/2006 c5 1Randomboulder
Albel is not bleh! This was genius. :D Albel especially. Not so bad to be between a rock and a hard place /at all/. X3

You definitely have to get started on an Albel visits Earth fic. XD Um... PM me back when you do? ;;
7/20/2006 c5 Euphoria6A
i really liked this story it was funny how u used da SO3 characters and put them in this modern prom. made sense funny 2! :) write another fic!
6/12/2006 c1 4Little Miss Loved
"Date the sword and get the brunette wench. Wait … what the heck? Where did that come from?"

I love it, that part just made me fall out of my chair CRACKING UP!
5/13/2006 c5 mangaka-love
Hehe^^ I liked it, it was a cute story XD

Continue your good job :P
5/2/2006 c5 12Dragon Chyld
A little rushed but still great! Left that warm tingly sensation behind ^^

I loved the whole thing. For this chapter I really liked the way Sophia handled Luther and then how Albel did. I also liked how Mirage and Fayt helped out getting Albel to dance. What was the best (besides the kiss - hehe) was the very last line. That really brought it to a close.

I would love to see another Alphia from you but we understand that you have to go where inspiration takes you. What ever you do, keep up the writing!
4/30/2006 c5 36kc-archive
Oh, hey, they added spell check on the reviews! That's so cool!

Anyway... WOW! The end! :D It's alright if it was a bit rushed, I understand that this story would make you feel tied down! I have the same problem with KtS...it just...doesn't want to end! It drags on, trust me! Haha..

But this is really cute! I loved how you pulled off the whole high school atmosphere!

Hope to see more from you soon, and great job! keep writing!
3/21/2006 c4 rice8369
so cute.. so everyone in the story is about 17 years old? even cliff and mirage?
3/20/2006 c4 12Dragon Chyld
Nel's been around Cliff too long, I like that. She is starting to sound like him. Great job on Albel. He can be so cold.

I know for my prom juniors could go if they were guest of a senior. Maybe two of the seniors can get them in. I like how you weave a history between Fayt and Sophia as well as Mirage and Cliff into this without everyone being mad at each other. The way Sophia talks about Fayt is sweet and the way Mirage talks about Cliff is funny.

Keep it up, each update gets better and better!
2/7/2006 c3 rice8369
how cute.. ah, can't wait for the next update, it's really cute. sophia used to have feeling for fayt? and fayt used to have feeling for her, but what happen? how come they didnt go forward?
2/4/2006 c3 42Lucrecia LeVrai
I'm glad that your updates are so fast. Please, keep it up! This story has just made my day a bit brighter. I always feel younger and less grumpy when I read it. :)

It's good to know you're going to give your readers' ideas a try. And yes, there's going to be more F/M - I'm certainly looking forward to it. :)

PS: Just like Dragon Chyld, I also want to flame you to force more stories out of you. XD In the meantime, promise me you'll keep working on this fic. :P
2/4/2006 c3 1keeki
That part in the manga was funny. "Drunk men are more daring ..." And Sophia gave Fayt's dad a nose bleed from just touching him.

This is cute, I like the older sister relationship between Nel, Mirage with Sophia.

I can't wait for the prom, I'm wondering if sweet little Sophia can do anything to change the spoiled rotten Albel.
2/4/2006 c3 36kc-archive
Haha this was so funny. I can seriously imagine Nel, SOphia, and Mirage standing around and playing truth or dare. Oh man...that was good.

Yay! I don't know why, but I told one of my best friends Eggo the Weird-Ass Waffle (I don't wanna give out her name) about the prom idea and this story. We conversed about Albel's little faults, like him having two left feet! _ And, like, just imagining him in a store trying out different colognes...

He stood in front of the glass case of multicolored vials in mild amusement and confusion.

Woltar had sauntered off, his father was, of course, nowhere in sight, and thus he was left alone to pick out one of the (in his personal opinion) fowl-smelling sprays.

He stared at a brught blue one for a moment. What did it say? Brittany...Spears, Curious? Who the Hell was Brittany Spears, anyway? He picked it up and sprayed a little on his wrist. Ugh...no, definitely not...

Okay, what about this one? J.Lo, Glo. He sprayed that, too, on his wrist. Ew...

Alright, one more before he gave up altogether.

Paris Hilton...

Why were all these names of girls...?

Haha I don't know. It's something I just thought of! Don't worry, I'm not trying to write your story for you or anything! :o I just had this weird mental image playing in my head...!

Ah...this story is so cute and refreshing!
2/3/2006 c3 12Dragon Chyld
I love this. It just gets more and more involved. I also like the way you ended - leaves us wanting more :)

I'm glad you made them cousins. Now I'm wondering what trouble Albel's gotten himself into and how he'll react when/if the girls go to see what the comotion's about.

You are doing great with this! And don't make me flame you to fuel you to write more - though I would have a hard time flaming this but I will do what it takes in the name of Alphia! (LOL-joking) Just keep going :)
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