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2/27/2007 c1 tiablue
James wasn't being unsupportive, he just was shocked. I hate homophobia, but Jmaes is an 11 year old boy. He still likes Kyle, it's just uncomfortable for him, which you should understand. Beside's, in the end of Man vs. Beast, James has come to grips with it and is totally cool with Kyle having a bf.
10/11/2006 c1 3I'm No One
That was the best story I have ever read. PLEASE write more!
9/10/2006 c1 Nz-Kiwi1
Love the secrecy idea! interesting
7/29/2006 c1 top cat
funnyest thing i've red in ages
7/23/2006 c1 Daveyeh
sorry to be so critical, but, since
4/10/2006 c1 JOHN
4/1/2006 c1 Anon
This story totally rox. Way better than all the other crap combined.

3/29/2006 c1 Mrteffs
Absolute crap, there is no storyline, it's not engaging my eyes feel besoiled by reading this.
2/8/2006 c1 Biker Chic
I love this! Kyle is SO cool! It's good to find someone else who thinks like me! PLEASE CONTINUE!
2/4/2006 c1 33Whole Lotta Sarah Tribbiani
Lol there's not many Cherub ones around. This is funny, update soon.
2/1/2006 c1 Unwilling refuses to log in

Dead dead dead dead dead.

Fuma sucks.
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