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3/19/2021 c11 Guest
You should have had Ranma say “You finally earned some respect from me”
2/3/2019 c24 Sonkuragari
Just wanted you to know, this is one of my all time favorite fics. I must've read these stories of yours 4 or 5 times If not a few more. I absolutely love everything about them and am probably going to read them them several times more. Ordinarily I don't like OC's but yours are awesome, I love the weres! You're incredibly talented and gifted as a writer. I read a LOT of Ranma fics and it's very rare that I enjoy one this much.
6/28/2018 c10 Spokavriel
Still have to think twice on the phrasing of "Bjorn-sensei did me good.". Considering the impulse control issues and Ranma spending quite a bit of the time as female... Perhaps not the best phrasing to avoid somewhat awkward mental images. Especially with all the recent talk of being able to smell proof of interest.

Daniel Thomas Stack
AKA Spokavriel at yahoo.
1/23/2018 c12 Saggit
A good piece of fiction overall, but this chapter is the standout, as well as a solid moment of reflection among all the action.
2/17/2016 c22 Guest
A omake
"Ranma get your furry tail in here I think I broke her"


"Never mind mrow, you get in here or you get no tuna for a month"

9/22/2015 c1 27Pata Hikari
This story has some of problems.

The most immediate and pertinent is that Ranma's change and development. It's pretty front-loaded and doesn't involve much interaction with the canon cast.

Granted, some of this is the point. Since a central plot point is that Ranma leaves for a while and comes back changed enough that things have to change and the rest of the cast reacts to it. So while it's a bit too much, it's at least justifiable.

Now, other elements are not.

First, in particular, we have a piece of egregious fanon that's right there in the summary.

Yes, I'm talking about the mallet. One of the most annoying and pervasive bits of fanon in the Ranma fanfic community. I might as well clear it up now.

No. Akane does not have some magical mallet summoning power, despite the infamous opening scene in the first movie which is responsible for ton of fanon.

As Ranma 1/2 contains a lot slapstick comedy, people getting bonked on the head with a comically over-sized wooden mallet is, as such, a common sight gag. It is not something unique to Akane. Near every character in the story uses a mallet at one point or the other.

I mean, this doesn't give Nabiki magic mallet powers and yet there are quite a few times in the manga when *she* will whack Ranma on the head with one.

This story relies on that false fanon convention to build a major part of Akane's character arc. As Akane's arc is not actually built on anything in the canon manga, her character is distorted and is in many ways fairly unlike how Akane is at the end of the series despite this obstinately being a continuation.

A more minor bit of fanon is the idea that Ukyo was *forced* to live as a boy by her father to get revenge. There's no real indication of this in canon and personally I find it strips Ukyo of a lot of her agency, rather then proactively making the choices herself she's forced into it by her dad.

Next we have Ryoga, whoo boy. Let me just say it the idea of Ryoga just leaping out of nowhere shouting "Ranma, prepare to die!" is not only fanon, but completely false fanon. The *only* time Ryoga's jumped out to attack Ranma out of nowhere was his introductory chapter. Every other time he's fought Ranma he's set a challenge beforehand. Heck, once you get past the Bakusai Tenketsu arc Ryoga's rivalry to Ranma had mellowed out, and he isn't trying lethal combat at all. He simply wants to beat Ranma in a fight. Also, despite this being a continuation you seem to have Ryoga still in love with Akane and thinking she hates Ranma. This despite the fact that by the end of the series Ryoga has his own girlfriend, Akari, and knows Akane loves Ranma and has no problem with them getting married.

I'm sorry to say but a lot of the story needs to be scrapped and rewritten to actually be a good Ranma 1/2 fanfic because there's so many issues with characterization and fanon problems.
5/20/2015 c18 3maryjane5000
I love this fic I have read & reread it several times & I just realized two things

1) How is "He should have ducked when he saw her coming" a Triple Entendre wouldn't it be a Double entendre?
2) Why didn't you have Akane get a mischivious smile before dropping the Tofu disguise & then her turn into Ranma as it seems pointless for Ranma to become His male self?
1/10/2015 c24 5Grizzmon
You really don't like Ryoga, don't you? Yet you reformed Kuno, who is worse than Ryoga.
1/9/2015 c23 8Veedramon
I wonder how Genma cursed form looks like?
1/9/2015 c22 Veedramon
Akane and Ranma as Mario and Luigi? Hahaha...
1/9/2015 c21 Veedramon
Panda Girl I guess?
1/9/2015 c20 Veedramon
So Genma will end as a girl panda?
1/9/2015 c19 Veedramon
Meh, the master did worse things that trow Genma to the tigers, he will survive.
1/9/2015 c18 Veedramon
Poor Mouse -_-

With this many favors, Ranma will need to end saving the world or something. Rule number five, nothing is free.
1/9/2015 c17 Veedramon
Well, I wonder what happened to duck boy?
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