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12/4/2012 c8 Guest
Wizardmon. YES!
12/2/2012 c2 Guest
The author's note sounds like LA.
2/26/2009 c11 1Nagi Eden
I been wondering but why you choose to do Crisis on infinite digiworlds first before Tamers. I mean the firepower be greater and easier to progress
11/12/2008 c11 4the21stMartian
done. another excellent story, and indeed this was a long chapter...so now are you technically trying to re-write 03, or is that an inaccurate assessment?

PS: I actually think that Tai and Sora would at least manage to score a few more points even with Ken as their opponent, after all Ken isn't as good as he had been as the Emperor, or at least not as durable since he's only a human now...
11/12/2008 c10 the21stMartian
Well done. KingEtemon's defeat was an appropriate one for a digimon of his 'unique' status. The scene with Wolfgang Dietz and the spinning was funny.

Also, I enjoyed the background story to the band.

NO! IZZY'S LAPTOP! So far that's two priceless Digidestined 'items' you've destroyed...at least Izzy's taking the loss of his laptop better than Tai's taking the loss of his hair...
11/11/2008 c9 the21stMartian

... in all seriousness this was another awesome chapter and I enjoyed your masterful merging of multiple fronts into one front thus giving you less side stories to write about.

Curious how both the Female Rocketeers and the gang decided to help, but not totally unrealistic (at least not in the context of a story about digital monsters)

I finally got my answer as to what would happen if Etemon met Datamon, and it was as I had foreseen, except that for that this Datamon is a different Datamon...curious, anyway I hope to finish this story tomorrow so beware I will soon be able to criticize you for not updating quick enough...cheers!

(and by the way, I gotta say I like the way you handle Dietz's character in both the Author's note and the story)
11/11/2008 c8 the21stMartian
hooray for Dietz! "He was like a demon. A laughing demon with a penchant for dangerous stunts and unintentionally humorous comments, but a demon nonetheless."

hooray for the return of Wizardmon!

hooray for the hilarious antics of KingEtemon!

(there that's three hoorays I am ready for the powers of three now...)
11/10/2008 c7 the21stMartian
...huh. Not what I was expectin' at all! I guess I shouldn't have automatically assumed Etemon would digivolve to MetalEtemon...anyways another good chapter and I will probably enjoy reading about Dietz fighting with the plasma swords.

And so the plot gets more complicated. And now there is also the return of the Female Rocketeers, will the insanity never cease? Ah well, insanity has a tendency to be hilarious, so as long as it stays that way you can write all the insanity you want (case in point, Davis's dream in "Housemates")
11/10/2008 c6 the21stMartian
another excellent chapter. I am intrigued with the return of the bullies and I wonder if Datamon and Etemon will meet up again, because I imagine if they did it would be hilarious.

Ah well, must continue reading to find out
11/10/2008 c5 the21stMartian
yes, I did get the references to The Earthquake of MetalGreymon (the 20th Episode of 01)

I can't believe it took Izzy this long to figure out who 'the King' is.

I am quite happy with the return of Dietz as I found his character to be hilarious in Zero 2: A Revision, one last thought, what exactly is Oikawa's role in this story...ah well, I suppose that only time will tell right?
11/10/2008 c4 the21stMartian
Another amazing chapter. You've truly captured Etemon's character perfectly. Also the massive facefaulting scene was hilarious.

And the Tentomon-Izzy scenes were funny ("Pardon me Izzy, but what's a hobo?")

I also like the way you develop your OCs so that I can get a good feel for who they are, yet you do it in a manner that doesn't disrupt the story.

Keep up the good work!
11/9/2008 c3 the21stMartian
who indeed would use a plate for a mask?...anyway this story just keeps getting funnier and funnier as I read on.

"But then Murphy's Law kicked in"...somehow I don't think Murphy's Law took evil Elvis impersonating monkey Digimon into consideration when it was created...
11/9/2008 c2 the21stMartian
this story is hilarious! The portrayal of Etemon is very good and the police scene was excellent ("it seems our perp has some strange tastes") Keep up the excellent work!
11/9/2008 c1 the21stMartian
Hooray for Etemon! All hail Etemon the King!

In case you can't tell from the above exclamations, Etemon was one of my favorite characters in both 01 and 02, and since he came at the same time Piximon was introduced, episodes 15-20 of 01 are my favorite segment of digimon (though I also like the battle between MetalEtemon and Puppetmon)

and yes this was handled very well.
4/17/2008 c11 king who
Ah, so the tamers finally make their way into the scene only to be interrupted by this crisis of infinite digital worlds.

Wow, I loved Etomon in this story. The way he was referring to his slaves as groupies. And this new double armor with Cody and the one with Daisuke. I'll admit, the fight scene was cheesy with the song but it was good.Anf this new group who was drilling? I wonder wh they were. Oh well, Guess I'm off to sleep
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