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9/25/2016 c2 79YeagerMeister31
Sakura wearing a nut suit priceless
9/25/2016 c1 YeagerMeister31
this was funny can't wait for more
1/12/2013 c2 I am Telgar
You know Naruto and Ino could be found having kissing in the library. Naruto could be holding a Kissing book for Dummies. Just think of expression on the librarian face if Ino told Naruto that they should read Seduction for Dummies next. Hope you update soon.
7/13/2011 c2 1LazyIno
That was great and hey I wouldn't keep Sakura in Naruto either! :)
3/17/2009 c2 7jin.toshikazu
i almost said "poor sakura..." but then again... nah. it's fun that way. ^_^

i like it that your characters are in character (something i can never seem to do) and that the humor in the story flows almost effortlessly. i'm really looking forward to knowing how the two of them get together, and what trouble ensues consequently. ^_^

i guess it's safe to conclude that this story is at least in hiatus, but i will gladly await a next chapter. ^_^

ja, mata ne!
3/7/2009 c2 Ohime x3

&& thanks for dropping me a line on the 'ayumi/morita' fic :D

i just love them, hate mayama [:

and aha, kwek-kweks sound cool. indubidably cool.

i've seen balut before o_o;; my friend showed it to me XDD
7/27/2007 c2 FrolickingToast
*pouts* months...YEARS...when u gonna update? i like this one! *pouts deeper* more naruino plz?
7/10/2007 c2 DarkSanctuary59
9/25/2006 c2 darkcarnage
good story, I hope you update soon.
6/28/2006 c1 18MT Pocketts
You're right, this pairing doesn't get enough attention! And they would work so well together! I like where you're going so far, can't wait to read more!
6/22/2006 c2 darkeyesgirl
lol! heehe thats funny, but i 'll be honest i'm not liking the old lady, that was mean what she said to naruto.
5/4/2006 c2 narutogirl14
UPDATE SOON! PLEASE! It was excellent!
4/9/2006 c1 11SeparatedCow
yes, the god damn library.

Ha ha, I love your little evil laugh, tis really cracks me up.

well, please continue!
4/4/2006 c2 4roundarosie
o^^o Can't wait to se ewhat happens, I ♥ this couple!
3/23/2006 c2 6saiyan prince1
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