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for The Fated Harry Potter

2/7/2006 c1 7Calamur
Really nice story! I have a question though! Harry still loves Ginny, despite breaking up with her. When Tonks was in love with Remus in HBP, she had trouble only in her metamorphosing, otherwise she could produce a patronus, despite being miserable. How is it that Harry has trouble in his magical ability?
2/6/2006 c5 19pettybureaucrat
Oh, boy, randy teenagers AND randy adults in the same room. good thing you've got an M rating. a very good chapter, I'm glad Harry and Ginny seem to be getting back together and I've always like Remus/Tonks, I think they're perfect for each other. update soon.
2/6/2006 c5 3SheRocKZThaTsTaGe
i absolutely love this story. i think its my favorite so far, and i have alot of stories on my favorites list, but yours is the best!


2/6/2006 c5 Nibble-Ett
2/6/2006 c4 Nibble-Ett
Ginny is Harry's heart and he's going to DIE if he doesn't realize it!
2/5/2006 c4 SheRocKZThaTsTaGe
this is a great story your a very good author and im surprized and sorry yu dont get more reviews foir all your hard work. im also sorry this review sucks its just 1:45 am here in chicago and im a bit tired.

Love always,

2/5/2006 c4 7Calamur
Hey nice story. Interesting plot. Hope you continue writing.
2/5/2006 c3 Nibble-Ett




2/4/2006 c2 Nibble-Ett
I like this..

I'm going back to storys with plot.. I've been reading fluffy storys and such for a while now.
2/4/2006 c1 TurkishBallerina
This is a great story please update soon! Great work!
2/4/2006 c1 Midoriikawa
Aw, Lupin/Tonks are my favorite couple. I like it a lot so far. Update soon.
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