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9/21/2006 c11 Yamimaru
Favorite Chapter: Live and Learn

Fav humor: Veemon mauling Davis

Fav new power: Mega Armor Energize

Fav Teenage Wolf: Akira

Fav part of KingEtemon battle: How they deleted him

Fav Twist: Echelon making D-Reaper, Izzy getting Gennai's powers, how Odaiba was rebuilt, the appearance of Takato and Guilmon, Veemon's family.

Fav story: Revision

Fav Chapter: Chapter 60 of Revision

Fav Villian: Darkheart, because he was probably the most psycologically disturbing to the Digidestined

Fav New Digimon: Aetherdramon

Fav OC: Shaun.

Fav LOL moment: the messed up dream in Housemates, when Whamon ate Alienmon

Fav Battle: Digiknight vs. BelialMyotismon

Fav CC: All

Fav canon re-image: Oikawa and BlackWarGreymon

Story looking forward to: Tamers

Fav Twist: Mummymon being the reincarnation of King Tut

AFM: When Shaun finally revealled the truth of his past in ep38 of Revision.

Suggestion: Have Jeanne d'Arc, better known in english speaking countries as Joan of Arc, reincarnate as D'Arcmon, the Digimon based on/named after her.
9/21/2006 c11 Digi fan
What a great ending, can't wait for the new story.
9/21/2006 c11 11Crimson G
Wow, awesome way to end this story. It seems Waya may play an important role soon. Also, nice mention of Takato. Is Rika going to have the mindset that all digimon are just Data?

Anyway, later and keep up the good work.
9/21/2006 c11 19Anthony1
At long last 'Zero 2: The Comeback Tour' is over and what a way for it to end. Even if the chapter was a pretty long one I liked it since it helped to show how the characters are doing since defeating KingEtemon. There were even some small things that I liked such as the cameo of Takato and Guilomon. As for your long list of questions, here are my answers.

Favorite Chapter: Didn’t really have one but I did like the last chapter.

Favorite Humor Piece: I agree that Veemon mauling Davis for the candy bar was funny.

Favorite New Power: Double Armor Digivolve.

Favorite Teenage Wolf: Didn’t really have one.

Favorite Part of the KingEtemon Battle: After Davis Double Armor Digivolve and fout him. (He’s my favorite character as well).

Favorite Twist: Izzy obtaining Gennai’s powers.

For the entire Zero 2.

Favorite Story: It’s Revision for me as well.

Favorite Chapter: Far too many to list.

Favorite Villain: There were plenty of them but Darkheart was different since he was technically one of the good guys. Hopefully you know what I mean.

Favorite New Digimon: Can’t really say

Favorite Original Character: Definitely Shaun but I have to say that the Daichi was nice as well.

Favorite Laugh-Out-Loud Moment: All the pranks that happened during the prank war.

Favorite Battle: Far too may to list.

Favorite Canon Character: It would be Davis.

Favorite Canon Re-Imagining: Davis

Story You’re Looking Forward To Most: Shadows of the Light.

Favorite Twist: Making Davis and Jun a part of the Inoue family.

Absolute Favorite Moment: Too many for me to mention and that just shows you how much I have liked your series overall.
9/21/2006 c11 Bluesv20
Nyeh..not fair...yeh oh well

Favorite Chapter: Live and Learn(I love Sonic)

Favorite Humor Piece: Yes, the chocolate of doom.

Favorite New Power; Mega Armor Energize.

Favorite Teenage Wolf: Yutaka( cause he looks like a goth, but he's not)

Favorite Part of the KingEtemon Battle: When Davis, Kari and TK fought him at the same time.

Favorite Twist: Izzy replacing Gennai(expedcted, yet unexpected).

Favorite Story: Revision, it wasn't your first but it was the most excting...so far.

Favorite Chapter: Battle of The Angels.

Favorite New Digimon: Elitemon.

Favorite Original Character: Darkheart hands down.

Favorite Laugh-Out-Loud Moment: Weirdest. Dream. Ever.

Favorite Battle: BelialMyotismon vs. Digiknight.

Favorite Canon Character: Jun.

Favorite Canon Re-Imagining: Davis.

Story Looking forward to: All of them.

Favorite Twist: Digiegg abilities.

Absolute Favorite Moment: Shaun's final assitance (you know breaking the golden digicore)

Continue forward, eventually looking back to see the great

things that you have done and never stop.
9/21/2006 c11 17Silver Warrior
Nice ending to this part of the series. I really didn't have a favorite chapter, though. I agre, veemon mauling Davis for the chocolate was funny (though so was the King fangirls). Double Armor Digivolve is hands-down my favorite new power, and Takashi is my favorite Teenage Wolf. Fave part of the KingEtemon battle though was when the Wolves started to rock the house. Wizardmon's return is my favorite twist. The rest though, I just can't answer. you've done a lot of focusing on davis, though, with snippets at the others (namely Ken and Yolei, as well as some Kari), you can't fully say you've done a lot of work with the others. I do like Oikawa's new role. The sword that is sheathed until the last minute. Kinda like the inescapable force of the Ama Kakeru Ryu no Hirameki from Rurouni Kenshin, ne? I do like that twist there with Takato and Guilmon showing up.
9/16/2006 c10 Drkstlkr7
Seems like every time I change my name, I go away for a couple of months. This is the former SJBaby/SJKid. Keep up the good work, good luck in colege, and thanks for reminding me why I keep commin' back!
9/5/2006 c10 Vyse23
Wow, I don't know what happened. I have you on my author alerts but somehow I didn't get an email about this chapter. Anyway, great final battle and various sorts of awesomeness that have become commonplace in your fics. I really liked the origin of the Teenage Wolves, the NSA interfering with the story and all the battle conclusions. Sadness to Izzy's laptop getting fried, but happiness that the Prime Minister wants to make up for his mistakes.

