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12/17/2012 c1 discb
9/9/2012 c1 21Juniper Night
It was a very good, well-written story; Thought-provoking, with no obvious grammatical errors, and a sturdy plot. It saddened me (obviously) but I think I might be able to read a prequel.

3/24/2012 c1 Guest
I can see this happening. You did this potential happening in the future justice. Brilliant.
7/6/2008 c1 anlmoon
very intresting.
11/18/2007 c1 bequeathed
I'm not gonna lie...I want to cry right now. I don't want to sound self-centered or cocky, or any of that when I say what I'm about to, but I connect with Raven, so, so much in this one-shot of yours. Do I want to kill myself, no. I'm not trying to imply that, but I think solely in that you are the writer of this piece of work, you probably know what I'm getting at. Anyway, great story. I enjoyed the read.

7/4/2007 c1 32CalliopeMused
Wow. This is dark, melancholy, and a little odd, but it fit the characters perfectly. You didn't say which "he" was speaking for the Titans, and it doesn't matter. I love the perspective on my favorite Titan.
3/23/2006 c1 Frostflower
Post the prequel! This was so good, and I honestly think it was Cyborg speaking.
2/14/2006 c1 11iolah
This was really amazing. You are an excellent writer
2/7/2006 c1 26Saint H
That was skillful. And the writing was air-tight. Excellent piece. And good idea.

Peace be,

~Saint H
2/4/2006 c1 Moon Titan
That was a great story. It was sad, but sweet!
2/3/2006 c1 17Jen-Bot
That was beautiful I'm serious I have freaking tears in my eyes.
2/1/2006 c1 4Sooty Wing
Awesome. *bursts into tears* but you killed Raven! the Charlie Brown thing was appropriate, in fact the whole reason I read this story was because I liked the "Who reassures the reassurer?" I also liked how you kept the speaker anonymous; that way it sort of seemed like different parts came from different people.

Very good, but don't do a prequel. Leave the awesome one-shot alone.

keep writing,

1/31/2006 c1 XenaofAzura
I don't know how to tell you how good this is. So I'll just say that even though I read a lot of fanfics I almost never review unless they're amazing pieces of work. This one is just... wow. PLEASE WRITE A PREQUEL!


P.S. sorry I couldn't think of another adjective but as I said previously this is indescribable.
1/30/2006 c1 Zarola
Oh my goodness gracious! IThat story is a tearjerker. I really want to cry right now, because all you said was true. Please post the prequel if you hadn't already!
1/25/2006 c1 36Xinthos
that was interesting, to say the least. I think that idea has popped into my head a few times, but i always dismissed it. You seem to bring it out more than i ever could have. I don't really think i want to know who the speaker was, or see a prequal. You would write it well, i'm sure, but i think for this one it might just be better to leave it a mystery. But that's just me, and if you did decide to add to it, i'll be sure to read it. I also liked how you managed to keep Raven in character without her even being there, you did a great job on this.
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