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4/28/2007 c49 18LadyKnightSkye
If I knew what was going on in either Total Warrior or God of War, I would do a crossover. Since I don't, tough luck, and anyway, I'm already letting your Winx-destroying fantasies come true in that fic on the site that shall not be named.

Anyway, I have taken a liking to Shingo. I don't know why. I really don't.
4/24/2007 c49 70Sheo Darren

*breaks out the champagne bottle*

- “Oh, you mean the Orochi? I saw him playing ‘Starcraft’ down in the computer lab.


- Worst case, I’ll buy him some hentai or something to keep him out of trouble.”

...Well, Chris IS a healthy young man...

- All Eyes are on Athena

I can almost see it...

Papparazzi: Miss Asamiya/Athena! What can you say about the rumors that you and Kusanagi Kyo are now a pair?

Athena: *blush*

Excellent action as always! And yes, Eiji as Battle Consultant rocks! Good job!
4/17/2007 c49 Evan Jones
That is wicked awesome that you let Shingo win. Cheers to you for underdogs around the world!

Not Man Enough To Be Gay...the mind wabbles. Really.

Nice to see Andy whippin' some tail, too!

Excellent counter by Mary. I've often noticed that same weakness myself!


Awesome chapter. I'll be patient until you get your stuff in order. Take care man, and thanks again!
4/9/2007 c48 Sheo Darren
Awesome as always! Iori, Maki, Joe and even Shingo (yeah, give the dog his day and due) kick ass in so many ways. I expected Iori to bulldoze through any and all opposition ()even Chizuru) but- Shingo? SHINGO?

Wait. Didn't Shingo always screw up his Burning Shingo when he first became available as a character?

Uh, oh. No, wait, correction. *grins evilly* I cannot wait for that explosion to happen.

Seeing where Mai hid all her ridiculous fans was cause for a riot of laughter. Here we wondered why she was so aerodynamic. And Geese's expression as he watched that bimbo get sliced, diced and julienned by Maki's "illusions" must have been priceless. Up yours, Bogard! And I mean the both of you!

But the line that easily holds me rapt is, of course...

- Eiji Kisaragi, Professional Battle Consultant

4/8/2007 c48 20Beni-kun
Loving it! heheheh Joe rocks in this. It's been a while since you mentioned Joe...unless I've forgotten. :D

Heck yes! Can't wait 'till the next chapter! Keep on writing! ^_^
4/8/2007 c47 Beni-kun
Geez, two chapters already? XD

Awesome chapter. Didn't expect Geese to loose to Yuri. XD Then again he was worn out by then. :D

I'm gonna go read that other chapter.
4/7/2007 c48 18LadyKnightSkye
You forgot a T somewhere.

what he Hell?
4/6/2007 c48 Darth Riven
Nice chapter! Go Maki! And Shingo!

Nice invention with Counter Upper!

LOL @ the lateness.

Can't wait for the next chapter.
4/6/2007 c48 Evan Jones
At first, i was all "OH NOES, IORI GOTS NO FLAMEZ", then, divine retribution. Good show, jack.

Also, i have no idea what the harold happened to Mai. I'm sure she doesn't either. Awesome. Please don't cut her boobs off. ;_;

Joe is awesome.

Speaking of awesome, the ending could not have been better. Boo for Kim! Boo taekwondo, yay whateverelse!
4/1/2007 c47 Hater
Akuma is not cool. He is lame
3/26/2007 c47 4BlackStarr88
WHOA!, Yuri pulls off the upset. Heh, I was just talking about how the KOF tournament should be more like the NCAA basketball tourney, with a bunch of little guys(in this case, a little woman) pull off the upset against the big boys. Talk about march madness.

Ha, Kensou and Shingo playing SFA 3. Actually a good game though. But Beni carrying it around on his back to get them to train, what a hoot. Wonder if I inspired that team? Good work.
3/22/2007 c47 70Sheo Darren

Everyone is tops as always. Eiji with the sarcastic wisecracks.

Shingo and Sie playing SF A3 while Benimaru carries/powers the TV. Chris a hostage. A riding crop used for riding. And-

Wait. Geese LOST? The Boss Team LOST? Oi! OI! WTF?

*strangles air*

- “What are you smoking? Geese hasn’t fought Takuma yet! You think I’m gonna forget about that fight? That’s the one I’m really waiting for!”

Agreed. That will be EPIC.

Awesome combo finisher by Athena, Kyo and Iori- and last-second save by Chizuru. *grumble grumble* That should have hit! Ah, well. Maybe more coolness in store.

The best lines, of course, are:


- They turned to see Ralf and Clark performing various stupid poses a few hundred meters away… adoptive father and daughter of them looking on in mortal horror.

-“There is no God,” Heidern whispered

But there is Akuma ^_^

Gouki: "Sheo... Update my fic NOW!"

3/19/2007 c47 snake86
I didn't like what happend to boss team, but I'm sure that it is initail for the rest of the story
3/19/2007 c47 Evan Jones
Haha! That opening bit was great! I'm also relieved that "CROSS CHANGER!" isn't the Ikario warriors in women's clothes.

Eiji is frigg'n awesome. For serious. Andy is cool, but Eiji is so much more likeable in this story.

Also, sweet fighting game in fighting game action. Nice little twist to the fiction. For the record, i'm with Shingo, 2 years after that game, of course.

Seriously, i can't believe Jenny Frigg'n Jogging Pants beat Geese Awesomex50 Howard. YURI SPANDEX SAKAZAKI, MAN! Oh well, i guess he did have a lot in front of him. At least he got up and walked off!

However, seeing as how Iori got in a very nice jab, it makes the pain a little easier to cope with. Thank you.

Lone Needle? I wonder what that means...

Thanks again. SIE you next time!
3/18/2007 c47 18LadyKnightSkye
Poor poor Goose . . . I mean, Geese. I still want to know what his mom was smokin when she gave him that name. I want some.

BTW, I was royally irritated with you, but I'm not after actually finding out what Rainbow Six was. (Smile) Cause for a few minutes there, I thought you had insulted me . . . .
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