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9/22/2018 c6 15Starwatcher2018
Very much like this explanation of the beginning of Erik's relationship with Christine. I have not seen the film, but suspect it is much like the play - which I only recently saw in a bootleg video. My introduction to Phantom of the Opera was POTO25 - which I loved and got me hooked and writing my own story of the ending.

I like a sane Erik - as you have presented him here. Also, see where he might be going - since Christine's Diary does indicate madness or rage.
8/10/2018 c1 Guest
I love this story. It's very consistent with the movie and does a great job addressing the questions that it raised - namely, how Erik and Christine's relationship came to be. Your Erik is very realistic: tormented but hopeful, not 'evil' per se, but with an erratic moral compass and *definitely* at a loss when it comes to empathy and human interaction... which is completely believable given his past and lack of social contact. In short, a very interesting read, that really does fill the gaps in ALW's version of the story - and what's not to love about that, really?
1/10/2017 c6 2Lucyole
Very sweet and good Story.
12/23/2016 c6 Guest
If you have not, you should watch love never dies, I feel it may spark the mind. Your writing is very captivating, and I am sure it has been a long time, but I, personally, would love if you continued.
12/21/2015 c6 16Child of Dreams
(sighs longingly)
7/29/2015 c6 magneticfield
If a person knew nothing of the story of Phantom Of The Opera except through AWL's movie I guess this story would make sense. Once you have read Leroux's book it make no sense at all. I just don't feel the passion and sense of wonder that I get reading Leroux's book or Kay's Phantom either.
I have nothing against your writing ability at all. This story just irks me somehow.
7/4/2012 c1 flyingtacotruck
7/18/2010 c6 Keyklee
This was so wonderful! I loved getting Erik's opinion on Carlotta, Buquet and the new managers! And of course Raoul! They surely have no good start to talk of!

And I loved to learn Erik's reactions to Christine's first performance, and how affected he was by her words, how they made him decide to let her see him.

I absolutely adore the very last line, it's so beautiful!

Thankyou so much for sharing this! It's very very beautiful and also so insightful I think. Thankyou so much!
7/18/2010 c5 Keyklee
It was so wonderful and great to see how both of them discovered their feelings for each other and the change within them. I love how you let music play a part in that.

The way you described how he began to hope was very beautiful, and I thought very realistic too.

I really love the ending, there are so many lovely quotes in your story! Thankyou very much!
7/18/2010 c4 Keyklee
I love this chapter!

I thought it was wonderful, yet so very sad, to see how his experience with the ballet girl from years ago now shows its impacts and how it keeps influencing and therefore worrying him so much.

I love how you showed his confusion and insecurity at the sudden and so extreme change of his views on her. I like that he almost seems to feel guilty for the way he feels about her.

I really enjoyed how his ..."vanity" (I'm sorry I think this is not exactly the right term!) of being her teacher adds to convince him to go back to her.

That was really a fantastic chapter! Thankyou so much!
7/18/2010 c3 Keyklee
I love how you show the way their relationship changes, first with him learning of her talent and becoming her teacher, and the way music connects them both so strongly now. And then the way how her maturing into a woman does. One really gets the feeling it completely hit him by surprise.

7/18/2010 c2 Keyklee
I love how you showed that development of Erik!

I really love the last part very much, and especially this line:

"It was not wrong for others to cause me pain, but it was wrong for me to cause pain to others? I did not understand this."

I feel like this explains very much. No one knows of the cruelties that have been done to him so no one blames those who were cruel to him, but he gets blamed for the things he does, so he probably feels being treated really unfairly, and I imagine that only makes him more angry and more justified to be cruel in a way. It's like a vicious circle perhaps.

Thanks so much for sharing! I really enjoy your take on this and it's so interesting and fascinating!
7/18/2010 c1 Keyklee
I really enjoy the way you portray Erik. I somehow like that you portray their meeting as something almost normal and accidential, nothing melodramatic or fate-stricken. I also really like that your Erik is so calm and "normal" in his narrative, not at all over the top or melodramatic either. I love that you don't try to make him appear like a better person than he perhaps was at that time, that you show his selfishness. I think it makes it also feel very realistic, more than him immediately only caring for her and nothing more would do.

I really enjoy your style of writing too, and I especially loved this line:

"I had the power to hurt something…but the desire not to."

Thankyou so much for sharing!
2/9/2010 c6 11Wide-Eyed For Pontmercy
Pretty please add at least one more chapter? It's quite the insightful phic, and vastly enjoyable to read. Please continue?
1/3/2009 c6 1Animekitty47
Aww, that was a bittersweet ending. You write so well! *huggles you* And you're so good with their characters. The way Christine loves him, but she's so innocent and sheltered that she can't handle his darker aspects...and I think I've already mentioned how perfect your Erik is. XD
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