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for BJ McKay Goes to Hazzard

2/12/2017 c15 Guest
Sounds like a great plan.
2/11/2017 c12 Guest
You started with Kathy, then changed to Karen (which is my name so I loved it) then back to Kathy.
2/11/2017 c11 Guest
Still liking
2/5/2017 c4 Guest
So far so good.
5/31/2011 c17 FanAlcoholic4FanFic
I loved how you did the crossover of B.J and the Dukes. Is there any more to this story, I would love to read more. Do you have any other stories on B.J.?
8/24/2010 c2 Dreamer 1985
Boss Hogg make a honest deal? Ya, right!
8/24/2010 c1 Dreamer1985
this all spells trouble coming their way.
1/24/2007 c17 2WonderSkeet
it think it very good. i know it old and it may not get finshed but i think it should be it good. i still like the 1 part better but this one was good. i am happy luke and dixie got married.
3/15/2006 c17 4hotrodden
Yay! Another update! The signs were ingenious! Update soon, I can't wait to read more.
3/14/2006 c17 4Hope and love
i love it!
3/7/2006 c16 4hotrodden
Aw, so sweet! My two older brothers and I pick on each other like that. If they do something nice for me I'm in shock wondering what I did wrong. Okay, maybe not but we do pick on each other a lot and its all out of love. Keep up the great writing, can't wait for the next chapter.
3/7/2006 c16 4Hope and love
i love it!
3/2/2006 c15 4hotrodden
Another good chapter. I love the idea of a shivaree in Hazzard. My only concern is who is gonna get arrested or are they going to invite Rosco in on the mischief? Disturbing the peace and all that ya know. lol Shivarees are so much fun. I've been to several with the last one being for my brother. Besides all of the noise you create, there are so many other customs and things that are associated with it (at least there are in my neck of the woods).

Update soon, I can't wait to see Luke's reaction.
2/25/2006 c14 4Hope and love
oh i love it!
2/13/2006 c13 4hotrodden
Okay, on the threat of not being invited to the reception... ; ) Another excellent chapter. I thought Jill might put up more of a fight though. I loved the reference to the "One Armed Bandits" episode where Bo says he's scared of her.

Everyone seemed to take Luke and Dixie's news surprisingly well. That was good news. Now I'm just waiting to see what goes down at the reception. I know something is going to happen because things just don't roll this smoothly for the Dukes. ; ) Keep writing!
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