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6/12/2008 c11 Straight Edge Queen
Love the story!
4/9/2008 c12 595Ghostwriter
Great job. Catch ya on the flip side.
6/13/2007 c1 ChiChi993
OMG! this is a great story! update it so i cn find out what happens next
1/2/2007 c7 XmyangelGabrielx
love the story please keep going i hope Randy gets the girl.I like it though its boring how he always gets paired with sidney
7/30/2006 c11 9fitzy boom
this story is awesome i lvoe randy hes soo freakin funny nd stu 2 keep riitin
6/30/2006 c11 rawza
I love scream and this Fanfic, POST MORE SOONDEDEDEDEDED
6/1/2006 c11 3seize the kush
good story, update! the scream fanfic section seems to be dead. whats up with that?

oh, and man, stu's great!
5/26/2006 c3 Char
hmm i like the story but im confused wasnt angel suppose to go with randy to the party?
4/10/2006 c5 Charlotte
Thanks for the shout-out.. im still waiting on you to update your story! please update as soon as possible especially on this one .. its my favorite! thx
3/31/2006 c3 12Dawnie7
"as he began to perk up at the thought of a slut free life."

3/31/2006 c2 Dawnie7
Nutso or not, I love the boy!
3/28/2006 c1 Dawnie7
Oh, I like. Poor Stu :(

Doesn't she know how sensative he is?
3/25/2006 c7 PurpleHazey
Damn, I just love stories that include Stu! He's great. I love your story, it's awesome man! You seem to know the characters personally or something. Lol. But I noticed something that kinda confused me. This line:

"Damn Billy!” Randy turned to his dirty blond friend, “Have a little heart, you know the trial's been really tough on her.”

Did you mean Billy is the dirty blond? If so, is it just cause you wanted him to be or... I dunno, cause that confused me obviously cause he wasn't in the movie. Anyways, update!
3/1/2006 c5 Charlotte
I Love the story its so awesome will you please update soon..

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