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9/25/2006 c11 Drkstlkr7
Nyeh? NYEH! Sonic, you can't give somebody ten seconds of pure bliss and then take it away with nyeh. That alomst killed me when I read it. Takato and Guilmon are my two favorite Digimon characters. So please... HURRY UP AND START THE TAMERS STORY!

Okay now that thats over, that was a huge turning point of a chapter. It's probaly like the jump from Batman: TAS, to Batman Beyond, at least in terms of scenery. The Digidestened living in a Fanstatic 4 style way, and Izzy's new job were just... wow man, 10/10!

Oh yeah, as for my little problem, there's not really a specific topic I stink at. I just have that one problem I told you about.

Wow, long review I have this time. Good luck on your next story, thanks for the side stories, and see ya later.
9/25/2006 c11 Vyse23
Well...um...yeah...great chapter? No, that's too small. Um, wonderful conclusion on par with Revision? Hmm...I guess I'll go with that for now. I'm irritated that you only gave us that tiny little tidbit from Takato and Guilmon, but what can I do? If I may speculate, it appears that Tamers will be similar to the actual season, with the Tamers and the Odaiba DD's (and their all in Odaiba now ^_^) working together against the D-Reaper towards the end. Am I close? Am I? Gah, I should actually watch Tamers sometime (the only season I haven't watched all of). Anyway, I'm a little disappointed that you've started turning Odaiba into Midgar from FF7 (although, have the DD's turn into AVALANCHE would be really really cool), but at the same time, it's cool that it got such a massive upgrade. On to the questionnaire.

Favorite Chapter: DEFINITELY The Powers Three. You just can't beat canon characters reaching down inside and activating new powers...EVER (well, Eichiro Oda can, but that's a story for another time).

Favorite Humor Piece: I think I've got to agree with you; Veemon mauling Davis is pure gold (and must be used in future fics. I command it!)

Favorite New Power: Ugh. I liked them all, but Mega Armor Energize was certainly the coolest.

Favorite Teenage Wolf: I dunno, I liked them all, but Akira struck me as the most developed, so I'll go with him.

Favorite Part of the KingEtemon Battle: Um, does Tai's hair getting slashed down count? If not, I'll go with him losing due to the Wolves getting more cheers.

Favorite Twist: Ken being on the Middle School soccer team and teaming with Davis to take down Tai.

Favorite Story: Revision by a mile and a half.

Favorite Chapter: Jeez, you've written a lot of awesome ones, but I think I have to go with Battle of the Angels.

Favorite Villain: Definitely Darkheart, specificially his fifth form (do we get to see his sixth in Crisis?)

Favorite New Digimon: MetalAngemon, because he just sounds so damn cool.

Favorite Original Character: Can't beat Shaun no matter how hard you try (and you really should; it would be cool to read).

Favorite LOL Moment: Tai realizing that his hair was cut down.

Favorite Battle: Again, can't beat Battle of the Angels, although Shurimon's three-way in BotS was a decently close second.

Favorite Canon Character: Uh, I think you've done a pretty decent job with all of them (but they're all minorly different from they're original incarnations), so I can't really pick one.

Favorite Canon Re-Imaging: I really liked what you've done with Ken. He was far more ruthless as the Emperor than in the show and his sins chewed at him for much longer. Plus, the Ken/Yolei moments have been really cute.

Story You're Looking Forward To Most: TAMERS! Hey, you asked! Also, Past Journeys, but I'm a little more patient about that, since you led me to believe Tamers would be after the Comeback Tour and now there's another fic in between (*sulks*). Oh, the ODs too.

Favorite Twist: The tiny tidbit of Takato and Guilmon and Project Echelon mentioning the D-Reaper.

Absolute Favorite Moment: ...wow. THAT'S a hard one. *thinks* And oddly enough, I'm going to HAVE to go with Darkheart hatching into Dark Angel Mode only to have Shaun right in front of him saying "Have at you." It was just TOO perfect.

Well, I think this was my longest review of any chapter in any story EVER. So, HUZZAH. Feel proud. Now, get Crisis on Infinite Digiworlds over so you can start on Tamers, dammit! (j/k, I do want to read Crisis too.)
9/24/2006 c11 Assamite
"Tai fidgeted with his blue baseball cap, muttering, “Oy vey…”"

Well happy new year to you too! Is that a Yankees cap, by any chance? :P

Math major? I thought you were pre-med. And frankly, I thought Joe was going for a MD. Will there be a Digibiology curriculum soon?

