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3/5/2008 c11 5Ikaru Kakou
Pure, unadulturated, win. Much better than my own writing (then again, I'm still noobish. You've been at it for years!). I have to say though, I agree with you on the funniest moment. Weirdest Dream Ever was, in my opinion, the written version of what I would assume a good acid trip is like. And that's a good thing.

But onto stuff from this story:

The Izzy-Genai twist was unexpected.

Dietz coming back was kickass. I hope to see much more of him in the future.

Teenage Wolves was indeed awesome, you're sure there's no more fics about them out there? There should be... *hinthintcough*writemoreplease*coughhinthint*

And of course, who could forget the image of Tai without his charicteristic hair? PRICELESS.
6/24/2007 c11 29EroPrincess
An interesting ending to this story. I've thoroughly enjoyed it. (Even though I've never watched Frontier or Tamers, and have no knowledge of who this..."Takato and Gulimon" is.) The only disappointed thing I'd have to say is that I'm saddened that there weren't any Mimato scenes...considering that this story was about Matt...somewhat.

Fave Chapter: A Happy Day

Fave Humor Piece: When Etemon said, "Come on my groupies, carry me!" in Lupine Blues. I STILL laugh when I think about that because it reminds me so much of the Chappelle's Show when he did his Rick James parodies! (Don't know if you've ever watched it.)

Fave New Power: Double Armor Digivolving! I have to say that in your story...CODY ROCKS! I always looked over him, but you've given him so much DEPTH! And not to mention that I believe he's the only one who can Double Armor Digivolve AND merge with his Digimon!

Fave Teenage Wolf: Akira hands down. He reminds me of me a little bit. I too grew up in a single parent household. But my father wasn't a rich politican...no, no, no he was FAR from that. (Won't get into it because it's personal.)

Fave Part of KingEtemon Battle: I would have to say Live and Learn. They lyrics just...MESHED well with everything that was going on in the battle. Nice.

Fave Twist: Izzy becoming Gennai's apprentice! That was a SHOCKER!...and the Republican President being a good guy! (Sorry...HAD to sneak that one in! -_-)

Fave Story: Revision

Fave Chapter: The chapter in Housemates when the Rocketeers (I'm probably their only fan) kidnapped Yolei, and the big girl yells out, "DID YOU MAKE SWEET LOVE TO HIM UNDERNEATH THE CHERRY BLOSSOM TREE?" (Or something to that affect.)

Fave Villian: Darkheart-hands down. He's so...SEXY! (Again, I'm probably the only one who feels that way about him. Ideas of an NC-17 involving him and Kari floats around in my head. *sighs* YES, I'm a fan of adult material, and with Darkheart's...personality...I can see potential stories *or at least a one-shot* involving him and Kari together. I would NEVER write it, though. But it doesn't hurt to think.)

Fave New Digimon: MetalAngemon! Beats Teapotmon ANYDAY!

Fave Original Character: The Rocketeers

Fave Laugh-Out-Loud Moment: When Davis stood up in the movie theater and yelled, "THIS SUCKS!" at the movie screen. (I've never seen it, but Gigli can not be THAT bad...can it?)

Fave Battle: The End of All Things: Digiknight vs. (Insert-Name-Here-Because-My-Paris-Hilton-Sized-Brain-Forgot)Myotistmon fought. I was on the edge of my SEAT!

Fave Canon Character: I LOVED what you did with Davis! Can say the same for my other faves, but here they are: Tai, Mimi...and that's it! LoL!

Fave Canon Re-Imagining: Oikawa's just...I LOVED what you did with him. In the series...he just pops in and out...like that! I WOULD LOVE to see him interacting with Cody and Mrs. Hida, though. Consider they have both Daniel and Hiroki in common. You haven't really dwelled on that, but the series did. That's probably the ONLY thing I could say about the series that I liked involving Oikawa.

Story Looking Foward to Most: Past Journeys. The others...I...don't know, especially Tamers since I'm not familiar with it. Not really looking to get familiar with it, either. Hey! If Davis, Tai, and Mimi aren't going to be in the show, why bother? I ALMOST didn't watch 02 because they practically kicked Mimi off the series!

