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7/17/2015 c19 Guest
Always thought Ralf's "affection" for Leona was more of an uncle or big brother thing anyway.
5/24/2009 c2 2Senorita Lucha 777

I can really imagine Goenitz with a German accent.

So far, this fic is the "Da Vinci Code" of KOF fics (IMHO for me though)
10/11/2008 c62 70Sheo Darren

Was that an Atami Nage using FEET?


Mai's win was startling. More so her intention for joining the tourney. An arduous road to redemption, indeed.

As for Kain: gruesome end, please. Marie's suffering and soon-coming death wrenches my heart. Now I wonder how Rock will fare after this.

Good chappie!
9/15/2008 c61 Sheo Darren

While the delivery of the witty barbs and action seems gentler- dare I say mellow?-, their impact is still impressive. You would almost miss the underhanded (lol) references- or not. As in, Kinnikuman? lol


*sees Atami Nage broken*

Okay, Alfred IS broken. lol SNK Boss Syndrome lol

Well done!
9/6/2008 c60 7NewEnclave
Nice to know you're finally back. I know it's been close to 3 years, but I'm finally working on my own KOF fic. Stress is a heck of a blocker. :(
8/31/2008 c60 70Sheo Darren
The surprises this chapter sprung are mind-boggling. Terry giving surprisingly good "advice" to Alfred, rather like a senpai to a kohai? Andy actually acting all cool, and even saving Goenitz, if by accident? Nanto Seiken (bored you may be, but you picked an awesome fighting style for Alfred!)? And Geese getting to demonstrate, one after the other, the moves that made him famous?

Quoting Geese: "Things work out in the end."

Two thumbs up!
8/23/2008 c59 Sheo Darren
Glad to be of any assistance.

Your take on the Max Impact storyline gives Duke some needed character depth, as well as shedding some light on Fate Meira's ignoble death. Now Duke can stand out in my mind as someone other than an evil version of Kazama Daigo. Seriously, looks so much like Akira's big brother... :))

It's great to see the old buddies- Geese and Goenitz, Hon Fu and Mary- together again. I have the feeling Terry is setting up Geese and Goenitz to fight in order to weaken those two formidable opponents.

Takuma's loss was a heavy blow. To cheating, sure, but White victorious and nearly killing him? An astonishing turn of events. I await White's comeuppance with savage glee. Having Hon Fu beat him into submission with nunchucks sounds just about right...

Also: who is Alfred? I've fallen behind on SNK T-T...

Kudos once more to this always-excellent story's latest developments.
8/2/2008 c58 Sheo Darren

That was awesome! Justifying the lack of a Kou Ken. Lampooning the Buriki One controls. Beating down on Silver AND Gai. And NOT advertising Kyokugen Ryu. Ryo truly is the bravest man alive lol

Marco/Krushnood's appearance was completely unexpected. His blood "spilling" at the hands of Takuma was even more hilarious. I pity the people who get in Takuma's way in Maximum Mayhem.

Also, we now know King's greatest arch nemesis: the remote control. lol Women should stay in the kitchen lol?
7/23/2008 c57 6Veldrin
Nice to see you started updating again.

I wonder if the New Face Team will appear in later tournaments.

(Especially since in your timeline, they actually survived, and Chris apparently awakened in the last fight)
7/22/2008 c57 70Sheo Darren
YAY-desu! UPDATE-desu!

*pores over story once, twice, thrice*

Short appearance by Geese is short, but it's good to see him confident and running strong. So what can Terry be up to?

NESTS. Clones. Yeah, the Koreans have scooped up the story, all right. ^_^ But "Miss Kido" is something to behold in her determination to get to the bottom of this.

Poor von Karma. Poor Kisaragi, too. Or maybe not. He seems to be doing well.

You also take time to tackle the tenuous relations between King and Mai, and also Vice and Mature's uncertain regards for each other. The future scenarios and complications their meetings engender are going to be quite interesting to behold. Has Mai truly reformed? Is Mature bi?

And- is that some Buriki One? Go, Ryo, go! Also: lol Kasumi lol

Avidly awaiting the expected Mighty Raging Storm.
12/29/2007 c56 3Vazio
I just thought of this. What could be a 98 plot. If I didn't write now the idea could wither and die

I believe that you don't like Rugal very much. But if you find that it is a good idea, you can use it.

Rugal´s soul come back from the dead in a clone of his that he prepared using NEST's basic clone technology. He started to think about taking safety measures after he had his hand destroyed.

But dying is a powerfull experience. Just as it is ressurrecting.

And even more fighting demons and spirits of those he had murdered to finally reach his body.

This made his soul powerfull, but the body of the clone didn't pass for the same experiences. So he ended with a body that was weaker than he was pre-94. (98's non boss Rugal). His first death also stripped him of Orochi power.

What to do?

Blood is connected to the soul. It relates life to death.

Murdering a lot of people. Collecting their blood and storing it in his submarine base. A couple of dark technolgy and mysticism(last 98 stage).

Doing so makes the blood as a channel to update the body to match the soul. ( You got ultra-cheap boss Rugal from 98).

Objectives? After experiencing post-life, things like taking over the world, and killing are less important, but still fun.

He wishes to transcend humanity in his own terms, not being a puppet of some evil snake or anything the like. Battling is one of the ways to do it, besides experimenting and researching.

The power is great but is still unstable.

I will see you again when I learn to control it ( 2002 ).
12/28/2007 c15 Vazio
Man, you had said, you have done. You really hate most of the Fatal Fury crew.

I feel sorry for Krauser an Big.

Still, great fights and cool storyline. And above all else, guts to change the original script. Good Work.

But, please don't be mean to K9 and Angel. I am a big fan of them. I think she's the only girl that likes a guy that is not a part of a boy band in all the kof series.
11/26/2007 c56 20Beni-kun
Oh, I see now. We're gonna get into KOF 99 now. X3 I replayed that game I dunno how many times.

Nice. Update soon! I see that it's almost gonna be about two years since you first made this fic. :D Congrats.

And I know...I've gotten lazy all of the sudden. Sorry.
10/11/2007 c56 snake86
just one thing badm your updates are getting more slower ...
10/9/2007 c56 70Sheo Darren
- Oh, and in other news, the world will end when Geese Howard pits his Deadly Rave against Kenshiro’s Hokuto Hyakuretsuken, not because one would lose to the other, it’s just the pure awesomeness of each move would be too beautiful for this world and therefor end it, creating a far better world afterwards.

*weeps tears of manly joy at the sight of Paradise*

A surprisingly compelling chapter. Duo Lon and the Meira family's appearance are worthy "footnotes", White and Terry cooperating sends chills down my spine (while Andy's coming "redemption" is quite uplifting) and the Buriki One invite (and Takuma's declaration) caused me to grin madly.

But what I loved was the NESTS group. And what I utterly cheered for was Maxima's comment. Oh, boy!

Prototype Yagami clone? *thinks* Ooh.

- A better world was only a few years away.

lol I see now where Gundam Seed's Blue Cosmos got their battle cry. :))

Loved the chappie! Asking for more!
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