Odaiba has been... Bevelle-ized. What IS it with you and supercomplexes? Not that I'm complaining, of course. As always, you can send your descriptions to that concept art website.

Shana Tova aleinu v'al kol Israel v'ha'olam!
9/24/2006 c11 duskmon87
I definately didn't see Izzy's apprentice ship coming...this fic really did cover a lot of territory as far as the different aspects are concerned. This was a darn good one! Now, ON TO CRISIS ON INFINITE DIGIWORLDS!

*reads review reply* heh...heh,heh...hahaha...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

*ahem!* UAB, huh...I find that humorous simply because I go to Troy University if that means anything...

Anyhow, great job on the fic man, and keep up the good work!
9/23/2006 c11 1Citizen Grimm
Favorite Chapter: Easily Live and Learn. The fight and the music together was just awesome.

Favorite Humor Piece: The Wolves reaction to first meeting The King.

Favorite New Power: Double Armor Digivolve

Favorite Teenage Wolf: Akira

Favorite Part of the KingEtemon Battle: When KingEtemon realizes he's inside Imperialdramon's cannon.

Favorite Twist: Izzy obtaining Gennai’s powers. Really wasn't expecting that at all.

Favorite Story: Revision...still the best thing I've ever read.

Favorite Chapter: Last Stand of The Digidestined.

Favorite Villain: For some reason I'm always partial to Demon. Though BelialMyotismon was a great improvement compared to the show.

Favorite New Digimon: Futa. He's just cool.

Favorite Original Character: Oddly enough, The Rocketeers. Yeah, I don't know why either.

Favorite Laugh-Out-Loud Moment: Weirdest. Dream. Ever., the Prank Wars, and Tai's reaction to his hair.

Favorite Battle: Final battle against Myotismon and the massive battle with Demon, UmbraDevimon, the Gravemon, and finally the Digidestined.

Favorite Canon Character: Kari and TK. They fit the tv show versions perfectly.

Favorite Canon Re-Imagining: A tie between BlackWarGreymon and the older digidestined (not the orginals but Tai and the others). In the show they really didn't play much of a part so its cool to see them involved now.

Story You’re Looking Forward To Most: Crisis on Infinite Digiworlds. I'm a big comic book fan (having complete sets of both Crisis on Infinite Earth and Infinite Crisis). I can't wait to see this. And for some reason I'll think we'll see a world where Darkheart won.

Favorite Twist: The return of BelialMyotismon and the sudden death of Demon.

Absolute Favorite Moment: Shaun's tragic final attack to save the world and kill himself in the process.
9/23/2006 c11 21Nolaquen265
Unbelievable. People like you restore my faith in the continued creativity and originality of the human race. I'm not sure if there's an appropriate word in English to serve as a description. 'Fantastic, amazing, etc.'...just don't cover it. Congratulations.

On another note, I've got my own Digi fic up (no question about it, though, it can't compare with Revision), so drop in and read it if you like.

Okay, you're in for some long reviews...

Favorite Chapter: Yeesh, probably "Odaiba, Tokyo's Violet Blossom" for wrapping it all up and setting it up for the future. Plus, it's long. That's good.

Favorite Humor Piece: Man, I can't remember all of them. I'll go with Dietz slicing up the teacher's car, and then sneezing when it's mentioned later. There are really too many good ones to remember and compare, though.

Favorite New Power: Mega Armor Energize, no question about it. Before this, I'd say that I didn't know how you'd be able to introduce powers for all the crests, Digimon, etc., but now I have a feeling you'll be able to pull it off.

Favorite Teenage Wolf: Akira. Interesting character and backstory.

Favorite Part of KingEtemon Battle: The end, obviously. It's great when the villains get trounced.

Favorite Twist: Probably Izzy becoming the new member of the Order (shocker!); or, Ken transferring and playing with Davis in soccer.

Favorite Story: Yes, Revision. It's the beginning of it all. Perfection in a fanfic; I didn't realize it was possible before I read this.

