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for In The Eyes Of The Moonlight

6/30/2014 c23 4QueenOfTheRing
Such a beautiful ending to such a beautiful story, I've really enjoyed reading this!
I couldn't stop reading this by my own will either, I love it. Amazing story, thank you!
11/27/2010 c23 Emily C
The whole Story was amazing! when I was reading i couldn't willingly stop reading. I liked it a lot, you should write more like this.
5/3/2010 c1 28Miss Rose Weasley
This was the first fanfiction I ever read. Of course, then I was about ten. My mom was so pissed. XD. I think it's a great fic, though.
10/31/2009 c23 48Dream Painter
I was delighted to find this fic again! I'd read it forever ago, but it was great to see it again.

I really do love this fic. ^^
6/21/2009 c23 61musicgal3
I love this story! I love the way you made Bomba & Tugger seem more feline (feline equivalent of 'human', haha) instead of just flirts. Very good descriptions & plotline. Thanks for sharing. :-)
6/3/2009 c3 black-ostias
Great Rumpus Cat, it only takes a month and a half for kits t'be born! NOT NINE WHOLE FRIGGIN' MONTHS!
4/1/2009 c23 2Haribob
That was so adorable, which is my favourite word at the moment! I love the ending, it closed the whole thing off so well. It was beautifuly written as well, although you did have a few spelling mistakes, but other than that it was really amazing and you should be proud that you can come up with this because I certainly would not be able too!
4/1/2009 c16 Haribob
Huh? I don't get this... When did Bomb find out Tugger was a murderer?
4/1/2009 c11 Haribob
Aw... I love Tristram... And this story... They're both SO ADORABLE! =3
4/1/2009 c4 Haribob
This is amazing, I feel so sorry for her...
12/20/2008 c23 Tara
I'm crying very happy tears right now...gah you've moved me. great job, moving story, I couldn's stop reading it once I'd started!
10/29/2008 c23 SwordsEdge
9/20/2008 c23 MyNameIzKate123
aww... this is so cute! the ending is my favorite part!
6/24/2008 c23 munkus 55
the last chapters sound a bit like the lion king let me knoew if you think so too
10/21/2007 c23 XPeculiarityX
It made me cry. waahh. It's lovely story. xx
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