Fave Twist: Too many to name.

Absolute Fave Moment: Again, too many to name, but one in particular is when Davis was playing "Simple and Clean" for Jun and Jim at the park, and he began to feel envious towards them because he always fantasized him and Kari dancing together to that song.
6/24/2007 c10 EroPrincess
I liked how you gave background info regarding The Wolves. And I liked what you did with Oikawa's character. I would say that they're aren't a lot of fics about those two because...well...people aren't really interested in them. It doesn't matter to me anyway. I just read stories because I like them. (Odd for an fan fic author, eh? Well, I'm FAR from the norm!)

But I LOVED this chapter! Don't have a clue where that song came from, but I liked how the Prime Minister interacted with Akira. It wasn't formal or anything, but it was simplistic. I really liked it.

Tai's beautiful hair...(shakes head)
6/24/2007 c9 EroPrincess
I liked the cameos from the reviewers. It was SO MUCH action in this chapter...I can't even describe it all. But it was still enjoyable nonetheless! I love Davis and Cody's transformations! Sounds cool! Again, nothing that the original creators would ever think of!

So...The Wolves are planning their attack now? I can't wait to read the next chapter. What's going to happen to the poor King?
6/24/2007 c8 EroPrincess
Unbeliveable...just unbelievable...! Never would've thought Wizardmon would come back! And what's going to happen to Yolei? And the others for that matter? It's hard to believe that I only have 2 more chapters to go before it's finished!
6/24/2007 c7 EroPrincess
ALL HAIL THE KING...ETEMON! (Not that I'm an Elivs fan or anything...but since I'm an Etemon fan...I HAVE to be on his side, even though I know the Good side will prevail.)
6/24/2007 c6 EroPrincess
I can tell that Friday's going to be BIG! The Wolves plan on crashing the party, Saito's gang plan on crashing the party, and Etemon wants to start his tour. I'm giddy with excitment!
6/24/2007 c5 EroPrincess
Ah, so Izzy's figured out the identitiy of Etemon? Darnit! I was liking how things were going with him thus far. Ah, I suppose all good things must come to an end.

And Dietz's cameo was great. I wasn't that big of a fan of his before, but he's slowly rubbing on me.
6/23/2007 c4 EroPrincess
That was TOO funny when 'The King' referred to The Wolves as...as a pebble! I was laughing SO HARD!

Hey, what a coincidence! Impmon likes the same things I like, too! Well, 3 out of 5 anyway! I'd be fun if you'd tried to guess! LoL! :P I KNEW I was right about him when I said he's be really fun to hang around!

Oikawa and BlackWargreymon make an excellent pair. I love those two together.

Yeah, that sounds like a politician.

I don't even consider bastard as a swear word. It is what it is. But that's a surprise...Dietz is back. I'd be nice to see how he's doing after all this time.
6/23/2007 c3 EroPrincess
Oh, I just LOVE Etemon! I was laughing so hard at his performance! Even Mimi joined in! It's amazing though. You'd think Matt would've recognized Etemon on the spot after listening to his voice. I wonder what's going to happen in school the next day when everyone's no longer going to care about The Wolves? Especially the lead singer's girlfriend?
6/23/2007 c2 EroPrincess
Matt listening on his parents? That's crazy! And what if the Ishidas' were...procreating...? What would he have said, "Stop what you're doing and come out with your pants up?" Ha, ha! LoL!

I can't wait for Etemon to make his grand reappearance! I KNOW it's going to be fun!
6/23/2007 c1 EroPrincess
Nice introduction. My pea-sized brain had trouble trying to figure out what was going on with the Digital Limbo stuff and all, but I liked the chapter regardless.

The wedding scene sounded so...pretty. If I knew how to draw, I wouldn't mind drawing fan art, but oh, well.

And The Teen-Aged Wolves have the #1 album? I liked how Matt indicated that the bill would be on him...and then turned around and bascially told everyone that he was broke! LoL!

