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for This is the End!

3/3/2017 c4 Niha161
I don't mind the plot line u want to use.
I just an update
2/5/2017 c4 3RochiLeeOmaru
Your story is amazing! I really wish you would finish it, but if not, could I? I would want to follow your original plans for the story, so maybe a collaborative?
4/24/2015 c3 Hinatauchiha1
Omg this is so interesting I can't get enough please you have to update really soon I just can't wait any longer I hope naru leaves
11/12/2014 c1 66BlueRubyBeat
Interesting, I'd like to see where this goes!
12/20/2013 c2 Guest
I love it! What a cliff-hanger. Its a great way to end this story! -
I loved the story by the way!
11/1/2013 c2 SD3322
Woe! I would like to know what happens next. Are you going to continue because it is a good story and I would love to finish reading it._
4/2/2013 c2 Doris813
update plz i would like to know what happens. Did sasuke get the note? is naruo going to remember anybody?
1/24/2013 c2 1twaddletoe
Well what a twist
that I wasnt expecting
hope youll continue I like it
1/10/2013 c1 dead.somos
I like where this story is going
1/10/2013 c2 4darksky.kristine26
Oh dear Sasuke, you've done it now! Thanks to you, Naruto decides to forget everything!

Oh, how old are they?
7/13/2010 c1 seacamp05
wow. majorly depressing
9/2/2007 c1 6fukafukashita
wow...i dont know what to say to this. this is amazing! i love this and am serially green with envy right now. OMG! i just love this poem . it was really well written. *applaudes* just wow...theres not a lot i can say other then I LOVE THIS! my poor naru-kitsune-chan is soo angsty, but i love his emo side xD

keep up with the poems, cuz u rock at them d00d- no joke!
11/10/2006 c2 1Yumi-chan00
What are you, MAD! Continue! The story is great!
10/10/2006 c2 6inuyasha92689
Wow i think that you should continue this story, at least one more chapter well anyways please update it really soon ok thanks tootles.
8/14/2006 c2 9strength-91-possibility-none
CONTINUE CONTINUE CONTINUE! we got to see what happens next! update soon, this is really good! yet it is sad...
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