Favorite Villain: Oh yeah, Darkheart. Again, so original but so intricate and intense.

Favorite New Digimon: Ha! Forbidden City Digimon and the Gravemon. How often can you sucessfully integrate Digimon and Halo? Not more than once, I think. And you hold that record.

Favorite Original Character: Shaun. No question. Complex, layered, driven with a purpose, with the longest, most painful past of any human being. Living or dead, real or fictional, I think.

Favorite Laugh-Out-Loud Moment: Man, I can't remember! Too many! Oh yeah, never mind. THE WEIRDEST DREAM EVER. That's probably the closest I've come to rolling on the floor in a long time.

Favorite Battle: Vs. KingEtemon, I suppose. I like the new stuff, with all the characters and all the powers.

Favorite Canon Character: Oh let's see...probably Davis. You've got him down, really. Yet, he's more complete in this fic than anyone was in the series. Maybe because this is more realistic.

Favorite Canon Re-Imagining: Oikawa, definitely. You have to pity and support him in this new role.

Story I'm Looking Forward to the Most: Tamers. Season Three was my favorite, so I want to see how you're going to pull this off. It looks like they're not from different universes, so that definitely gives you a chance for character development. Are you still going to have the D-Arcs and Biomerge Digivolution? I dearly hope so.

Favorite Twist: Again, far too many to remember. Shaun's was probably the biggest, and it definitely affected the series the most.

Absolute Favorite Moment: TOO MANY! You're right, this thing is way too big! Man, pick it all, I can't choose! THE WHOLE THING ROCKS!

Well, I'm moving on to Side Stories. I'll review then, as well. Congrats again, and keep it up!
9/23/2006 c11 2Goldamon X
Favorite Chapter Tokyos Violet Blossom

Favorite Humor Piece Tai and agumon reaction to finding out about Etemon

Favorite New Power The Double Armor energize

Favorite Teenage Wolf Rather like em all actually

Favorite Part of the KingEtemon Battle The Ego crushing. Definately the Ego Crushing

Favorite Twist Izzy being inducted into the order

Favorite Story Housemates

Favorite Chapter Revision(does a story count as a chapter if its a smaller part of the whole?)

Favorite Villain Darkheart and KingEtemon

Favorite New Digimon The Dna Digivolved group

Favorite Original Character Shaun and Daichi if im remembering Right

Favorite Laugh-Out-Loud Moment Devimons...behavior sessions

Favorite Battle The DigiKnight V. BelialMyotismon

Favorite Canon Character Davis

Favorite Canon Re-Imagining Black War Greymon

Story You’re Looking Forward To Most Tamers. Tamers. Tamers(repeating indefinetly)

Favorite Twist Myotismon Taking Huanglongmons Power

Absolute Favorite Moment Myotismon getting sent to digital hell

And now that We've got the Questionare out of the way the review. Awesome Awesome wrap up. New Obaida is awe inspiring and Izzy being made an order member is Awesome. And most happily is the Introduction of the Tamers Crew no matter how small it is. Even the D-REAPER is coming in. I cant wait to see takato and co in action, even though this is still a 02 story. Cant wait to see the next in this series.
9/22/2006 c11 7Hirari
D-Reaper! ZOMG, yay!

Just one nitpick:

He was new at this school, having transferred to Shinjuku with two of his friends.

I believe, it should be 'from Shinjuku' rather than 'to Shinjuku'.

But anyways, yay~! Takato and Guilmon!

...And I can totally see Guilmon thinking soccer is related to socks, =P.


Favorite Chapter: Live and Learn

Favorite Humor Piece: Probably Veemon mauling Davis. Or maybe in the 3rd chapter where Gorillamon loses his cool playing soccer. With the explanation about Dr. Jim, XD

Favorite New Power: ..Maybe Mega Armor energize.

Favorite Teenage Wolf: Akira, mainly because you've fleshed out his past more tna you have for Yukata and Takashi.

Favorite Part of the KingEtemon Battle: Proably the whole of Live and Learn.

Favorite Twist: When it was revealed that Akira was the illegitimate child of the Prime Minister and at the end when we see Mr. Bishop and his collegues devolping the D-Reaper.


Favorite Story: Revision (I need to read that again.)

