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3/7/2009 c4 4Tanookie
I normally don't review complete multi-chapter fics until I complete them, but I just had to say; I love the idea of Sharpay picking out Ryan's clothes for him. That would definitely explain his excessively sparkly clothing. I love your characterization-you've got their personalities dead on. I also love all the musical references, and I am SO naming my next dog Bernadette. :D
11/11/2008 c15 8MusicMagicMurder
I loved it! So cute!
4/16/2007 c15 18Bomba-Fae
That was so good! Aww and it was cute; and Sharpays such a Galinda and Zeke's a Boq; and IT"S SO CUTE :D :D
4/16/2007 c12 Bomba-Fae
Aw Poor Zeke; I swear it's a Boq/Galinda relationship. :D :D :D

Love it. Lmao the awesomeness that is WICKED HEHE.
4/16/2007 c7 Bomba-Fae
“But Wicked says –”

“If I followed Wicked’s standards, I would be horribly pale in comparison, now wouldn’t I? So I made my own story.”

- Lmao haha I loved but WICKED says. HEHEH and horribly pale just wouldn't suit sharpay would it?

Darbus sighed. “This is theatre! We don’t interrupt theatre, Jessie! Do you mind if I call you ‘Jessie’?”

“Well, it’s a little perky…”

4/16/2007 c3 Bomba-Fae

Zeke picked that perfectly inopportune moment to come up to Sharpay. “Hey, Sharpay… I made some chocolate chips and I wanted you to be the first to try them… There’s a special ingredient. Here.” He handed Sharpay the cookie.

Sharpay took a bite and threw the cookie to the floor, choking. “I hate marshmallows,” she snapped. Zeke’s face fell and he hurried away, apologizing.


She realy, should be happy, it's not everyday someone gets to play Elphie as a ... Well, witch:D
4/16/2007 c2 Bomba-Fae
I don't like High school Musical at all; except for the fact that there's a character like Sharpay in it. I'm really enjoying this so far, and so I shall continue to read. LMAO haha I love all the WICKED references. Your such a good author; and you need to write more, I miss your stuff.
11/9/2006 c15 Nadine
love it! but I can't imagine Sharpay actually being nice. Good Job though!
7/17/2006 c11 DELETED22331
Lol the life cafe is from RENT!
7/1/2006 c15 17lucky-starz06
*claps* Bravo! No, brava! This was one great fic. I loved every second of it, and hope to see more from you in the near future.
7/1/2006 c15 25La'Ruelia
Yay Drew! Good ending, I like it a lot.

Now what to say, I've no clue, but have you seen Sam yet? Isn't he...interesting?

7/1/2006 c15 31coolmarauders
aw! It's over! sad day! I really liked it.

At least there's another High School Musical Move coming out. Yayer.

7/1/2006 c15 29Lissical
That was great! It was a great ending to a great story. :)
6/30/2006 c14 13novitas
Bwah, more please! Your writing is lovely as always.
6/26/2006 c14 25La'Ruelia
Well...it's probably too late to do this thingy, but I'll name them anyway!

Prima Donna

Think of Me

It's a Scandal! It's a Outrage!

Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin'

Something Bad

No Good Deed

My Strongest Suit

Your Fault

Light My Candle

Ya Got Trouble

I Can Hear Bells

I Should Tell You

The Point of No Return

No Matter What

You know my name!
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