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7/2/2006 c32 AlisSilly
Congradulations about the baby! your right that is an exelent excuse for not updating for so long. Take your time do what you can do you dont need to rush anything so in other words whatever. So i would like an update but i totally understand, good luck with the baby and congradulations agin! toodles :)
7/2/2006 c32 Smiley99
Congrats and good luck with the new baby
7/2/2006 c32 2Sky-Blue-Eyes
Your story is by far the baet I have had the pleasure of reading. Your ideas are inspiring.I want to congragulate you on you baby, My mother is also expecting early next year. I hope continue to write many more stories and I will keep a watchful eye for them.

Avid Reader
7/2/2006 c32 Wolf's scream
No, not boring. :-)

I think its rather nice that Harry wants to wait.

So Andi gets to put in an appearance, eh? That should be rather interesting.

And in case I hadn't mentioned it: congratulations. :-)
7/2/2006 c32 19pettybureaucrat
First of all congratulations and secondly, welcome back. Nice Chapter, I'm glad Ginny is not letting Harry dictate the terms of their relationship. I get the feeling Ginny may NOT allow their relationship to develop exactly as Harry pictures it. Nice bath scene, Ginny can certainly be the tease when she wants, obviously she doesn't necessarily see marriage as a required step before intimacy. UPdate soon!

Do you know if it's a boy or a girl?
6/19/2006 c31 3dolphingirl79
This is a good story, I will be looking forward to your updates. keep up the good work.

6/12/2006 c31 itchbay101
hey ive been readin your story and its awesome, i cant wiat to hear what happens next!And may i ask whats w/ the Minnie thing? i didnt really get that. well anyways hurryn up and get to writeing more.


6/11/2006 c3 hpfan35
Please update soon! Must know what happens next *grin*
6/11/2006 c25 Ella
I love mesquite my floors are made outof it very pretty... very texan though u can find it in europe
6/11/2006 c24 Ella
Good story, but a very bad location I live in texas and its as boring as can be and they would not be out on the river walk during sumer its HOT! anyway i hope they go tubing! hm...
6/6/2006 c31 michael cullen
wow great. Thankyou for writting such a good story. I love the sub-plots. I am very interested in all of them. And to think the schoolyear has not even started yet. Keep writting and posting. Thanks. Mike
6/3/2006 c31 Wolf's scream
Heh - good (despite some odd spelling at times).

I think Harry overreacted (re: the inheritance stuff), but that's probably just me. Ginny's great! :-)

As to your pre-chapter note: it would seem that congratulations may be in order; I hope all goes well for all involved - though more details are really none of my business. :-)
6/2/2006 c31 13moonpower02
LOL that was a great chapter I don't I laugh that hard in along time. Keep up the great work lol
6/2/2006 c31 Jessa Rithesedy
Ha! Darkness erased! You didn't light me a candle, you lit the room on fire! Brilliant! I love reading about Harry drunk, because he becomes so out of character, that the entire picture is just humorous. You have to figure that he would turn to alcohol sometimes, considering who his father was. I loved it. Ha! So, lack of focus, exhaustion, nausea...sounds a lot like I felt during my exams, but you are most likely out of school, so...hmm. Shall I go with the consensus and say that you're...pregnant? If so, heh, well, I suppose us readers can forget about regular updates... Whatever it is, good luck!
6/2/2006 c31 waytoobored
I like the chapter but there are somethings that bug me. I have never been a fan of Harry giving parts of his inheratence away. I can sort of understand that he wants to take care of the Weasleys and Remus but there is no way that either one of them would take the money from him. In fact no responsible adult would take money from him as its tantamount to taking advantage of someone who is greiving. I think they would let him chip in for the order like they did for the vacation but I dont see them letting him soley fund the order. The adults in Harry's life have a responsibility to make Harry think of the future and his future family with regards to his money and not allow him to give away his fortune even if he doesnt need it at the moment.
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