Favorite Chapter: Any of the Battle Mini-Arc in Revision

Favorite Villain Darkheart, Darkheart, Darkheart, Dark-(shot)

Favorite New Digimon: Your version of BelialMyotismon, if it counts. And UmbraDevimon

Favorite Original Character: Shaun and Dietz

Favorite Laugh-Out-Loud Moment: Wierdest. Dream. Ever. And the wrestling scene between Darkheart and Nega in Revision.

Favorite Battle: Kari vs. Darkheart and the Digiknight vs. BelialMyotismon.

Favorite Canon Character: Davis is the most obvious one at the moment.

Favorite Canon Re-Imagining: Oikawa and Demon.

Story You’re Looking Forward To Most: Tamers and Past Journeys.

Favorite Twist: Hmm...probably either the fire illusion in Housemates, the nuclear warhead in Revision or Shaun's reason for time-travelling.

Absolute Favorite Moment: I seriously can't choose just one; there's too many in the whole series.
9/22/2006 c11 3Alforce Zero
Hi. Finally, The Comeback Tour has ended and I have to say that I love how it ends. Hmm, that's not exactly true because not only I love how it ends, I love the whole story. The concept of Etemon returning back to wreck havoc to the DigiDestined is not really common, and before finding this story I couldn't imagine a well-written Etemon story at all - that Elvis impersonator has always struck me as being too silly in Adventures to really pose as a threat to the DigiDestined, although he does have his evil moments (Dark Network, Leomon's demise, etc). However, in this story, while he still retains the silliness he has had before, his threat has increased in multifold.

I also like the new revelations of the DigiEgg powers. Personally, I love Sentinelmon. I don't know why, I think I'm just a sucker for a fusion between DigiDestined and Digimon. The powers of the DigiEggs of Love and Sincerity also are very well-explained.

Aside from that, I also love the side-story of Akira Youhen. I can relate to them completely, (but not personally), as I have a friend whose position is almost the same as Akira's mother. Akira's mother is still lucky as his father still looks out for his family in secret; my friend however is not as fortunate.

That aside, the surprising twist of Gennai passing the torch to Izzy is a very creative move on your part. I couldn't think of anyone more suitable than Izzy for the job. :)

You have portrayed the new Violet Blossom amazingly. Yup, I could tell that you're a major in math even if you didn't mention that. Heh.

I could ramble on and on, but I still have your questionares to be answered. Here goes..

Favorite Chapter

Live and Learn

Odaiba's Violet Blossom

Favorite Humor Piece

KingEtemon's one liners

Favorite New Power

Double Armor Digivolve

Favorite Teenage Wolf


Favorite Part of the KingEtemon Battle

The one featured in the chapter Live and Learn

Favorite Twist

Wizardmon's reappearance

Izzy as Gennai's successor

And now…for a quarterly questionnaire! These questions apply to ALL of Zero 2.

Favorite Story


Favorite Chapter

Zero 2: A Revision: 55 - Plight of the Pharaoh

Favorite Villain

Mummymon / Pharaohmon

Favorite New Digimon


Favorite Original Character

I'm with you - Akira, Daichi and Shaun (although Akira is an existing character, but oh well...)

Favorite Laugh-Out-Loud Moment

Weirdest. Dream. Ever. is too weird for me, but I'll have to say that the whole Housemates is funny. Can't really pick out favorites. Etemon's one-liners are classics too.

Favorite Battle

Kari VS Darkheart

(Wargreymon) vs evil MagnaAngemon

The Digidestined vs Pharaohmon

Favorite Canon Character

You didn't bash anyone, that's for sure. For me, I love how you portray Cody.

Favorite Canon Re-Imagining

Oikawa and Blackwargreymon win this match ;)

Story You’re Looking Forward To Most

OD (Original DigiDestined)

Favorite Twist

Wizardmon being one of the fangirl's partner (Big HUH?)

