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2/28/2006 c5 Evan Jones
The AOF stuff was awesome. And so was the fact that he flicked off a bunch of holy dudes! The whole chapter was rad, but those were my favorite parts.

I'm gonna guess that Jormungandr is Iori or Yamazaki.

Your story is the best i've read on here in a long time. I'm glad that you keep updating!
2/27/2006 c5 20Beni-kun
Uhmm...I dunno. I really don't even have a clue on this. ^^; Sorry. As you can see from my stories-I have none of that knowledge. Though...awesome chapter! Nice to see that it's progressing quite nicely!(Unlike my own...I STILL don't know where it's leading to. lol)

Awesome in-character interaction! :D You placed them well! Keep up the good work! Later peace! XD
2/21/2006 c4 Evan Jones
"One, considering Goenitz had jumped from pansyass to God in about five seconds convinced Geese that the Orochi power was not to be trifled with."

Perhaps the best line in a fan fic i have heard all year!

Totally rad fight. And the fact that you are throwing in more ancient serpents is BEYOND sweet. Your stories always leave me clamoring for more, like i have to know what's coming up next or i'l flip out.
2/20/2006 c4 Beni-kun
Awesomeness! XD Man, this just keeps on gettin' better and better! ^_^

Is Kyo really THAT dumb? lol And who is that snake-like thing? O.o

One question, though...when is Beni gonna come in? ^_~ (As you already know...I'm kinda (cough,obsessed,cough) with him. lol)Anyway, keep up the good work! Hope you update soon! :D
2/13/2006 c3 Beni-kun
Awesome! XD Well, it's goin' good so far! :) Loads of things I didn't even know about KOF...anyway, the link didn't work because this site prevents links from showing on reviews, and stories. If you could send me a private message, THEN I might get it. lol Anyway, this is great! Keep up the good work! Later peace! :D
2/13/2006 c3 Evan Jones
It just keeps on going! I must say, from a non-christian's point of view, i like VERY MUCH the fact that you made Goenitz accepting of the religion of others. That's something that's lost on a good percentage of most religious people, not just christians. Aside from that, it's another solid chapter in what looks to be a grand epic saga!
2/2/2006 c2 Beni-kun
Wow...this is seriously getting good! lol Well, I like how you're setting the very beginning. It's freakin' awesome! XD As you would probably notice...I know very little about the KOF storyline. I didn't know Maki was Chizuru's big sister...I always thought they were twins. lol Anyway, keep up the good work, dude! Later, peace! :D
2/2/2006 c2 Evan Jones
Dude! This just keeps getting better! I am really digging it. I wish i could give you some constructive criticism but i am just totally happy when i read this. Keep on keepin' on.
1/30/2006 c1 Beni-kun
Hey! XD Why didn't you tell me you had posted it up! Dude...this is so awesomely written! I don't know why you'd need someone like me to BETA your stuff. This is awesome! XD for the KOF storyline...I only know the ones I am interested in. lol Anyway, I hope you keep this up! Please Update this soon! Later, peace! :D
1/23/2006 c1 Evan Jones
Good stuff. I love twists. I'm excited to see where you'll take this!
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