I wish you the best of luck in your studies (I won't pray for you because I'm not religious and quite stubborn about it) and hope you still find time to continue with your Zero 2 timeline (I WANT TO READ TAMERS!). Again, best of luck in college and beyond. Until you update Legacy.
9/4/2006 c10 1Anime obsessed fan
Yay, at last the King(Etemon) is dead! And nice to see a little more background on the Teenage Wolves. I don't care about Matt's band much, but developed characters are always good. And ah, the Dream Dimension is finally brought into the Zero 2 canon. Though, considering its existence been revealed, I wonder who or what might try to use its power eventually. And poor Izzy's laptop, though at least now, with the Digital World resources available he could probably build a better one. And I've always loved the idea of stuffing a Digimon down Imperialdramon's Positron Laser Cannon then firing them out of it again.

Nice to see the group win, along with Angewomon still using her new ability, though I wonder how Davis' Mega Armor ranks compared to the various modes Darkheart had. And hopefully the new ore will help Odaiba survive the next war, and there'll probably be at least several more. And I liked Oikawa's appearances in this story, hope to see more of him in your future fics. Though, seeing the Original Digidestined reminds me, when does Zero 2 Tamers start? I'm looking forward to that, and the conclusion of this fic a lot. Till next time.
9/2/2006 c10 Dot Cubed
This was such an INTENSE chapter, seriously. Like, super intense. And long too. Anyway I really liked it. Like, super liked it-haha, I'll stop.

The government intrusion bit made me giggle. And I have a certain fondness for Johnny N-it's gotta be the last name. So I'm guessing we won't see the Echelon agent anymore since he's done with his task, but it'll be interesting to see how Phase Two carries out since you said there's an alternate part to it. Mr. Bishop confuses me, seriously. He's got way too much stuff going on.

Aw, the band's forming together was cute. A nice way of looking at it. I like how you've given these guys their own little personalities; they've never really been fleshed out much.

I like that song. Did you make it up?

I also like how you did that little montage-y battle thing and included the song lyrics in it: hahaha KingEtemon. Their music's BETTER. And Dietz, of course, was amazing. And amusing, with his little spin attack. Silly guy. Ahahaha

I hope we hear more about the Dream Dimension. Like now that we know what it is, I want to see something with it! You should so make a whole new story with it. And Dietz. Somehow having Dietz end up there and being AMAZING

KingEtemon's dead! Awesome! I can't wait for the last chapter

Good luck with college!
8/30/2006 c10 Assamite
You'd better have a good reason for posting a 301 number that might have well been mine!

Did you write the lyrics yourself? I might make a stab at arranging it myself...
8/30/2006 c10 24Kitsuru
Sorry, I forgot to log in when I reviewed earlier!

First, Tai lost most of his hair. Now Izzy's computer-less?

If I were Mimi, I'd be VERY nervous about the fate of a certain pink cowboy hat...

It'll be interesting to see how human-digimon relations are affected by this... I mean, those who would blame all digimon for destroying Odaiba (yet again) will be forced to work alongside them to repair it!

Nice choice for the song, and great job incorporating the lyric's into the story.
8/29/2006 c10 duskmon87
All cool man. Hey, props for making it to the University level; outa curiosity what college are you going to? The chapter rocked! You've put together yet another great series in your time chain. I now eagerly anticipate the start of Crisis on Infinite Digiworlds!
8/27/2006 c10 4Yami Vizzini
Arrghh... I was looking forward to having this story done and getting on to the CoIDs! That said, great job with ending the big battle and *finally* bringing out Imperialdramon (I suppose Omnimon really would have been overkill), not to mention the "secret origin" of the Teenage Wolves, and a bit of father-son reconciliation! Now, what significance will the Dream Dimension have? And are you going to take a page out of Evangelion's book and rename the rebuilt district Odaiba-2?

The "government intrusion" was accurate enough, although I'm surprised we even got to see where the NSA HQ is located- although it's probably just told on the Net somewhere anyway. And either we readers can come up with our own routes to Echelon- or you'll reveal it in a future story! And come to think of it, where the heck did you get that phone number? You know that you'll be bringing down a lot of crank calls on somebody...

Heck, it's probably your own anyway.

Good luck with college (I'm sorting through the search process myself:P)- you're in all your reader's prayers, I'm sure, and props- a statement of faith is a rare thing on (An exception is TK Takashi [yes, just that name], who's written a couple of cool [and long] AU Digimon trilogies- but maybe that's a topic better saved for the spam forum.)
8/27/2006 c10 Digi fan
Finnaly etemon got what he deserves.
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