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for Jessie and James Write A Fanfic

7/30/2019 c1 Nice
Got a bit dark and rude at times but damn was it funny!
2/10/2015 c1 Guest
I think... This story just killed me... In more ways than one...
5/15/2014 c1 nasexsavkifs
That is the most amazing piece of art I have ever read! Jessie and James should be authors! Meowth would be a great writer as well! XD
8/28/2013 c1 Malla
Well that is the kind of story they would write
1/3/2013 c1 19Kurami Rocket
LOL! Loved it! Haha, I can so imagine TRio writing something like this to vent off their anger about those twerps. I mean honestly, it's clear they Hate them. Well, idk if hate, but you know what I mean. xD

Anyways great one-shot, wish something horrible like that could happen to the twerps. They suck! TR FOREVER!
9/3/2011 c1 5CapgrasFregoli
"Ass Ketchup" was my breaking point. Hilarious. I also loved the bit about kitty paws! Though the Britney Spears reference was...weird.
! hold wait one more, HA! okay :)
7/2/2011 c1 10ASHtheMUSICALgirl13
This was the funniest fanfic I have ever read!
5/24/2010 c1 13Celibi the Pokemon Girl
This made me laugh so hard.
5/7/2010 c1 Total Weirdo
haha that was awesome! james is pretty retarded, but not as retarted as jessie made him out to be. but it was still awesome!
4/7/2010 c1 QuilivaCristian
7/30/2009 c1 Sydney
That was one of the funniest fanfics I've ever read!

Great job!
4/29/2009 c1 1Eryk Lestrange
damn, that was brutal

I half-expected Jessie to violently sodomize James with a strap-on!
4/8/2009 c1 2buneary709
Funny! Awesome humor story!
3/16/2009 c1 1Shade40
Wonderfully hilarious! And it fits the Team Rocket trio so perfectly. OF COURSE they couldn't come up with any type of story with any substance. It makes complete sense that they would tear Ash apart... Although I don't think they would be quite so gruesome. And they've worked so hard to steal Pikachu, I HIGHLY doubt that they'd waste the effort by killing it just for revenge. You did a great job alternating between the three characters and their typed story.
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