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for In The Eyes Of The Moonlight

6/13/2007 c5 1thorn and bramble
Again, the chapter was rewritten beautifully. I loved it.

“Well, I was first in line. Until the little hairball was born."

Someone likes Lion King I presume? ( All hail Scar!)
6/9/2007 c4 thorn and bramble
I loved it! The chapters were rewritten even more beautiful then before! Keep it up!
5/19/2007 c23 harry500
5/18/2007 c23 Maplestripe
Woo! That was one of the best stories I've ever read! 5 stars!
4/23/2007 c23 Bomb
everlasting cat! this made me cry - and i DO NOT cry often, its just such a beautiful storyline! and i wouldnt worry about the spelling and grammer - when you've got talent like this, no one really cares!

thank you so so so much!

Bomb x
4/9/2007 c23 Ari-Moon
I've read this story a hundered times before getting an account. This is one of my top ten for sure!
3/22/2007 c23 1xXshattered2piecesXx
Wow, that was awesome...I ish I could write like that, I truly loved reading it. I couldn't stop! Great job, :-) there, you get a smily!
1/17/2007 c20 Kelly L Crutcher
Wow. You're a wonderful writer, even if there are two or three mistakes in this. I love this story. Are you going to do a sequel when you finish this, or are you going to make this a one shot? I really like your character Tristram, he's cute the way you write him. I'd like to see some more stories with him and his parents in them, that is, if you ever decide to write any more. :) Keep up the great work please!
7/16/2006 c23 r0si3r3y3s
wow. Just WOW! this story was amazing. I couldnt stop reading from the beginning. I loved it from start to finish. There were some errors, and if you read it over, you would be able to find them, but other than that, the story was great!
7/13/2006 c23 1Maudey
Very good story, the part at the tavern at the end made me feel so bad for those two cats. I pretty much started to cry.
6/29/2006 c23 Kristan
I think this was one of the best stories on this site that I have ever seen. I loved it that you had a lot of chapters, so I really wanted to read it. It was AWESOME!
5/1/2006 c23 nodikus
good work. I really enjoyed this story.
5/1/2006 c23 16Sleeping Tiger
No, no, no, dear, the applause goes to YOU for finishing this story! ^_^ I think you portrayed Bomba and Tugger's relationship just right. And you are a good writer. ^_~ I look forward to how you'll progress as a writer if you can write this good already! The ending...mm, yeah, it was a might cliche, but I needed to read a happy ending. And you seemed to wrap everything up...Yup, I'm glad I read it! So, congratulations on finishing and thank you for bringing us this story!
5/1/2006 c23 5Jellicle Jacquie
Lovely! I really love that ending - (when Bomba was feeling pain in her side I was worried.) Keep up these romantic fan fictions.
5/1/2006 c23 13broadwaybuff
OMG! I am so jealous that you have finished your story! I'm still struggling to find time to finish mine! Sigh...

Anyway, I LOVE IT TO BITS! So sad that it's finished though...WA! Sniff...Please continue with works like this, okay? You are truly talented and imaginative, my dear!
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