Absolute Favorite Moment

ONLY ONE? Hmm..this is tough. I will have to go with Shaun's revelations too.
9/21/2006 c11 10Digitaldestiny360
(well i don't have much to say, so i'll just answer the questions)

Favorite Chapter: Live and Learn

Favorite Humor Piece: not really sure, mostly when the girls were hypnotized and beating up the guys

Favorite New Power: Mega Armor Digivolve since the others seem a bit too common

Favorite Teenage Wolf: Matt

Favorite Part of the KingEtemon Battle: Him getting knocked aroung by Davis in the arcade

Favorite Twist: Kingetemon form

Favorite Story: Revision

Favorite Chapter: Can't remember the name, the one with the three way Wargreymon battle

Favorite Villain: Darkheart, i hated him, but i remember him better than any other

Favorite New Digimon: Aetherdramon

Favorite Original Character: Shaun

Favorite Laugh-Out-Loud Moment: nearly any point in your Housemates story

Favorite Battle: three way Wargreymon battle,

Favorite Canon Character: Davis

Favorite Canon Re-Imagining: Oikawa

Story You’re Looking Forward To Most: originally Crisis, but after having some free time and watching tamers over the summer, i'm loking forward to that

Favorite Twist: Shaun is Tai and Sora's kid

Absolute Favorite Moment: when the Digiknight emerged

(there we go then, great story, and all i can do is just try and imitate it, it's kind of annoying... i lost what i was saying so seeya)
9/21/2006 c11 Erik
Wow. That chapter was brillant. Guilmon and Takato FTW! For some reason, I don't think that the DReaper will be playing the same role it did in the 3rd season. Why would digimon be helping them create this program that was created to murder them? I can't wait to see what happens next. Anyway,time to answer the questionair thing. ^_^

1) My favorite chapter would have to be the last 3: The Powers 3, Live and Learn, and Odaiba, Tokyo’s Violet Blossom. All beautiful.

2)My favorite humor piece would have to be the same as yours. Davis getting mauled by Veemon for chocolate made me laugh out loud. I also liked Tai's reaction to Ken joining Davis' soccer team.

3) The best new power is Mega Armor Energize hands down.

4) Akira is my favorite teenage wolf member.

5) I loved the whole KingEtemon battle, but some parts that stood out were when Davis used Mega Armor Energize. The old digidestined returning for another battle, BlackWarGreymon fighting, and then when Machinedramon stepped on KingEtemon. I loved when he snorted and said "Eliminated."

6) I cannot pick a twist I liked more then others. They were all grand. Dietz's return was awesome...with his mad skillz.

The quarterly questionare:

1) Favorite Story is Revision. It holds nolstalgia to me.

2) The last 3 chapters of The Comeback Tour, "The Golden Power" in A Revision, along with any chapter with Darkheart, but the one I liked the best was "Battle of the Angels."

3) My favorite villain is definantly DarkHeart. I like him more then any other vilain in a different show. My friend says "Sephiroth is the best!" I reply with "...DarkHeart would beat him with no sweat." He still doesn't know who DarkHeart is, the poor fool.

4) My favorite New Digimon would have to be Atherdramon. Though I love the Forbidden City Digimon and Sentinalmon as well.

5) Favorite orginal characters are Shaun, Dietz, Daichi, DarkHeart, Shaun, Akira, and Shaun. What can I say, you make great OCs.

6) The laugh out loud moments. Hm, well all the Pranks that were used in Housemates, and when DemiVeemon and Poromon snuck into the store to get sweets, and DemiVeemon went on a sugar rush.

7) Favorite battle. There were loads of them. The fights with DarkHeart, the final battle, the fight with KingEtemon, the Dual of the Wargreymon, and the fights against UmbraDevimon and his minions along with Piedmon were awesome. Same with the battle between UmbraDevimon and Demon. But Battle of the Angels is still your best work.

8) Davis is and always will be my favorite cannon character.

9) I like how Davis is handled in your story. Also how Dragomon and Demon actually get great rolls in your story. I like how Izzy is the new "Order", and BlackWargreymon and Oikawa are just great.

10) I think I'm looking forward mostly to Tamers, Crisis on Infinite Digiworlds, and Shadows of the Light.

11) The best twist, the moment that made me go "Huh" the most would have to be Izzy being the new order.

12) My absolute favorite moments were when Davis got the crest of miracles, and when Shaun died. Yeah...that sounds horrible, but it just made me...feel, ya know?

