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12/8/2021 c23 Just William
Typo, it is "rein in her anger" NOT "reign in her anger".
12/5/2021 c11 Just William
Typo, it's contamination not contaminatin, another typo which is one of many in this tory. You really do need a beta reader if you will be continuing this story - but I doubt that you will be continuing it ️
12/5/2021 c10 Just William
Typo/wrong word It's not a vile, it's either vial or phial.
12/5/2021 c5 Just William
If you have not abandoned this tory you really need a beta reader.
12/5/2021 c41 Just William
1i assume that this story has been abandoned?
11/5/2017 c41 Peggie
Great story, very fascinating! However, an almost 8 year gap between updates...
8/4/2016 c41 Sophie Grace
I can't wait for the rest of the story! I love it so far!
5/26/2016 c40 nayin17
10/19/2014 c41 hptrump
Any chance of an update still?
1/1/2013 c41 8MuggleCreator
I love this story. Where are you?
The characterisations and such is awesome!
Please continue!
12/26/2012 c41 1archmore
very good story ... disappointed that you have not continued it
only problem I saw was in chapter 40... it needed some breaks (new paragraphs etc)
7/17/2012 c41 Guest
This story is so good. Why have you not updated? Please continue the story!
1/11/2012 c41 2ILOVETOSWIM23
i love it so far
12/27/2011 c41 Guest
Amazing story..please update!
12/19/2011 c3 39sbmcneil
Interesting story, I'm liking the plot. I don't particularly care for a reformed Petunia - it isn't believable that a woman who would put a baby in a cupboard under the stairs would be looking out for his own good. How was she going to ensure he has a happy life, but treating him like crap? That part just doesn't ring true.
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