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7/10/2006 c22 Evan Jones
Blood was an awesome fanfic, indeed!

I really liked the silly 4th wall stuff at the beginning. It reminded me of the old Looney Tunes episode where Daffy Duck is being tormented by the animator.

The "Lover's Quarrel" was interesting and solid, as in the battles themselves and the dialogue themselves. The mega fireball when Mai was acting cocky was spot on. But that's what she gets for being so completely evil and vile. Wow, those are almost the same word and the same meaning, i love English!

Anyway, the Dim Mak-esque effect of Billy's attack was an excellent closer! I'm glad you updated quick, because the withdrawals from these chapters can be hellish.
7/9/2006 c22 34Quetzal
Wow. You got more reviews than the fanfic 'Blood' and it was the best fanfic I ever read.
7/7/2006 c21 Evan Jones
What a brutal chapter! Totally gritty and harsh. I like it. You yet again extend your grasp to a different end of the spectrum again to keep us guessing. All the characters in this chapter showed serious and intense spirit. Well done, and i'll be back again for the next chapter!
7/6/2006 c21 1T'isMadness
Hmm... I've always wondered if White used the style of "Hokuto Shin Ken". Besides the one-touch-death stuff, he's also involved in NESTS, and it is rumored that the "NESTS Style Boxing art" is actually a variation of "Hokuto Shin Ken". o_o

And the Japan team smoked the Ikari Team... and we didn't get to see Ralf and Clark fight, oh well.

Whatever, update soon. :)
7/5/2006 c21 24Darth Riven
I absolutely loved this chapter!
7/5/2006 c20 Evan Jones
A damn fine chapter. It made me recall being stuffed full of Shakey's Pizza and tossing quarters into the KOF 94 SNK multigame machine. Everything came together perfectly. I can only imagine how intense this storyline is going to be!

And nice Omake! I love Ninjas all of my body (including my peepee).

By the way, there were far more than 4 pairs of balls in that room.
7/4/2006 c20 Darth Riven
Hello again,

Nice chapter, once again. Can't wait for the Billy vs Kim fight.

Darth Riven
7/1/2006 c19 Tsukino Kage Spectre
I finally get to see the next chapters, it's been a while since I tuned in. Still great, but this latest chapter seems no more than filler though I suppose it is necessary to have some in every story. A word of advice, if you'll take it: Full Metal Panic had nothing new to offer people, but it succeeded for two reasons: one, it mixed up a lot of themes that gave something for everyone; and two, it had very little filler (except Fumoffu). You might want to keep the filler down yourself.

Also: it's a pity there's less of Geese now, but this gives you a chance to focus on Kyo, Iori, Billy, Leona and Rugal for a while. More Iori please! More Rock too.

BTW how was Last Blade?
6/29/2006 c19 1T'isMadness
Ah cool, a laid-back chapter... definitely a refreshing change.

If you haven't downloaded 03', don't bother... the game was so rushed that it feels like an unfinished project.

Hmm, I have always wondered, where did the whole idea of Athena having the hots for Kyo come from?

House of the Dead, eh? Have you tried the 4th one? Took me and my friends 7 dollars worth of tokens to beat the damn game. :)

And you are working on the couple thingy, too, huh? I wonder who you had in mind for Shingo and K'.
6/28/2006 c19 1Yesterday Again
WOOT! Another chapter, it makes me so happy! I can't give very good ideas for couples (although, lately I've had this weird thought in my head that a Vice and Shermie pairing would be VERY interesting... and not just because I'm a pervert). But yeah! Keep going, you're on a roll.
6/28/2006 c19 Evan Jones
What a good chapter. Even without all the crazy fights, it was thoroughly enjoyable. And what is it with feminine pretty boys always being evil and vicious? What an odd stereotype they've gained for themselves. Speaking of which, do you think Freeman will ever come around in the future? He was rad but somehow got thrown to the wayside. He had a move named after Morbid Angel! It doesn't get much better than that. Anyway, my regards to you for you ability to switch between action, comedy and drama so fluidly. This was a most welcome present for my birthday morning. Also, i am TOTALLY STOKED to see Iori finally coming into the mainlight with this new story arc coming up! Later! ^_~
6/23/2006 c18 1T'isMadness
Getting close to 60 reviews... I gotta say, this fic is finally getting the attention it deserved.

As always, the fight scenes and the details are well executed, and wow, what a way to put an end to the final fight between Geese and Bogard.

Still, I was kinda expecting a Deadly Rave for a finish, ah well.

And already we have another tournment coming up, heh, I wished you'd put some comic relief here and there after so many actions.

Not that I'm complaining, of course... but after finish reading 14 volumes of "Fist of the Blue Sky" I was kinda looking forward to some... I dunno, something not so violent?
6/17/2006 c1 Tsukino Kage Spectre
Hail, fellow Geese lover! :)

Seriously, this is a very well done AU centered on one of my favorite SNK characters, Geese Howard (his son Rock and Iori Yagami all fight with him for the title of most favorite, and at the moment, it's a toss up).

I have always felt there was more to Geese and Iori that met the eye and that's what made them intruiging characters. They were not entirely evil despite being labeled as villians. They had reasons for being the way they are and that made them very human characters, much more than the two dimensional Bison and Akuma (Gouki?) of SNK's rival. Of course SNK ruined that idea with Igniz, but hey, no one's perfect.

Getting back to Geese, he's one of the best made original characters, with a totally unique fighting style that's oh so cool (and definitely not for beginners... so you can't be beat by a weenie who mashed the joystick, hehehe) and he has a great background that's greatly explored in this fic.

Moreso, this fic also seems to draw inspiration on "The Bet" by Gregg Sharpp, where one tiny change in time can change so many things and alter a people's destiny. A single choice was all that was necessary to turn the "American Bastard" into a reluctant hero... and a hero into a villian.

Actually, I liked Mai, and not just for the fan service. Her fighting style is aerial based, which is a favorite for me in fighting games... but the character background leaves much to be desired. She does come across as shallow, doesn't she? Although her antics in KOF with Andy are down right funny.

Billy Kane! The staff is King! And Lily isn't bad either! What else can I say? Goenitz though, I find to be an over powered character, and even then, his wind control is nothing more than a cheat. I like Vice and Mature's fighting styles in KOF though, and Chizuru is not bad... as long as it's the KOF96 version. Everything else sucks.

Till next time... oh, and I also tried to create my own story of a "good" Geese, I call it "Redemption", it's on but it's incomplete and likely not to be completed for a while. It's a crossover though.
6/16/2006 c18 1Yesterday Again
Whoa... I just spent my whole afternoon reading this and damn, I'm impressed. It was really weird finding myself cheering on Geese but you totally pulled it off! And I love how you've portrayed Goenitz, he's so freaking awesome!

I'm also really digging the idea of other ancient serpents besides Orochi. I can't wait for a grown-up Rock Howard. I have a feeling he's gonna kick a whole lot of ass.

I can see this becoming really addicting. Consider me another one of your frequent readers.
6/16/2006 c18 Evan Jones
I second everything Beni said. My thoughts exactly! The explanation of the Mighty Raging Storm was choice. By the way, what is a radiosphinctopragmomitor? I see "sphincto" in there so i'm a little worried to find out what it is. Excellent introduction to the next KOF. You are a most persistantly awesome dude. Can't wait for the next chapter!
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