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2/6/2014 c4 16kellz1pt5
I know it's been a few years and I just stumbled upon this, but please continue this. It's really great!
10/4/2010 c4 23Rori Potter
That was great. Update soon.
10/16/2008 c4 4Molleyn
I think you should re-write this story, as it's been a while and your writing has probably improved since you started it. The way it's written now is terrible but the storyline is interesting with a lot of potential for character development, angsty emotions and fluff. For better grammar, punctuation and general expressing: read, read and read! (Not ff, actual published books).
10/4/2008 c4 3ThatPoppyGirl

This is a really good story! are you going to continue it?

You should!
7/28/2008 c4 3KittenKez
Wow. Great so far! You should so update soon.. PLEASE!

There aint enough Zoe/Shane fics out there.

9/30/2007 c4 Beater1220
Keep going I really like this story. Update Soon, Heather
7/23/2007 c4 meet.me.on.the.sunset
it's been a long time but i really liked this fic.

so if you feel like updating i'd be glad =)
3/9/2007 c4 7Crimson and Chrome 42
Interesting beginning, looking forward to seeing where you take this plot.
1/29/2007 c4 6white lioness0429
yay a good zoe/shane story please continue ...pretty please?
9/18/2006 c4 4MissBe
Hey there... just finished the story, excellent piece of work :)

I see you havn't updated in a while, i hope you do so, cause i'm curious how things are going to work out... :D

what does mom think in the end?
9/4/2006 c4 10Kat500
Hey, I really really like this story and I hope you haven't gone and quit with it. It's great and it was just getting better. I hope you have more up your sleeve. Please, please... and one more for effect... PLEASE post more.

Your adoring fan,

8/16/2006 c4 8Trish-Is-Mine
7/7/2006 c4 OTHlover04
that was good!
7/5/2006 c4 HannahBabies
I like this so far! Its really good! Update soon! :)
5/11/2006 c4 Rainia NyteWolf
I like =) You might want to consider a beta-reader because i noticed a few spelling mistakes.Other than that,I'm in love with this fic.Can't wait until the next chapter =)
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