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for The Fated Harry Potter

4/29/2011 c41 1Naezee
I really hope that you will continue with this story! I have loved it so far and have re-read it several times.
2/11/2011 c41 7lyaser53
Please continue the story is great it needs to be finished!
2/4/2011 c41 3honksfan4life
i look forward to the next chapter. please update soon.
12/19/2010 c41 7thheavengirl09
please update again soon. I have really enjoyed this story
10/31/2010 c19 Shaldana Blackwater
First, the story itself is excellent. What is so horribly dissapointing about it is that you don't care to even bother trying to spell or re-read your fic for errors.

You butcher even common Canon names and spells. There's no excuse for this, other than sheer laziness. There are so many resources available! Use them!

You can not seem to get other words right either: dinning vs. dining, your vs. you're, and other commonly misspelled things. It takes what could be an exceptional fic and reduces it to common. You need a beta with strong spelling knowledge.
8/8/2010 c40 lizzierichards
YAY! They're married. Does that mean the bonding is now complete? I wonder which property Harry and Ginny will be living. Please please please update soon. This is such a wonderful story. Can't wait to read more. I'm also excited to know what Harry's animagus form is. I wonder how the ministry will react with the knowledge of Harry and Ginny as the fated couple. So many questions... You've developed an inricate plot and readers like me can't wait to read what's going to happen next...
5/26/2010 c31 Wolf
This is a great chapter I only found one problem with it and that is the vault number harry's vault is 687 not 713 like is written in this chapter I realy liked the nickname given to Minerva so keep them coming
4/25/2010 c21 mialuvtwilight
wow that was kind of sweet!
4/25/2010 c20 mialuvtwilight
that was sweet!
4/24/2010 c12 mialuvtwilight
their talk was so interesting!
4/24/2010 c6 mialuvtwilight
i liked the whole fated couple thing.
4/24/2010 c5 mialuvtwilight
harry and ginny are so cute, and i like how their powers are connected!
4/23/2010 c4 mialuvtwilight
i loved the ron and hermoine moment!
4/23/2010 c1 mialuvtwilight
so this is my first hp fanfic and i am interested!
3/26/2010 c41 24DukeBrymin
I didn't like this chapter nearly as much as the previous ones . . . :) Just kidding!
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