I know Etemon's not going to take one of the Digidestined's having a number one album lying down! Now I'm off to read the next chapter!
10/3/2006 c11 4Yami Vizzini
FINALLY! I've found the time to fill out my answers and review!

Chapter: I pick the ending ("Odaiba, Tokyo's Violet Blossom", 11), simply because of the cool rebuilding of Odaiba- and Izzy's new job, of course! (Although the platforms actually seem kind of narrow; what kind of school complex fits onto a space as wide as a standard football field is long? Presumably a 5-floor one.) Runner-ups include the beginning ("A Happy Day", 1) because of the Shinto wedding, "The Powers Three" (9) because of, well, the powers three, and "Live and Learn" (10), because it's just everyone, human and Digimon, uniting in one last assault on Kingetemon.

Humor Piece- Tai's rant about the locked auditorium, the obstruction of P.E., and extended trig^^. Demidevimon's session with Dr. Jim also gets a mention, as does Tai and Matt's discussion about "feeling emasculated" (which I only remembered after seeing it in another review-.-;;), and Dietz's reminiscence about the panty thief (I wonder if they ever caught him, or if Dietz was just covering his own tracks:P).

New Power- Mega Armor Energize! A cool boost in itself, but (again, as has been implied in another review) it foreshadows future upgrades in Davis's arsenal!

Teenage Wolf- Takashi. Go figure. Meet Chibi-Koushirou!

Part of Kingetemon Battle- This is one reason why "Live and Learn" is mentioned above- Kingetemon rides the Positron Laser Express!

Twist- Guardian Izzy. Comes with trench coat & new laptop!

Quarterly Questionnaire:

Story: Revision. It's epic, and it started the whole thing- well, if you don't count the NDE:P)

Chapter: "The End of All Things" (Revision, 60). Again, epic (including an awesome final battle, the Order and Echelon backstories, and more, as I'll say later), and sets up the rest of the saga nicely (despite the misleading title). (By the way, that answers "favorite chapter" as asked at the end of Revision, and I didn't answer then because I was still catching up. My least favorite Revision chapter was probably "The Fire of Courage" (1), simply because there was the least deviation from the show- and you hadn't quite developed your inimitable narrator persona yet.)

Villain- Darkheart. He's cocky, sadistic, and ever more powerful!

New Digimon- I'm going with the Elitemon- if I have to pick one, I'll say Praetor Nola.

Original Character- President Yates. Go figure. Although I wonder- since you're a Tom Clancy fan, was he inspired by Jack Ryan at all?

Laugh-Out-Loud Moment- Yeah, I'll have to go with the Weirdest. Dream. Ever. as well.

Battle- Yes, the Kari/Siara vs. Darkheart battle was awesome. So was the Nega/Darkheart battle (well, most of the action was in a fake wrestling match, but that alone boosts it). And the Shurimon/Ninjamon/Taijamon/Genjamon battle was of course cool enough to merit its own story, and I can appreciate it even more now that I've started to watch Naruto again (I'll start reading Legacy once CN gets to your divergence point); clearly, there was some inspiration there. As I mentioned earlier, the Digiknight/Belialmyotismon battle was great, as epic as its chapter.

But my absolute favorite throwdown...

The battle against Mummymon. Yeah. It leaves you wondering just how real those Egyptian gods are in your canon (pesky Duelists aside) AND reveals, not only Mummymon's Ultimate form, but who he truly is.

Canon Character- what the crap kind of question is this! You've done everyone right!... But, to pick one, I say Cody. You emphasized his weight of character well (especially with his BM nightmare).

Canon Re-imagining- The Teenage Wolves, since they really didn't have any personality in the show, at least as far as I can remember. To pick one, I'll say Akira, because of the backstory you gave him. You rock.

Story Anticipated Most- Crisis on Infinite Digiworlds. Yes, you've already started it (and so have I), but I still await the myriad worlds, notably Perfect Darkheart (I swear no puns occurred to me until I was halfway through that name) and Daiora-world.

Twist- So far, I've managed to keep this review more or less spoiler-free, but good writing always has to be complicated, huh? Shaun's last toast at the end of "The Great Journey" (Revision 57).

