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6/27/2021 c20 TheNotJohnny
Don't know if you'll even see this, but mad respect for finishing the fic after all those years and having a great ending!
8/31/2019 c20 LyvQuinn
I have been a fan of yours for such a long time. My sister too. I myself have had A MAJOR change in health since I first began to read your fic, but i'm a die hard fan and waited on so patiently for you to complete it! I love it. I will most definitely share the link with my sister! I'm certain the nostalgia will bring tears to her eyes like it did mine. Side note: I'm so glad you uploaded your fic here. Since I am now blind I must use a screen reader to finish it and is uber easy to navigate with it!

Much love! I wish you good health. Keep up the writing!
10/13/2015 c20 1wRyMAN
9 years...OH . MY . GOD...This is a true world record...
But HEY! A pretty good story. Nice work!
9/5/2015 c19 Magnus
I can't believe it
After all those years my favourite IchiRuki story gets an ending
7/2/2015 c20 11Lone Wulffe
Thank you very much for finishing one of my favourite IchiRuki fics ever (even if I took my sweet time noticing it'd finally been finished). I loved everything about it and I think you should feel very proud at having produced such entertaining and fine work. I think I speak for those of us who still feel some measure of affection and hope for this pairing when I say "honto ni, arigatou gozaimasu" to you as well for this fantastic contribution to our corner of the fandom. Well done.

And for the record, I went with "Life Is Like A Boat". Still THE IchiRuki/best Bleach ending to me.
5/31/2015 c20 timc0212
Good job. Great to see this finally get an ending! Loved it, even the weird parts! Congratulations!
5/26/2015 c20 11SunBinamra
Not going to lie, my favorite character was AI EX (I'm getting Jarvis and Alfred Pennyworth feels...). And I only read this recently, so I didn't realize the story took so long to write, but bravo to you! I know from personal experience how hard it is to continue a story you took a break from (*cough* forgot), especially after years. Great work!
4/22/2015 c20 undercelestialstars
4/22/2015 c19 undercelestialstars
Aw man TT,TT
1: The A/N. Long live IchiRuki . (Preach it, yeah!)
4/22/2015 c8 undercelestialstars
Shigure? Shigure Sohma? Fruits basket?
4/10/2015 c20 12EGBC
What is this?

A update for To the Wind? The oldest fanfic of Bleach I ever read. And the fanfic of Bleach I've most read.

I don't buy it. There must be a error with my alerts...

(8 hours after in a brand new day)
OK, maybe its a update, but in no way in hell is a new chapter. I'm going to read...

3/30/2015 c18 18JoTerry
You're almost there! And you left it hanging like that for more than six years. Please update. This is really really cruel.
5/27/2014 c18 Guest
I RILLY like your story CAN'T WATE for your next chapter
12/28/2010 c18 AnAddictedReader
Ah, what a wonderful story with only one problem. You gave us false hope, your devoted readers, and said you were going to update in three days. Not only that, you also just got up and abandoned your story. Oh yeah, you also haven't updated in 2... almost 3 years...

~ Black Rose

p.s. - NOT A FLAME ;)

p.s.s. - Oh yeah if any other reviewer is reading this, and you know any stories that have a similar plot to this can your p.m me the title and author so I can check it out ~ thankx' to anyone who does and a cookie too!
11/21/2010 c18 RevengeOfTheNightMareSkittles
HUA! REAL LIFE BE DAMNED AND SLEEp IS FOR THE WEAK!111111111 SPOKEN LIKE A TRUE FANGIRL! For fanfictioner does not sound as cool. So... neh. Can't wait!
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