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2/8/2013 c3 Willstrider
Update soon
8/11/2011 c3 3A Piece of My Geass
Its really good. You're a really good story writer. I laughed when Dain thought he was a weak foolish imperfect human. Thanks for bring laughter in my life. It was the first time I had laughed in a few days. Thanks.
11/22/2010 c3 Happenstance
Agreeing with Miss Sukai every little bit.

Even after he was revealed as a traitor I continued to love Dain. I hoped he really was the heir and an Ol. After reading the end of the book ten times I realized, sadly, he was not. I never touched that book again. :(

I'm also writing another review in hopes you update.
11/22/2010 c3 Happenstance
Very good. Wonderfully written, please write more.
8/4/2010 c2 AdvanceShipper4Eva
Is there more?

There has to be more!

You wouldn't disappoint your readers now would you dragon shadows...
8/3/2010 c3 AdvanceShipper4Eva
More... More... More... Plz...
2/15/2009 c1 camilla.sukai
Love DQ, love Dain, love this. :3

I always had a soft spot for Dain, even (especially) after it was revealed he was an Ol. Actually (if you've ever read the second series-thing) I think he and Faith would be really cute together.

11/10/2006 c3 21blerghy
Wow, great story! Please keep writing! Pretty please?
4/7/2006 c3 LandUnderWave
Hey, this is good. you don't see very many fics dealing with the shadowlord's creatures.
3/22/2006 c1 Ulokokia
HELLO! Hahaha, my reviewthingy actually worked! Yay! :P anyway...

see ya:D
3/15/2006 c3 5IHaveBiteesHearThemRoar
I love this story! It's short, but sweet. Please update soon!
2/15/2006 c2 kiariitsuaramsuki
one review, coming up! it is a different point of view, it it not LJ ( thank you!) and i like it.

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