And Moment...

Shaun's reunion with Elizabeth-tachi at "The End of All Things".

Also, you're right. Zero 2 is TOO. FREAKIN’. BIG. And that's why I read, and print, all of it. (Better, that's why I transfer most of it to Word and print it in 4-point^^;)

Good job, as usual. I'll review the rest when I can. I need some sle...
9/27/2006 c11 1OldSchool101
Stoppa: Big-Big-Big-Big...


So huge and Big,

Big-Big and Huge, Huge and BIG...


Stoppa: Ahh, God I love that commercial...

Ri~ight... anyways, you’re right. That chapter was frickin huge, but that’s acceptable because it was an epilogue. I love epilogues.

1.) Favorite Chapter: The last three ruled!

2.) Favorite Humor Piece: *Excerpt from Chapter 4*

(Davis, meanwhile, was utterly flabbergasted. Sora slaps Tai? Mimi punches Matt? Kari floors TK? And she gets starry-eyed over a celebrity? A celebrity who somehow crashed the Teenage Wolves’ concert and got away with it? Something didn’t add up. At all. “Okay now…I want some answers, King! What’s your real name anyway?”

“Probably something stupid,” said Daichi with a smirk. Impmon helpfully suggested, “How about I.M. Dingbat?” The trio shared a healthy laugh at that.

The ‘King’ frowned. “Everyone, kill em’.”

“YAR!” roared the crowd; Yolei led the charge.

“AH! WE’LL BE GOOD, WE’LL BE GOOD!” yelped Davis, Daichi, and Impmon as they each hid behind Izzy, Akira, and Veemon, respectively. The crowd stopped in their tracks.

Yutaka turned to see Takashi hiding behind him. “And why are you hiding? You weren’t threatened.”

Takashi fearfully sputtered, “T-They scare me…even m-more than our more r-rabid fans…”

“Point taken,” conceded the backup singer.

Akira Youhei was ticked off. Scratch that; he was FURIOUS. How the heck had this scoundrel managed to crash their concert and steal their fans so completely to the point that he had made Matt’s own girlfriend hit him? “THIS IS BOGUS! YOU’RE CHEATING SOMEHOW!”

The King guffawed. “HA! Actually, it’s simple: compared to me, you…well, SUCK! Uh huh huh!”

“YEAH! YOU SUCK!” cheered his new fans.

“Come on my groupies, carry me! Time to show the rest of this city’s hooligans my wonderful singing voice! Uh huh huh, uh huh huh, uh huh huh!” Then, as if the event couldn’t get any MORE surreal, all of his 200 fans chanted, “UH HUH HUH, UH HUH HUH, UH HUH HUH!” As he was carried away, Etemon could only smile to himself. This is all too perfect! My plan’s gone flawlessly!

Everyone could only stare as the King was carried away, dumbfounded at the whole event.

“Tai?” muttered Matt, his back still to the ground.

“Yeah?” groaned the Child of Courage.

“Our girlfriends just hit us because a stupid rock star wannabe told them to.”

“Yeah.” Tai turned his head towards Matt. “Please tell me I’m not the only one feeling emasculated right now.”

“Nope.”) *End Excerpt*

I swear that scene had me cracking up so much I had to lay down until I stopped laughing before I could read the rest of the chapter. Then I reread that scene and laughed some more.

4.) Favorite New Power: Double Armor Digivolve. Mostly because I always thought it would’ve been a cool thing for them to do on the show.

5.) Favorite Teenage Wolf: Dunno, I guess I enjoyed them equally. I always thought it was weird that Matt had a band that, aside from that one concert they had, got no airtime whatsoever. But then, Matt didn’t exactly play an important role in the show either. More evidence of why Zero 2 the show.

6.) Favorite Part of the KingEtemon Battle: All of it, really. Oh, and somebody mentioned the ego crushing. Yes, definitely the ego crushing.

7.) Favorite Twist: Odaiba’s suped-up renovations, my co-favorite gogglehead and his partner Guilmon’s short (TOO short, dagnabit!) cameo appearance, the Yamaki-wannabe and his D-Ripper-offer, err… I mean, D-Reaper.

