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8/23/2013 c1 tommyjude21
So good, would have liked more love between the two, but it definitley would have been a good place to start an AU story for them.
8/16/2009 c1 JennCorinthos

6/9/2007 c1 1Everleigh Rayne
that was so cute lol. loved it.
10/23/2006 c1 Erica
wow this was great.ive been reading all of your other stories and i saw this one on your profile and now i love it.youre a really great writer. ;]
10/22/2006 c1 atika
u should turn yhis into a ff
9/3/2006 c1 Sarah
I am so stupid! I've read this story a dozen times (I love it) and only just realised that it's not a one shot! So if it is at all possible could you PLEASE continue it? I love your work and this story has a lot of potential to be just as great as your other stories! xx
6/27/2006 c1 2I'mThatGirlYouCan'tShutup
dude this is fucking awesome i luv it!
6/7/2006 c1 1munlleca
i really like this you should keep it going. but then again i like a the other two stories too.but its really good i want to know if they get to go together or if something stops them
6/1/2006 c1 1jackjackio
I really really liked this story. I think, if you ever get the time, that you should continue, because seeing how they'd work at another studio would be really interesting. I hope you make it more than a oneshot! It was great! I loved their conversation. :)
5/10/2006 c1 4eyelinerobsessed
i really like the story!
4/24/2006 c1 14Tommy4eva
Well obviously I like it. I like, no love, all of you other work.
4/22/2006 c1 29MyPassionateMusician
Aww...that's so sweet. I like that. I really did. That was so cute.
4/21/2006 c1 22Starving For Attention
Aw. That was awesome! I loved it! It really shows how much they care for each other. It was awesome! Great Job!
3/29/2006 c1 17green004
So, so good! Really great story. I'd love to see where you take this. Don't leave this as a one-shot, it so needs to be continued, so pmrn, or whenever you get a chance. What happens to Kwest? Does he stay at G-Major, or does Jude convince Shoreline to hire Kwest also? Please PMS!
2/25/2006 c1 anberzen
aw. i like this. i dont know if you're planning on taking it further, but i think you should. I think this could turn out to be a very very great story
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