Anyway, this is the best series of stories I've ever read. I'm glad that you continue it.
9/21/2006 c11 40Dark Qiviut
Well, that concludes "Comeback Tour." I must say it was enjoyable. A lot of action, and I like the reformed Odaiba. It must be some haven to Heaven, I must say. ;)

Now, for the list.

Favorite Chapter: This one.

Favorite Humor Piece: Where Akira was punched for using the word "fanbrat." (To Akira: that's what you get for using an insulting terminology describing fans.)

Favorite New Power: Mega Armor Energize.

Favorite Teenage Wolf: All of 'em.

Favorite Part of the KingEtemon Battle: When he kicked the bucket.

Favorite Twist: Odaiba being reformed into sectors. I didn't expect that form of renovation at all.


Favorite Story: Revision.

Favorite Chapter: The last chapter of Revision.

Favorite Villain: Mummymon, followed by Darkheart.

Favorite New Digimon: The Forbidden City Digimon & the Gravemon.

Favorite Original Character: Shaun Kamiya, hands down.

Favorite Laugh-Out-Loud Moment: The prank where Yolei's clothes were flapping on the flagpole. XD

Favorite Battle: Same as yours, Ultra; Darkheart vs. Kari.

Favorite Canon Character: Davis, duh! :P

Favorite Canon Re-Imagining: Devimon, actually.

Story You’re Looking Forward To Most: Tamers and Past Journeys.

Favorite Twist: Mummymon being King Tut's reincarnation, hands down.

Absolute Favorite Moment: Shaun's death and its sequences. :(


I look forward to the rest. Catch ya later!
9/21/2006 c11 1Infinite Freedom
I say just do the Side Stories from time to time, while mostly focusing on the main story. I am guessing that Takato, Henry, and Rika will be joining too in Tamers. Also is Rika shows up in Tamers hook her up with Takato.
9/21/2006 c11 24Kitsuru
Favorite Chapter: Live and Learn

Favorite Humor Piece: Wizardmon being glomped by the Female Rocketeers.

Favorite New Power: The Shield of Aegis.

Favorite Teenage Wolf: Takashi

Favorite Part of the KingEtemon Battle: When KingEtemon was shot out of Imperialdramon's cannon.

Favorite Twist: Tatsuki turning out to be Wizardmon's partner.

Favorite Story: Revision's still my favorite!

Favorite Chapter: Live and Learn

Favorite New Digimon: Aetherdramon... especially when he's arguing with himself/themself.

Favorite Original Character: Dietz!

Favorite Laugh-Out-Loud Moment: DemiVeemon's sugar rush! GO YUMMY WUMMY CHOCOLATE TUMMIES! And, of course, the 'Torture-Cola' that followed.

Favorite Battle: Magnamon vs. Chimeramon

Favorite Canon Character: Digitamamon.

Favorite Canon Re-Imagining: Jun.

Story Looking forward to: Either Shadows of Light or Past Journeys... I can't decide.

Favorite Twist: When the original Digidestined's identities were revealed... as well as the fact that DemiDevimon was Joshua's partner!

Absolute Favorite Moment: Tai and Sora comforting Shaun after he revealed his past.

Hey... shouldn't I have hit the ground by now?


...I'm okay!
9/21/2006 c1 Crimson G
Favorite Chapter: Hmm, the last chapter

Favorite Humor Piece: Definately Veemon and Davis situation with the candy bar

Favorite New Power: All three

Favorite Teenage Wolf: Akira

Favorite Part of the KingEtemon Battle: When Davis upgrades and proceeds to kick some butt. Then the Teenage wolves started playing.

Favorite Twist: Gennai passing down his legacy to Izzy.

For the entire Zero 2.

Favorite Story: Revision all the way

Favorite Chapter: All of them, mostly from Housemates.

Favorite Villain: Dark heart, Agent Bishop

Favorite New Digimon: Aetherdramon, MetalAngemon, Goliamon.

Favorite Original Character: Shaun, but I'll give some credit to Dietz and Daichi

Favorite Laugh-Out-Loud Moment: Tai losing his hair and the pranks.

Favorite Battle: All of them

Favorite Canon Character: Daivs

Favorite Canon Re-Imagining: Izzy

Story You’re Looking Forward To Most: Shadows of the Light, Zero 2 Tamers.

Favorite Twist: Involving the digi eggs more.

Well that's it later
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