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for Funny Little Dialogues- Parodies On FD

8/28/2009 c1 2Meowmie
Awesome! My favourite scenes were the alternative train scene,the scene where billy plays the main part,the night of tod's death,take 21934,after billy's death -what you didn't see,the memorial riot,in the interview room,after they get thrown off the plane,the alternative death scene,outside the coffee shop and my FAVOURITEST SCENE IS the SIGN INCIDENT.
1/17/2007 c1 3Sergio Shield-Eyes
This story is hilarious. LMAO. I think I broke a rib from laughing. "Weiner you play winner".Lol. How could they burn the chore hat. "Snifel". Looks like there getting a meeting with ol' Mr. Mallet
8/2/2004 c1 5Aorken
okay, you just stopped being funny and went insane towards the middle...but it makes it seem somehow a good dialouge thing...i like it, and this review is made for being a good review...lol i dont know what else to say... awesome story/book/dialouge thing... cant wait for more
4/6/2004 c1 Sofia
i loved funny litle dialogues please write more i am completly obssessed with this movie!
5/26/2003 c1 i'm tellin'ya
Hello? My God, Mr or Mrs whyshould . Haven't you got a little bit of humour somewhre inside of you? Havin' a bad day or what? My God, I also love FD. I'm deeply into it. Since I ever heard 'bout it it didn't lemme slip away again. So what? Of course it's sad, of course we all cried if we have a heart, of course it's tragic and rips your heart out to watch them die. But what is so bad 'bout people writing a little comedy 'bout it? And it's quite well done. No, It's FUCKIN' GREAT! I love it! I mean, life`s sad enough and to ridicule things sometimes doesn't mean that you don't know how sincere they are in reality! Give it a rest, man, take a deep breath and relax! Though I don't wish to anyone, it's kinda familiar to that part in your life after the burial of someone you knew and loved. You sit together, thinkin' back a litlle and you don't have to cry all the time to show how hurt you are. I saw a lot of people laughing, too, because life is sad and funny, and death's just a part of it. So d'uh! Maybe this is leading too far, but I can't think of another example right now. Just shoot me. And though I'm longing to have an Alex. B. in my real life, sad to say that, but after all... it's a movie ...

But after all, your meaning's your's and mine is mine. So peace.

Keep on, Katey! You got it!

3/23/2003 c1 Darkest Witch
great great great
3/3/2003 c1 kelly
Hey, I am a huge fan of this stoey and i think you

should continue to write more.
10/25/2001 c1 MC16 school
Oh my God, that is hysterical. It's so funny i printed it out and could have gottin into a shitload of trouble. LMAO. So, how can I join Devon's discussion group? ;)
7/6/2001 c1 Rebecca
Sorry If I might seem a bit to harsh. (Maybe to harsh) It was funny. But Devon Sawa is the biggest son of a alive! I mean what kind of a moron would act so stupid. No offense you're a good writer but he's a mother ing prick! I swear. Last time I saw him on tv was when he was talking about Jonathan Davis. And Jonathan Davis doesn't deserve his . Because Jonathan will fight back. N * E wayz good story. But really lame person to write about. Keep up the good work though.
5/26/2001 c1 21Jenna D
LOL! That was so great! ~J~
5/16/2001 c1 Shopfreakgurl
This is so cool. And funny too. I loved it! I almost fell of my seat. Like the pros would say... 'It had lots of potential. You are very promising.'
5/12/2001 c1 Lucky
Funniest story i EVER read! Lol. Great! Make MORE! lollollollollol

Just in case you didn't know, lol means laughs out loud! lollollollol

5/9/2001 c1 The most critical humourless idiot in the history of the universe
right...that was a bit stupid. Don't you realise that Final Destination is serious? It deals with really deep issues, and I for one do not think that parodying Austin Powers 2 where Carter is concerned is very funny. It's not very nice to laugh at other people's misfortune, hang on a second, my brother's just tripped over and broke his arm, "Ha ha!"

Right, now where was I? Oh yeah, not laughing at other's misfortune. You shouldn't make sick jokes like that, it's really evil. I liked Final Destination for the fantasitc acting, the suspense and the drama, somehow I failed to see the funny side of Tod's death, then again I probably was hiding behind a cushion at the time.

A little tip, don't give up the day job please you evil evil person! I hated what you wrote and I hate you. I hate you! I hate you! You sick twisted evil person! How could you turn Carter's death into a joke? That's sooooooooo mean.

Right, well, on another note, I loved the bit where Ali Larter got thrown out of the car. Ace.

5/8/2001 c1 36Merton Lynn
that was kinda twisted

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