And now…for a quarterly questionnaire! These questions apply to ALL of Zero 2.

1.) Favorite Story: REVISION~!

2.) Favorite Chapter: Battle of the Angels (Kari layeth the smacketh down~!)

3.) Favorite Villain: Lotta great villains throughout, but my vote goes to – say it with me –

Me & Stoppa: DARKO~!

Darkheart gets the nod because he was the total package when it came to being evil. Plus I get a kick out of calling him Darko!

4.a) Favorite New (i.e. digivolved) Digimon: Sentinelmon. Seriously, a mecha Digimon? How can that NOT be awesome?

4.b) Favorite New (i.e. original) Digimon: Futa! There’s just something about being frequently referred to as “Outcast” that makes him seem like this badass rebel. OUTCAST!

5.) Favorite Original Character: Dietz! He just reminds me of me for some reason...

6.) Favorite Laugh-Out-Loud Moment: The Darkheart/Nega wrestling scene, the prank wars, and of course, attack of the rabid fangirls~! (this includes the scenes with the Rocketeers and Etemon’s brainwashed fans)

7.) Favorite Battle: Kari vs. Darkheart! Again, nothing beats Kari laying the smacketh down on ol’ Darko!

8.) Favorite Canon Character: Really you’ve done justice to all of them, but my fav is Davis.

9.) Favorite Canon Re-Imagining: BlackWarGreymon(still ALIVE~!), Oikawa (I knew I couldn’t have been the only person who thought the guy got supremely shafted in the show), Matt & TK’s parents

10.) Story You’re Looking Forward Too Most: TAMERS. ‘Nuff said.

11.) Favorite Twist: Gravemon’s still alive, Davis’ arm being “burned off”, Shaun being Tai & Sora’s son, Davis & Jun’s parent’s death, Davis & Jun becoming part of Yolei’s already huge family

12.) Absolute Favorite Moment: Just one? How is that fair? There’s too many! With just one pick I gotta go with Shaun’s revelations too.

Not much else to say after all that, so right now it’s off to Crisis~! On~! Infinite~! Digiworlds~!

Till then,

Stoppa: Holla!
9/25/2006 c11 fullmetalrocker
Not much to say but my answers to your questions will say it all

-Favorite Chapter: The Powers Three

-Favorite Humor Piece: What you said Veemon biting down Davis's arm because of the chocolate and Tai getting his hair cut off

-Favorite New Power: Double Armor Digivolve

-Favorite Teenage Wolf: Akira

-Favorite Part of Kingetemon Battle: The orignal DD joining the fight, the digimon fighting while the Teenage Wolfs are playing their song on the background and Kingetemon lands right towards Imperialdramon's cannon

-Favorite Twist: The city getting repair, Takato and Guilmon's

appearance and the D Reaper


-Favorite Story: Revision(what started it all)

-Favorite Chapter: Battle of the Angels(best fight), The Fall of Umbradevimon and Battle Royalie

-Favorite Villain: Belialmyotismon(way better than Malomyotismon)

-Favorite New Digimon: Sentinelmon and Sonocomon

-Favorite Orignal Character: Shaun (doesn't need a explaination)

-Favorite LOL: The dream part in Housemates,the prank war, Davis getting hit in the manhood(lol) and Izzy hitting his head on his laptop

-Favorite Battle: The last fight with Umbradevimon, Kari vs Darkheart, Mangamon vs Chimeramon, Shaun vs Ken(the very first human fighting besides the digimon),and the three way Wargreymon fight

-Favorite Canon: so far Cody

-Favorite Canon Re-imaging: Blackwargreymon(still alive)

-Story i'm looking forward to: Tamers, Crisis on Infinite Digiwolds and Past Journeys(what to know more about Neomon and Shaun's journey before revision)

-Favorite Twist: premiring Tamers in the TV and Davis's arm being burned out

-Favorite Moment: the climax between the DigiKnight and Belialmyotismon(dbz moment)
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